Dragon Nest MP Regeneration Mechanics Guide

Dragon Nest MP Regeneration Mechanics Guide by chaose5

There are many doubts during skill building on whether it’s worth it to spend SP on Mp regen skill or Mental Training, for a so-called 3%/3.6%/4.2% increase in MP regen.

I have done some research on Mp regen recently and will share the mechanics of MP regen in this article. Hope it will help others who have MP regen problem in dungeon.

MP regen is an important stats in normal nest because it dictates how many skills you can cast. No point having alot of high dps skill but you can’t cast it frequent enough due to limited MP. Well, this case doesn’t appy to those are willing to buy Cash Shop MP potion for normal nest or special mp recovery potion for sea dragon nest (very expensive)

There are two distinct types of MP regen:

1) Base MP regen

This Base MP regen is a function of character level only.

Increasing MAX MP or INT does NOT Increase the base MP regen amount

The base Mp regen ticks once every 5 second.

The MP amount regen per tick in normal dungeon is shown in the figure below.

Char LevelMP Regen per Tick

As you can see, it is a non-linear curve, which increases rapidly at high level.

Note that the amount of Mp regen shown in the data above is only for Normal Dungeon/Nest.

PVP and Darklair show different Mp regen amount per tick, which i won’t list here.

How to boost Base MP Regen?

It can be boosted through Potential, Heraldry and Title.

For example:

Someone is lvl50 and have 87 Mp regen.

If someone is using the title, Hallowen Candy which add +20 Mp regen.

The MP regen per tick is 87+20 = 107

If lets say, he is ALSO using a ring with +15% mp regen potential.

The MP regen per tick is 107 * 1.15 =  123

Similarly, an Mp regen Heraldry also adds to the Mp regen amount.

Note that, the Mental Training Skill (passive) does not add to this base mp regen.

It is considered as the second type of MP regen.

2) MP regen from Mental Training (MP regen passive skill).

At Lv1, 2 and 3, it adds 3%, 3.6% and 4.2% Mp regen per minute respectively.

The MP regen from Mental training is calculated separatedly from the base Mp regen.

This mp regen ticks every 2 sec once.

The % regen per minute is based on your MAX MP.

For example,

If you have 3% regen from Mental Training Lv1 and your max mp is 40,000.

You will have ( 0.03 * 40 000 ) = 1200 Mp regen amount per minute.

This translates to  1200 MP / 30 = 40 mp regen every 2 second.

[ since 1 minute = 60 sec, MP regen tick every 2 sec once, you get 30 tick per minute ]

If your max MP is 80,000, and you have 3% regen from Mental Training,

You will have (0.03 * 80 000 ) / 30 = 80  Mp regen every 2 second.

As you can see here, this MP regen is tied to the MAX MP of your characer.

Increasing your Max MP will increase the absolute amount of ur MP regen from the Mental Training.

Note that, this Mp regen cannot be boost through Title, Heraldy and Potential.

Is it worth it to learn the Mental Trainining ?

Let me illustrate this with an example:

At lv50, the base MP regen is 87. With Hallowen Candy (+20), and lets say a piece of gear with mp regen potential (+15%) and maybe a Tail (+2% ),t he total Mp regen per minute is

125 * 12 = 1500  per minute

( since 1 min = 60second, every 5 sec base mp regen ticks once, 1 min = 12 ticks )

With lets say 50, 000 Max MP, and a lv 1 mental training, the mp regen per minute is

50 000 * 0.03 = 1500 per minute.

Now you see that, adding just lvl 1 mental training DOUBLE THE MP REGEN AMOUNT!

Btw the above is roughly my own stats and skill build.. so it is very realistic for mages.

For other class, please do your own calculation to see the effect and make your own decision if it is worth it to learn the Mental Training.

Generally, the effect of mental training is more significant if you have higher Max MP (mages and priest). For char with low max mp, boosting base mp regen through equipment and heraldry would be more efficient.

For example, if you have only 15 000 Max MP and lvl1 mental training , your Mp regen from mental training per minute would be

15 000 * 0.03 = 450 per minute.

That’s merely 30% of the base MP regen shown above.

40A MP regen heraldry adds more than that!  (see below for illustrative examples)

Which Heraldry is better? MaX MP or MP regen?

This is another interesting thing to look at.

Lets compare both Lv40A Heraldry.

LV40A MP Regen heraldry: +16 mp regen, +30% mp regen.

This heraldry only affects the base Mp regen.

So for the sake of comparison, let use the same stats as above.

The increase in Mp regen per minute due to MP regen heraldry is

( 16 *  12 ) + (87+16)*0.3*12  = add 562 Mp regen per minute

Lv40A MAX MP heraldry: +2277, +10% Max MP.

This heraldry only affect the mp regen from mental training.

The increase in Mp regen per minute due to Max MP heraldry is

(2277 + 0.1 * 50 000 ) * 0.03 =  add 218 Mp regen per minute

From here, it can be easily concluded that MP Regen Heraldry is much better than Max MP heraldry.

However, if lets  say you have more than 92,000 MAX MP and lv3 mental trainig (4.2%), then the reverse is true.

MAX MP heraldry is better than MP regen heraldry in this case.

Which one is better largely depends on what is your Max MP and what level is your Mental Training.

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