Eudemons Making Gold Guide

Eudemons Making Gold Guide by Secelion

This guide is for everyone beginners and advanced players.

1. Eudemon and Egg seller

Easiest way to make gold is by selling demons and eggs you don’t need. This is a good way for beginners to earn gold. Use auction (Pathfinding–>Other–>Auctioneer) and put a minimum price you want it sold for or you could use a booth.
Here is a small list of the most common auction demons.
Blood sage and Venus sage – 200.000
Valkyrie – 700.000
Vanquisher- 800.000
Taurus Mars and Furies – 1.2 mil
Warrior Atk Def and Mage Atk Def – 50.000

These are what I think the most usual demons you sell on auction if you wonder about other demons prices please port reply and I’ll answer ASAP.

2. Auctioneer expert

Sometimes people sell demons on auction for lower prices than you could actually sell them for. I bought a Neil for 2 mil and sold it for 4 mil once so you can make gold fast this way. But since this isn’t a certain way of making gold since this rarely occurs. My tip is to always keep an eye on auction a little bit ofc.

3. Delivery boy (or girl)

In eudemons you can deliver logs. You can make 3 times amount of gold then the one you spended that will say if you spend 100 k (which is the minimum) you can earn 300 k as maximum. However this is not a certain way to make gold since you may only get 100k when delivering them. And if you get killed by another player you’ll end up with nothing. When the skill reaches level 4 you can deliver logs worth 1 mil and you can make 3 mil as maximum profit. You get the skill from a certain NPC in the cronus outskirts near the Gnomes. To aquire the skill you need a violet stone if you are on London server I might be able to help you just whisper to me (Secelion). Or else ask your friends about way to make gold. When you’ve gotten the skill from the NPC you also buy the logs from her. When you have bought the logs you sell them to architects which is located at every map except cronus. In misty you can’t be killed but it’s not certain you earn loads of gold there. Here are the maps of how you can travel to architects

4. Boss slayer

Bosshunting is the best way to make gold fast but you have to be strong and have a bit of patience. First of all how to recognize a boss is easy. Every monster with a level above their head is a monster. And how you find bosses are also easy since anew symbol will show up in the right lower corner. How to get good drops is a big question some say luck matter, some say level matters and some how fast you kill it matters. I’ve combined two of them for my part. When I kill a boss I use demons that have lower level than the boss (If I meet a level 17 green devil I’ll use demons with lvl 16 or lower). The most important thing is that you NEVER kill the boss with your character cause I guarantee you’ll get nothing most of the times. When you succesfully managed to kill a boss (the right way) it may drop stones or equipments. The stones are what you are after since they are more valuable than the equipments. Here is a pricelist for minimum prices on stones (both in gold and eps since it’s a good way to make eps to)
Violet stone 1 mil or 5 eps
Yellow stone 500k or 2-3 eps
Red stone 5 – 6 mil or 20-25 eps

That is my mimimum prices depending on how fast I want to get it sold. I should probably tell you that when you collected a certain amount of stone you can make super stone for example if u have 15 violet stone you can make a Super Violet stone which you can sell for more in eps but not that much more in gold. Here are how many stones you need for making supers
20 Red stone for a Super red stone
15 Violet stones for a Super Violet stone
30 Yellow Stones for a Super Yellow stone

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