Eudemons Finding Your Spouse Guide

Eudemons Finding Your Spouse Guide by PieAddict


After experiencing the ingame “relationships” for years with friends and once myself I decided to write a guide how to find the perfect spouse, how to treat him/her and what to do and not to do. This guide is written on my own experiences so don’t think this will always work.

If you married someone who just random walked by and send you a rose and then asked you, you are better off not reading this guide then.

This guide is only for people who take the marriage thing serious, with friends or more. I wrote this because I see people failing at getting a spouse daily so this is for them.

While reading this guide, if you notice the other person doesn’t feel the same way as you at any point of this guide it’s over and you will have to find yourself another person (for example if she makes it clear she is not interested).

What is a spouse?
A spouse is an ingame husband or wife, you can marry to the opposite sex whenever you want, it requires nothing except that you both agree with it.

Why should I get a spouse?
Having a spouse has his up and downsides. The biggest upside is that you have someone to spend your ingame time with, you can do everything together and have fun at all times. The downside is, if it goes wrong you will get more drama then you ever imagined, especially with sensitive people since a friendship can be completely destroyed.

So why take the risk?
That is a choice you will have to make, if the marriage succeeds you get even closer, as friends or more. If it fails, then everything will be damaged severe and the friendship will never be the same.

So how to find your spouse?
Many guys, to many for words make the mistake by starting to hit on a girl right away, this is just wrong.

As some of you know I play my sister her char often to make some extra eps for myself, as soon as I log her, walk in market and stand there for 1 hour I get flowers, kiss emoticons and I get hit on …

They don’t know I’m a guy playing a female char (which is normal since it’s accepted that way in every game except eudemons online).

How to do it right:
First of all, don’t set the goal at becoming spouses, if you do this it will most certainly fail at all times. Become friends, enjoy the game and get to know each other as friends, don’t start to ask about personal things immediately.

After you became good friends (can take weeks to months often) and you want him/her as spouse you can start to spend more time together. Start to invite the other to everything you do (build this up slowly), if that person says “no” accept it and just go do your thing.

Keep doing this for a while, see if his/her behaviour changes a bit towards you, like he/she will always come when you ask. This means your friendship is growing at a good rate.

What to do next?
Keep doing this untill you feel you are ready to go to the next stage, the “hitting” on him/her. Once you know that person is a great person to you and you really want to have him/her as spouse you will have to start by getting hints of him/her on how about he/she thinks about the marriage thing.

If he/she says it’s lame or don’t want to do it with anyone or anything like this, well you failed and you will have to find yourself someone else (you can still stay close friends at this point without any damage).

If he/she talks positive about it you can slowly start to hit on, things you can do:

As a guy:
* Send her your daily flower
* Give her compliments on her attire (every girl picks one they like, its like with clothes in reallife)
* Compliment her on her achievements.
* Listen to her and support her at any time, be there for her.

As a girl:
* Give him a hug once in a while.
* Give him compliments on his attire (every guy picks one they like, its like with clothes in reallife)
* Compliment him on his achievements.
* Listen to him and support him at any time, be there for him.

The mistake MANY guys make is by sending 99/999 roses the first time and say things like “I love you”, this scares woman off and you will fail badly at all times.

Once you get closer you can start collecting hints if he/she is interested in a marriage with you, like if you see someone getting married, bring that up, something like: “Oh look how cute, they got married.” And from that point you try to keep the conversation about that going but do NOT push it, if the girl is closing that subject then just close it and continue with whatever you were doing.

You can also start sending 1/3/9 roses to the girl once you get closer, do not start with 99/999. Or you can invite him/her to heartlake and sit there together.

When to ask him/her to marry me?
That is something I can’t answer for you, you will have to use your own mind for that, when you think the time is right you can ask her. For example, one of my friends ask the girl to marry him when they were sitting at heartlake.

Yay we are married!
Grats on your marriage, now the fun is just starting, you can just stay friends and enjoy the time together, get to know each other better.

What is next after we got married?
As I said before, you can stay friends or take it to the next step, research showed that humans can develop feelings for someone over the internet, I experienced it to and I was amazed it was actually possible.

