Eudemons Low Level Pking Guide

Eudemons Low Level Pking Guide by dieharD

Step 1: Choosing professional human-hunting equipment
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If you choose to buy them at NPC, then i must say i charge more for normal equipment but when you buy from me, you can save on transportation fees. Anyway, get a set of normal equipment that matches ur lvl EXCEPT for your armor. getting lvl 1 to lvl 45 armor will fool noobs (trust me i do this all the time and it works like magic i’m not kidding) , and now get ur best eudemons and get them to as high lvl as u can. MAKE SURE YOUR POTENCY IS ATLEAST 180 OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE BEFORE U EVEN TRY SOMETIMES, PREFERABLY 250+

Step 2:
Where to hunt down victims and the hunt

I would buy a bunch of random scrolls and then go to gobi gate and walk a bit farther from the guard so it cannot kill me. Then just stand there and wait for people to come out of the gate , as soon as u see them out of the guard’s zone of sight , run a bit more farther away from the guard, and pk him.

step 3:
what to do when you get high pkp

Don’t panic. Random if you need to but make sure you do not get captured! If there are only noobs around, your best bet is to have your costume (the lvl 1-45 armor) help you and have noobs hit you. it will work, and i prefer only being defensively pking when the pkp is too high. when you get bored, you can turn yourself in if you dont care, or you can find a remote spot in the map and hide there. I have found some hiding places that are very dimly populated:

Gobi: the first lizard island (the normal one. the other one is greenish and is more filled with lizards as well as people, mainly because everyone chooses the second island for the high population of lizards) where the house is and hide behind it. summon any mage eudemon except a sage which can auto attack targets if someone or a monster hits you, and wait there. dont try to use warrior eudemons even though they have the same function, players have much less m def than p def, so its better to go with mage eudemons.

Dark marsh: The southeast mountain where the house is.

Icyland: The very very small island in the southwest corner of icyland. IF you have enough randoms you can get there.
otherwise, there are alot of empty mini islands near every large island, if you happen to teleport there, stay, those  places are even safer.

Island: the very very northeast seashore. dont hide northwest, its too close to spider spawn

Volcano: Don’t even pk in volcano, the map is too straight forward kind of hard to hide with so many people.

You can also try to make a run for a city then hide in market. Thank you.


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