Bounty Hounds Online Searock Hamlet’s Tempest Star Boss Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Searock Hamlet’s Tempest Star Boss Guide by Skimi

The final boss in Searock Hamlet Dungeon is called Tempest Star. Its an mechanical boss with some more skills than players are used from DA.

The fight against Tempest Star is divided in 2 Phases. The Phaseswitch from first to seconds Phase appears at exactly 50% healthpoints of the boss. Another new thing appears in this bossfight. In each Phase there is an additional Part you can kill aswell if you want.

You can target the boss before engaging and click on the small triangle in the targetbar. there you can choose between Tempest Star and Exhaust Pipe. If you destroy the Parts before killing the boss, you’ll get extra reward after killing him. this reward is a random purple soulbound item that you need for crafting items and every one in the party gets one.

Besides that the fight changes slightly. You need to do additional damage to kill the part, but on the good side those parts are often causing one specialattack of the boss. That specialattack wont be casted anymore when the part is destroyed.

Phase 1: Tempest Star is tankable, even if it looks different. One of his attacks is the random charge. He charges a person and does quite a high amount of damage. With this charge he also immobilizes the target. shortly after this immobilizing effect wears of, he starts an cone aoe flamethrowing affect on that target. you just run out of the coneshaped red marking on the ground and dont get this high damaging and debuffing attack. after that he will be still stuck on the random charged target for a couple of extra hits, before he switches back to the tank. Besides that there is also an AOE range attack that causes also a quite high amount of firedamage.

So best is, if the group spreads out but stays in healrange. If everyone stays out of the AOE attacks, the healer will manage to heal out the randomcharges. Basically no one should panic, when getting randomcharged. with lvl40 and all the r&d; blues this attack almost oneshotted me as the healer. but since there is time to his next attack, you should just keep standing, pop in a healthpotion and start healing urself. move aside of the aoe and continue healing urself all the time, until he switches back to tank. if you start running away from him, you will die, since this boss is quite fast and you cant healurself while running.

Phase 2: The transition to phase 2 is important, especially within the lvl40ies. The randomcharge in phase one fixates the boss on the charged target, until he changes back to tank. When you bring the boss down to 49% while he is still fixates on the healer or a squishy dps class, then he will change to phase 2 and keep this fixates target as maintank for the complete fight(or until this targets death).
If you go slow dps when the boss reaches 53-55% and wait until he changes back to the tank, then you wont have that much problems in p2.

He has some Skill in P2 which can cause quite some trouble. Main Problem is his Big Bang Superhit on the tank. This attack nearly onshots the tank. As a tank you should counter this attack with healthpotions, and as a healer you should always save up your instantheal for that attack. after a couple of tries, you notice when he casts this special attack. Another thing you can do, is to time your heal so it just hits the tank after that big attack. Since the healer needs to keep the tank up tp 100% all the time, there is not really room to heal the party. If the healer doesnt manage to bring the tank back to 100% before the next superattack, the fight is most often over. As nontanks, stay out of the circle marked AOE’s, you will get a harsh damage attack and some kind of atomic debuff, which does alot damage. Besides that there is an area aoe attack which hits everyone in the room. Since this is the only damage that cant be avoided, use pots on that in p2, because this extra damage is causing the healer the biggest trouble on his road to keep the tank alive. This would also be a good moment for cooldownskills as a tank.

If the tank is little undergeared and squishy, you can also run a couple of yards away when the boss starts to load his superattack, so the boss needs to run to your position after the big hit. that gives the healer a little time until the boss autoattacks the next time.

Happy looting

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