Eudemons Composing Guide

Eudemons Composing Guide by D0C

Main composing

Every eudemon has its own Growth Rate (GR). It is inborn so you cannot change it. It would be lucky for you to find a good GR eudemon. However, GR can be changed with composing. You can increase the GR of your eudemon. But you need to sacrifice other eudemons’ lives.

There area total offour types of composing: Major Composition, Minor Composition, Initial composition, Luck value composition.

You need to find Professor Aderes to start composing. As a decent eudemon professor, he can assist you to precede four kinds of composition to make outstanding eudemons.

Composing will make your eudemon drop back to level 1. But it doesn’t mean you will have to train your eudemon harder to regain its original level. In about 3 hours of training, you will be able to regain your eudemons’ level. Each composition gives your eudemon a chance to get talent. After composing, just level it back up to level 50 and your eudemon will regain back to the previous level that you have composed. For example, if your main eudemon was level 75, after composing, when you raise it to level 50, it will jump to level 75.

Major Attribute Composition
Major Attribute means the main attribute of an eudemon. For example, WarriorPatk main attribute is Atk; while WarriorPatkdef’s main attribute is Atk and Def.

Once Major Attribute composition succeeds, your major eudemon’s GR will increase. For example, your WarriorPatk’s, Atk GR is 11.4, after composing, it’s Atk GR might increase to 12.3. But you will need to retrain your eudemon from level 1.

If the composition fails, both major eudemon and minor eudemon will return to level 1. Major eudemon’s GR will not change.

Major Attribute Compostion Requirements:

(1) Quality of Major eudemon below 5-Star:
A. A Major eudemon of at least level 50. – 40
B. A Minor eudemon of at least level 20. – Regardless of the main pet’s star mark, the requirement is lvl 20 on minors when the main attribute mark of the main pet is 500 mark or less

(After composing, you need to train your eudemon to level 50 – 40 to regain its original level)

(2) Quality of Major eudemon above 5-Star:

A. A Major eudemon of at least level 60. 50
B. A Minor eudemon of at least level 20. Regardless of the main pet’s star mark, the requirement is lvl 40 on minors when the main attribute mark of the main pet is between 500 and 600.
(After composing, you need to train your eudemon to level 60 50 to regain its original level)

(3) Quality of Major eudemon above 10-Star:

Regardless of the main pet’s star mark, the requirement is lvl 40 with silver or better quality on minors when the main attribute mark of the main pet is between 600 and 800.

A. A Major eudemon of level 70.
B. Minor eudemon of level 50. It also need to be a Star eudemon. – The requirement on minor level and quality do not diirectly depend on main pet star mark.
(System will inform you which kind of Star is need.)

With the growing of your eudemon, the requirements of Major Attribute Compsing will be stricter. Once the score of your eudemon is above 1500, you need to find the same element eudemon to compose. There are currently five elements in Eudemons Online: Wind, Earth, Water, Fire and Thunder. Thunder is the rarest element, you can use eudemons in this element to do any composition.

There is a possibility of failure. But don’t worry, once failed, the only change is that your eudemon will be level 1, nothing else.

Minor Attribute Composing

Minor Attribute means the attributes beside the major attribute. For example, WarriorPatk, its major attribute is Physical Atk, while Physical def, Magic Atk, Magic Def, Hp are the minor attributes.

You just need to bring two eudemons to do the composition. This kind of composition will never fail. Once finished composing, your Eudemon’s minor attribute GR will increase and it returns to level 1.

Minor Attribute Compostion Requirements:

A. Main eudemon needs to be at least level 70.
B. Minor eudemon’s minor attribute’s GR must be higher than the main eudemon in one aspect and at least level 40.
(After composing, main eudemon will return to level 1 and its minor attribute GR will increase.)

Initial Stats Composing

Every eudemon has its attribute at level 1. During this composing it will change your eudemon’s level 1’s attributes. This kind of composing will never fail.

