Dragona Online (PH) Hunting Guide and Tips

Dragona Online (PH) Hunting Guide and Tips by doremi12345

Alam ko sobrang dami ng nag tatanung regarding d2– lalo na mga Newbies— Sana makatulong

Since Assasin ako here it is

Schemes for lvl 20-25 that includes boots/gloves and lower(pants)-Disguise Ship(DS)

Schemes for lvl 26-30 that includes lvl 30 weapon scheme for all clases/upper(chest) and Helm-Ssg

Schemes for lvl 31-35 that includes boots/gloves and lower(pants)- Ezulan temple(ET)

Schemes for lvl 36-40 that includes lvl 40 weapon scheme for all clases/upper(chest) and Helm-Gorgodia Lair

above includes Scheme parts(ingredients) as well. and also applicable for Rare drops [10 Level Gap]
aside from above you can also get schemes and rare items from World Boss
lvl 30 Araya(Dragon Valley)

lvl 35 Bosstav(Pampus)

lvl 40 Haneman(Earis)

Dark Earis[Map Boss]
Kakamkas“(Drops rare items/2nd generation transformation items)
Unique lvl 40 weapon Pandora o.O[Bawal sana E-post d2 toh kaso sayang namn  ]

Other Bosses in DE
Chaos Crusader
Mega raptor
Mystic Monsignor
(all Drops rare)-again not sure with Scheme and unique Parts.

Goddess Quest: DS(Baghdal Quest)/ for ssg (rigal quest)/ for ET (kog quest)/ for Gorgodia (Crusader Quest)
Drops=Reinforcement stones and Accessories(Rares) nag drop din ng mga Strong Green items and mga quest na eto.

Hint: Higher chance of getting rare and unique parts Smiley gusto niyo ba malaman? yung iba alam na eto!
its what you call (lvl foreshadowing)– applicable to Dungeons only(DS,ssg,ET and Gorgodia)
lvl 1-high

lvl 2-higher

lvl 3-highest

ang lvl 1 sure yan lahat ng dungeon lvl 1 ang tricky part is how to get the lvl 2 and lvl 3 pero hindi parin cya cgurado na kakagat.

technique.. takbohin niyo and mga dungeons hanggang dulo( hangang dumating kau sa last boss) then mag start kayo from the last boss pabalik. may chance kasi na ma activate ang lvl 2 and lvl 3

Foreshadowing( yung prompt na lalabas everytime na malapit na kau sa mga boss.) Picture above

sana maka tulong happy Hunting guys Smiley– Please do respond if naka tulong if may mali please let me know para ma correct TY

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    wala nang silbe toh kac iniba na ng gm ang maps..ala na ang mga bosses sa normal maps..

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    anu po bang tips for gold farming?

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    sir ilang oras para mag boss respawn?

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    Sir, haven't tried it yet…. pero thanks for this…. Down lang ang dragona ngayon. nice to see u here… -Soccerpunch and ximuse

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