Dragon Nest CN Shooting Star Build

Dragon Nest CN Shooting Star Build by Azunnie

I can say that people might call me weird ’cause i didn’t get ducks. This build is just one’s opinion so i don’t care whatever you say about it. Also i’ll use mmosite’s T4 skill simulator as a reference for skill name.



Quick Shot & Air Shot Lv.1 : No point in putting SP to these 2 skills, tho i do use Quick Shot in PvP for faster shooting

Napalm Grenade Lv.1 : Leaving this at Lv.1 is enough, use this along with Stun and Gravity to maximize your combo

Stun Grenade Lv.11 : Pretty high dmg with 10 secs cd, use this as a filler skill

Summon Alfredo Lv.3 : 1SP left so ima just put it in this.

Recall Alfredo & Automat Lv.1 : No SP required, why not ?

Wax Lv.6 : A must have skill, boost you and your party movement speed, useful in nest. The slip is useful too for dealing with mobs

Bubble Bubble Lv.1 : For PvP only, the 2 secs immobilize doesn’t increase with lvl. Also it’s pretty much useless in PvE.

All others passive skills should be maxed, except for Mega Hammer because it’s useless


Ping Pong Bomb Lv.16  : You’re not a Shooting Star without this skill. High dmg, low cd, fast casting speed, long range, also the bounce effect makes this skill special. Max.

Rocket Jump Lv.1 : Lv.1 is enough to save you since this does no dmg at all.

Mine Thrower Lv.13 : Nice dmg along with the EX that makes this skill have larger AoE. I say Max it.

Chemical Bomb Lv.6 : Long Cd, but large AoE and deal pretty high dmg, i often deal 10k to an opponent in PvP, so imagine you hitting a group of em. Also the crit debuff. Max for me.

Gravity Grenade Lv.1 : Get this for the sucking effect, useful with small mobs and in PvP.

Alfredo Stomp Lv.1 : Even with EX, this skill isn’t useful. Get it to unlock Damage Transition.

Alfredo Berserker Lv.1 : Another useless skill. Get it to unlock Damage Transition.

Damage Transition Lv.4 : Max is required. The 55% def reduction applies to all members standing around Alfredo so be sure to tell them to come to you when casting this skill.

Alfredo Whirlwind Lv.11 : Nice dmg if used correctly. Summon him to the enemy when he cast this skill.

Gatling & Cannon Tower Lv.1 : Cannon can be used as filler turret, Gatling isn’t quite useful. Get both to unlock Ice Pump Tower.

Ice Pump Tower Lv.7 : Must max this tower. Longer summon time than the other 2 tower and ofc higher dmg along with ice debuff.

Ducks : No ducks at all like the title said

Skyline Lv.2 : Skyline is more useful than Demolition due to the dmg is focused on a single spot, get Lv.1 Demolition to unlock this skill since i don’t use duck lol

Shooting Star

Max everything. Splash has high dmg but must stand close to the enemy to maximize dmg output makes this skill a little hard to use. Alfredo Overdrive is also max. The EX too since no SP costs.


Due to not a cash user, this is all i can afford~:



Head, Body, Leg,  : Wind II
Gloves : Life-giving II (planning to resuffix to Will)
Boots : Life-giving II (planning to resuffix to Wind)

Skill Plate

Ping Pong Bomb + 20% dmg
Splash +20% dmg
Roto-whirl (the dodge skill) CD-12%
Mine Thrower +10% dmg (this plate is rare and expensive so lol)

Reason why i use dodge plate is because of the low HP, even tho i have HP 6.50% on ALL pieces, including armor and accessories, but still it doesn’t enough lol. So i must dodge to make up for that.

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