Dragona Online (PH) Scout Tips

Dragona Online (PH) Scout Tips by Cun

maraming nagtatanong (thru PM’s and mail in-game) ano ba dapat ang built ng scout….
…share ko na knowledge ko kc i’m about to say goodbye to dragona (i’m just waiting for a phone call..bye bye na)
after playing Scout since cbt … i learned how to maximized Scout’s ability to dominate in certain situations.

1st : asked yourself how will you spend / invest your gold in good equipments. some equipments can compensate some passive and active buff (buff with a ridiculous cool-down).

2nd : assess yourself (keyboarding skills) scout requires quick response. when to deploy traps and what trap should be deployed first (it differs in certain situations..depends what class your dealing with).

Passive Skill:
ito yon madalas na tanong sa akin. “sir, meron po ba kayong predators sa passive nyo & ano lvl?”
honestly, wala .

Predators (passive skill) = Lvl 0 why? It reduces movement speed which plays a critical role as a scout. It boost your min & max damage by 3%… like i said b4, you can compensate the increase of 3% min & max damage in proper equipments in this case Weapon… so invest/spend your gold reinforcing your weapon.

Agility = Lvl (max) No need to explain why…

Sense Presence = This is tricky. At level 20, you have your full transformation which is Spica. Spica has an ability to detect hidden enemies. So asked yourself, rely of Spica or sacrifice some of your skill points to see hidden enemies.

Train Body = Lvl (max) No need to explain why…

Strong Vitality = Lvl 0, why? Potions cool-down 3secs… so rely on potions

Mental Discipline = Lvl 0

Battle Meditation = Lvl 0

Source Awakening = Lvl 0

Fire, Cold, Lightning, Poison, Dark Resistance = Lvl 0, why? Invest for armor/accessories with Resist…

Property Hit Training = Lvl 0, why? Boost your elemental attack with armor/weapon with additional elemental attack.

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  1. Danny says:

    Sir, anu-anu po active skills nyo? Trap build din po ba kyo or shuriken type?

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