Bounty Hounds Online Agent Basic Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Agent Basic Guide by qujaa

Who is Agent ? Agent is single-target massive damage dealer, with two possible builds :

High CC/Survival

Mechanic of Agent skills is easy. We need to put “marks” on target to deal massive damage, which means, that some skills for first need to have mark on target, and every mark increase damage of our skills by % per mark. (3 marks max).


Agent prio stats are Reflex -> Power, my system of points is 2 reflex / 1 power per every level. Why Reflex have more prio than Power ? Bcuz we got much more benefits from reflex like crit.chance,evasion which is better than meele attack/crit damage for us.

At 60 lvl is should looks like this :



  • Umbra Snipe – main skill that makes “marks” on target. Anyway skill doing small amount of damage so leave it on [1/6]
  • Umbra Hunt – our main massive damage skill. Base damage 120% + 3x 120% per mark. [6/6]
  • Umbra Slash – this skill at first levels is kinda nice, but at end game is kinda usless. Just need it to get others skills. [3/6]
  • Motor Nerve Specialisaction – Passive that give us % evasion. [6/6] (prolly will be maxed later)
  • Umbron Attacher – crit.chance buff for party. [6/6]
  • Umbra Arms – crit.damage self buff maybe later i will max it. [3/6]
  • Shadow-dodge – evasion buff that have chance to trigger when we using Umbra Slash. Just need it to get others skills. [2/4]
  • Variable Neutralisation Machine – dispell, great for PvP, and PvE. [1/1]
  • Umbra Quake – interrupt [1/2]
  • Umbron Interference – Silence, great for PvP/PvE, for sure will be maxed later. [1/4]
  • Umbra Displacement – teleport to target + root. Nice skill for PvP [1/2]
  • Umbra Conversion – most imba agent skill. great damage + heal over time %. [2/2]
  • Umbron Fill – reset Umbra Displacement CD. [1/1]
  • Umbron Phantom – mega survival skill. Grant us evasion bonus for 10 sec. [2/2]
  • HP Quantum – passive that grant us 2k HP when we use umbron Phantom (bugged atm) [1/1]


Best CTU ?


  • Very nice for PvP
  • Makes easier way to solo SH/SI things
  • Self/% Heal
  • CC

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    man, those stats look like SHIT, reflexes and power are only stats that has been upped? dude this ain't no runescape

  2. Anonymous says:

    blackrabbit pls post a complete image of your skill with this build.. like what you did in the shock tropper guide..i followed this stat build and now i want to see the skill coz in bounty hounds ph skills have different name..thnx

  3. Ghost says:

    Why is iron back good for Agent?

    PVP ? or PVE?

    if i was going for PVP what CTU should i choose?

    and which is better at PVP Shock trooper or Agent?

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