Blackshot AK-47 Guide

Blackshot AK-47 Guide by S3TsUnA.F.Seiei

The basic of being a good AK user requires a player have a mental state of being free from agitation, excitement, or disturbance.

Criteria to consider when buying a mouse


– * Adjustable weight cartridge: Use up to 36 grams of weight to customize your mouse with a heft and balance that’s just right for your game.
– * Adjustable sensitivity: Shift from pixel-precise targeting to lightning-fast maneuvers, without pausing the action.


-* Right-handed comfort grip: Enjoy a natural grip that won’t fatigue you.
-* Forget sticky workarounds?these low-friction feet glide effortlessly across almost any surface.

Surface Area

-* Surface area of a mouse is important. A player need comfortability in order to achieve the best result.
-* Players will smaller hand size usually prefer smaller mouses such as razer kraith for fast precision and adaptability
-* When using a bigger mouse they feel rather uncomfortable as they need more effort do drag it

*AK is one of the most sought after weapons in blackshot due to its famous 1 bullet headshot
* Having a high recoil unable a player to control it properly

-Playing Style-
If you keep playing against the same opponent over and over you will notice certain habits and flaws.
Keep track of them. As this can really improve your game sense.

Defensive tactical approach which require them to just mark on a certain position
and making sure no one passes though.This give them the advantage of shooting first before the opponent can react. 1 bullet though the head its all you need.These players usually camp excessively making them really predictable and much more vulnerable to frag grenades and T1. They usually use their allies as meat shield and only push when it is safe.These players usually play map that are advantageous to them such as being in the red team in Sandstorm(TFM)

Offensive tactical approach requires a player to use the full potential of Ak, which require a player to have a full calmness, good positioning and these will exploit the opponent weak spots. This players are usually the top fraggers in the game as they fight the opponent straight on using only their confidence and firepower.

To become a good AK user it requires you balanced out both offensive and defensive tactics.

Choosing the right Crosshair
Most players rather picky in choosing which cross hair is the best for AK users.
Here’s my answer,
Default crosshair w/o the center dot is beneficial for those who want to learn to control the recoil of an AK.
The more bullets you tap, the bigger the crosshair become.Imagine there’s a dot in a middle.Try to aim for your opponent head. With that in mind you will literally be training the recoil the gun
Dot crosshair is for those who can fully utilize the weapon’s potential.

Knowledge of terrain
It is important to know the terrain very well. Certain area are best for marking while others are vulnerable to grenades. Small narrow areas are best for shot gunners such the L-shaped at Sandstorm.
Remember to position yourself for the best advantage.

Using your own deathcam is important as it can reveal your enemy location. During the Deathcam mode player are given at least 7 sec to access the surrounding. Use this 7 sec wisely. You might also consider using your opponent deathcam to your own advantage. I shall not elaborate much on this as it can only be taught by experience.

External factors
Player must always wear a headset even in TFM games. Listening to footstep is essential as it can determine your enemy location. As time passes by and you are accustom to this, you will also be able to determine the distance between you and your enemy. Sometimes its hard to determine which footstep is which, so try to isolate out the sound of gun fire and nades being throw and listen to the footsteps carefully. Always remember different terrain give different types of sound, so remember listen to them.

Why Normal AK rather then AK Black
If you really want to train your AK successfully do not buy AK black instead use a normal AK.
Being over reliant to cash item as a whole will lower a player gameplay. Normal AK have a higher recoil then AK black. Its important to learn to learn how to crawl before walking. This concept also apply for blackshot.

Imagine there’s a enemy right infront of you. Point you crosshair exactly on the head. While walking remember to stay in that position. Wherever you go, your crosshair must always point upwards as this will give your a higher percentage of headshoting your opponent. Best map to train headlining is in Hunting.

Close range combat
Most AK users assume that spamming at the person head is the best method for close range combat.
Spamming your AK is a big NO even in close range. The more you spam, the more you lose control. In terms try not to spam.
Smg users have a higher fire rate and much more agile due to their low weapon weight. In spamming AK will always lose unless bullet in pure luck lands on your opponent head first.No matter how much your opponent spam remember to always tap. Controlling one’s composure is always important.
If you keep forgetting to tap,put a note on your monitor. Whenever you see that note even in-game you will remember to tap. Lastly jumping is not required as your headshot will be pure luck.

How to tap in Long range combat
AK have one of the highest recoil hence the 1st 5 bullets is important. No matter what try to make sure that the first 5 bullets lands on the person head. After the 5 bullets, the recoil will be much more ferocious and harder to control. When the enemy isn’t down after shooting 5 bullets do a slight pause, and resume firing with the same concept. Don’t be agitated by your opponent, always remember to be calm

Squatting is a big no in my vocabulary. Squatting may lead to better aim but you will lose your agility making you a much easier target to shot at. Strafing is a much better choice.

AK Ammo conservation rifler
Most AK users equip magazine extension gear in order to have 41 bullets per magazine
The player keep assuming that 30 bullets isn’t enough as you do not have the luxury of reloading every time u kill.
This is my own personal game style. Using the least amount of ammo to kill effectively. This is where ammo conservation and headshots take place. This tactics literally save your ammo consumption which could also led to more kills. By literally saving ammo, basically means it means tapping your mouse for every kill. This can really improve your game play tremendously. In an event you are left with only a few bullets facing against an enemy straight on will be no problem. All it takes is just 1 bullet to the head.
Magazine extension is not needed for this type of riflers. Try using a fake reload to lure enemy out.

Tactic gear slot – Skirmisher I, Guardian I,II and Commando
Preffered amour – Amour 3 , OS fibre helmet Mk-2, Elbow Grease
Equipment – Normal AK + Medic Kit 2

When should i changed from normal AK to AK black
It took me a full 6 months to literally learn control recoil of an AK. If you confident that you able to utilize the full potential of a normal AK then it is the time to switch to AK Black.

This is only a brief guide from my point of view. You can have your own playing style which suits you the best. This is not a must follow guide.

Always remember to have a good composure. Don’t get easily agitated by your opponent. Don’t be over reliant on Cash items as a whole

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