Once you are together for a while you can add each other to msn, yahoo etc whatever you use, if you already did before the marriage you got even a bigger chance to take this outside the game since you will know each other better already.

What can happen as being married now?
Usually you stay ingame friends, play a bit of roleplaying and that’s it. But sometimes it goes outside the game to. The last one happened to me, a short version of the story:

I met my future ingame wife, we talked for few weeks, started to do things together, added msn, cammed, did everything together, I asked her to marry me, we married, after a few weeks we knew we liked each other in reallife to so meeting in reallife subject popped up, we decided it would happen some day but cus of circumstances not now, my reallife issues interfeared and things got messed up, we both made mistakes after that and eventually divorced. After that she came back and wanted to retry and I agreed, I found out she was manipulating me and cheated on me ingame and reallife and it felt as if she ripped out my heart.

As you can see in my story, eo can hurt people, people say it’s only a game but once you go outside it you will get hurt if it goes wrong.

Once you got each other on any chat you can start with photo’s, cam, whatever you like, build it slowly up. After a long time you will know if you want to meet that person in reallife as friend or more.

Ofcourse if the other person does not see things the way you do the chance of getting it outside the game is almost 0.

I can’t really give a guide on working to outside the game since every person is different but all I can say is, do NOT rush things, this scares people off.

Common marriage problems
Often after you got married the behaviour of people changes, you will see the real person, this can be a good thing or a bad thing. It takes months to see the real one of someone and if you still like that person as friend or more after that time it is worth to keep the marriage up.

Many people are extremely jealous, I have the same problem, here a few tips to work on it:
-> Let your spouse do whatever he/she wants within limits and do not force him/her to be with you all the time.
-> Think twice before you say something, I know it’s hard but once you practice it alot it will get alot easier after a while.
-> Don’t see everything the wrong way, jealous people start to think to much about certain things and get unsecure, change the subject once this starts.

Always respect your spouse and always be there for him/her, support him/her in anything they do or aim for (well unless it’s against the rules like scamming).

Being a drama king/queen
This is something that annoys the crap out of me, there are a few girls on Las Vegas who I have as friend and they are married.

The problem with them is that they flirt with every guy for the damn roses and ofcourse their husband notices this and thinks he can do the same (wrong action from both sides). At a point the husband leaves the girl for this and the girl starts to whine to me that he abandoned her blah blah blah WHILE she is hitting on every guy …

If you find yourself a spouse like this (female or male) and you take the marriage thing serious you are better off without him/her. They are nice friends but crappy spouses.

Certain words in a marriage
I often see guys using some words to girls that are very offensive, like “babe” or anything like that. Do NOT use this kind of words, it’s offensive to the girl and 99% doesn’t like it, the other 1% doesn’t mind it but won’t like it either.

Keeping it special
Many people who take the marriage thing very serious make 1 BIG mistake, that’s spending to much time together. It is fun to spend time together but if you spend to much time together the special feeling disappears. This can ruin what you have completely because you start to see each others as friend or even brother/sister and both sides will start to search for something new …

What if it goes wrong?
A marriage ingame can fail at all times, how you deal with it shows how grown up you are.

There are several people in Las Vegas who threatened a girl in reallife after they divorced, or spread lies about the other person in broadcast.

This is immature and hurts both sides. The best thing you can do is to stay away from your pc untill you are calmed down or to let it rest. This is the fastest way to get it behind you.

Often there are males who make a female char and flirt with a high pot guy to get free items, this is a very common used scam, here are a few tips to see through it:

-> A real spouse will never ask for items, if they do they repay you immediately and it will be always small, look at my ex wife, she never accepted any items I offered free, she wanted to do everything herself and I will always have great respect for that.
-> A real spouse won’t cry about how bad her items are, they do this in the hope you feel sorry and give them items.
-> A real spouse won’t ask how rich you are in any way, my ex wife offered a few times to even help pay for something I needed.

Well I’m done with this guide and I know some of you think I take this marriage thing to serious, believe me, after hearing the same drama every day for 3 years you will know why I wrote this guide.

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