Initial Status Composing Requirements:

A. A Main eudemon of at least level 70.
B. A Minor eudemon of at least level 40 and it’s initial attributes should be higher than the main eudemon in at least one aspect. For example, the main eudemon’s initial HP is 24, while the minor eudemon’s HP is 120.

To work out how many points you’ll gain from either a Initial or Sub compose, follow this formula:
(Minor pets points in that stat) – (Main pets points in that stat) = (Difference) / (100) * (75)
An example:
(100-75) * 0.75 = 18.75 so rounded up would be 19
So the main pet will gain 19 points, so it’ll be 94.

Luck composing is different than this forumala. For luck the percentage gained is 80, not 75. so just change the 75 to 80 in the forumla
(Minor pets points in luck) – (Main pets points in luck) = (Difference) / (100) * (80)
After 50 luck, 2 points per luck gained will be gained.
Luck can also be improved with vios and Super vios. Each successful improve will give +1 luck. You can also use Luck potions, available from the Lottery, for this effect also. Luck improving will not give you a reborn point. [bgcolor=rgb(255, 102, 0)]

Reborn points
A small sector of composing, but nessisary to explain. Not many people understand it nor do they think it’s important. Each reborn point gives 1 point. You can increase reborns by composing like usual, luck composing, apprentise reborns and more. Also, after you break your reborn limit, you will not gain anymore reborn points. This is good if your building a high star pet, as it will allow you to get to higher star’s with lower requirements.

Id Composing
This is transferring Id’s from one Eudemon to another with the help of a red stone. You pay a red stone and the Id from the minor eudemon will be transferred to that of the main eudemon. The main eudemons Id will then go to the minors eudemon. Most people do this just to have a cool Id, but this is also useful for reborn points. (See above)

How to work out what stat’s your eude will have:

(GR*Level)+Ini stat = Stat at desired level.

Now using MAtk as an example..

int Matk 88/88
GR 25/25(for easy working out)

Int Matk 99/99
GR 24/24

Now lets have a base lvl of 132 (which leaves 131 lvls from lvl 1)

First what one do you think will take home better eud and that is the dodo.

Ok now we do some working out:
25*131= 3275

24*131= 3144

Now we add the int stat


3275+88 = 3363

3144+99 = 3243

So the dodo will end up with 3363/3363 where as the flora will end up with only 3243/3243. What those int stats are, are the base stats at lvl 1 that get added to the GR stats. Other then that they play no other roll stat wise in an eud.

Orb Composing

Your major eudemon has to be:

1. at least lvl 50
2. have 5 or more reborns

The colors of the orbs are:

Silver (No orb composing)

Blue (0-300 Orb composing)
This will require 1 UniO per orb compose to 300 orb.

Green (300-600 Orb composing)
This will require 2 UniO’s per compose till 600 orb.

Golden stage (600-1000 Orb composing, Several stages of Golden composing)
Varies between 3 UniversalXO’s to several 6* UniO’s and up.

No eudemon clovers can be used.
You will not gain anything other than star points, no GR’s, Pure points.

Divine Composing

A system of composing that requires the user to be a god to preform.
Two types of Divine composing.

This is just basic composing, As your Valor goes up, so does the need for higher star minors, same as normal main composing. The only difference is you will not gain any GR’s from this, same as orb’ing, as you will only gain points.
Divine euds starts asking 4.8* minor
When the Valor of the main pet is 40, it will ask for 6* minors
When valor is 55, it will ask for 12* minors
When valor is 70, it will ask for 19* minors
When valor is 95, it will ask for 20* minors
When valor is 120, it will ask for 25* minors.
The requirement on minor depends on valor attribute of the main pet ALONE. Other attributes DO NOT affect it.

Spirit and Wisdom
The same as minor composing a eudemon. These two stats will max out at 60.000 and will be able to give your eudemon up to 500 points each.
Minor compose SaintO/SaintXO’s with higher Spirit/Wisdom into your eudemon to gain points.

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