Blackshot Starter’s Guide

Blackshot Starter’s Guide by stupidcism

Introduction – I been in the forums for awhile now , looking at guide posts and i found nothing abt this for newbies to bs.Why i wan to make this guide and why i feel its important. A start – up guide can be useful to all newbies who jus started bs or those who have been introduced to bs by friends and do not know what is blackshot all about.
Modes ;

TDM – Team Death Match . – Maps – Panic space , Gallery , Training camp , Haunted , Quarry , Winterland , LostTemple , Titan Valley , Red mansion I , Pipeline [ More and updated soon ]
How to Play ? – Simple , in a TDM game , yr mission is to kill as much as possible given by the required time and kills as shown above. In some maps like Losttemple and Panic Space , Grenades can be gained by pressing E upon getting near towards a ? box . Extra grenade slots aren’t allowed in some TDM maps . ( Panic Space , Lost temple , Gallery , Winterland )

TFM – Team Flag Match . –
Maps – SandStorm I , Broken City II , Quarry , The Hunting , Xitang , Broken Cage , TFM-Random [More and updated soon ]

How to play ? – In a TFM game , yr mission is to capture the opp flag within the time range given . Killing of every person will get a point , capturing a flag sucessfully will give yr team 10 points . Try to capture as many flags as possible while killing as much as u can without dieing . Plan a safe route or get into a route which yr team mates are heavily guarding it . Flag when yr team is gaining an advantage and not when yr team is getting a losing end.

SD – Seach and Destroy – Maps – SandStorm II , Broken City I , Red Mansion II , CrackDown , Aftermath , Titan Valley , SD-Random , [ More and updated soon ]
How to play ? – In a SD game , For
RED team , u must try to plant a bomb in either bombsites A or B within the time given and the time must not be under 40 seconds . Press and hold ”E” to start planting . Capture and Defend yr bombsites well before and after planting . If your opp team is all elimimated or your bomb isnt defused sucessfully , u win . For every Sucessful bomb plant , u get 5 points. For BLUE team , Your team have to guard Bombsites A and B well and try to eliminated yr opp when they try to get in to the bombsites . If the bomb is planted , clear the opp team to make sure in case of any backstabbers killing u while u defuse . To defuse the planted bomb , get close towards the bomb and hold ”E” to defuse . For every sucessful defused bomb , u get 5 points .

SD Infi – Search and Destroy Infinity –
The whole concept is like SD but the differences are after each death , both sides will be swapped with teams after the first round ends. Both teams will have a time range (10mins or so ) to plant the bomb sucessfully or defuse the bomb sucessfully and the team which gets the most number of bombs bombed wins the match after the 2 rounds , and in a SD game , after dieing , u wont be able to respawn til the next round , but in SD infi , u respawn after every death.

BD – Bunker Defense –
Its kind of like a story mode of 4 soliders waiting for a airplane to bring them to safety after a mission . There are normal terrorists and sucidal bombers. When you kill a terrorist , yr screen would ******************ly pop out a green circle . Press ”E” while aimming at that circle and you would have a change of weapon . Weapon Class would be shown on those circles so choose wisely ^-^ ~! Your objective is to kill as much as u could and gain the most number of points. Most people use this mode to earn BP ( Bounty points ) and EXP . Mastery points are limited to 3 or 4 per kill and there will be no kills counted in yr kd % .

Guns ;
AR – Assault Rifles
BP ( Bounty Points ) – M16A2 , AK-47 , M4A1 , SCAR , HK-416 , K2 , GALIL , XM8 , TYPE 89 , TYPE 64 , M1 Carbine , SIG-552, TAVOR
GS (Garena Shells ) – AK-47 Black , AK -Dragon , M4 Desert , K2 Jungle , HK – Forest , Type 89 Jungle , CAR15 , Browning .
Gachapon ( Guns u can get only via Gacha , Gacha can be brought by using GS) – SIG – Forest , Ak Snow , M4 NZI , M60 .
Special ( Only attained by gifts from G.M or Supply crates ) – XM8 S , M4 Dcigs , AK-47 Dcigs , ENFIELD , ENFIELD Woodlands .
Gold Series ( Attained by Mastery ranking or and be brought in shops after yr rifle mastery reaches Expert 4th ) – AK-47 Gold

SMG – Sub Machine guns .
BP ( Bounty Points ) – MP5 , MP7 , UMP , UZI , P90 , MP5KWPD , AKS74U , MAT49 .
GS ( Garena Shells ) – MP5KPDW-H , UZI Blue , P90 Jungle , PPSH-49 , MP7-Forest .
Gachapon (Guns u can get only via Gacha, Gacha can be brought by using GS ) – UZI – NZ1 , UZI Blood .
Gold Series (Attained by Mastery ranking or and be brought in shops after yr SMG mastery reaches Expert 4th) – UZI – Gold .

SR – Sniper Rifles .
BP ( Bounty Points ) – SSG82 , AWP , M24 , PSG , Dragonov .
GS ( Garena Shells ) – M24-Hearts , Awp Black , Dragonov Black .
Gachapon (Guns u can get only via Gacha, Gacha can be brought by using GS ) – Awp Candy , Awp Ghost , SASR – 109 .
Gold Series (Attained by Mastery ranking or and be brought in shops after yr Sniper mastery reaches Expert 4th) – AWP-Gold .

SG – Shotguns .
BP ( Bounty Points ) – M3 Super 90 .
GS ( Garena Shells ) – SPAS-12 , Holy Shotgun .
Gachapon (Guns u can get only via Gacha, Gacha can be brought by using GS ) – NZ Mass 1000.
Gold Series (Attained by Mastery ranking or and be brought in shops after yr Shotgun mastery reaches Expert 4th) – M3 Super 90 Gold

Others .
BP ( Bounty Points ) – T1 Grenades , FlashBangs , UMP Flashbang , RedSmoke , Smoke grenade , Gas grenade , Candy Cane , Ruyi Stick , Hachet , Kukuri Knife , Meat Hammer , Jack-O-Lantern Flash Frag , Chirstmas Sock , Knife .
Gold Series (Attained by Mastery ranking or and be brought in shops after yr melee mastery reaches Expert 4th) – Flash Frag , MeatHammer- Gold .

MVP system – If you have 10 or more players in yr game and u are the leading player with the highest kill rate of anyone else in the game , The MVP goes to u !

Host Change System – How to CH ? Press ESC on your keyboard , click Host Change on the bottom of the box which appears when u press ESC.

More would be added soon into my guide , would be updating it most of the time ! Thats all for now , GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN , RECRUITS!!!! Love , Bawls ! .

In blackshot , their are couple things different from other FPS games.

Tactic Gear System – In blackshot , in the gear section of your storage, u will see 5 boxes on the bottom right of your screen . Those boxes will unlock if u are on a certain rank .

1st Slot Unlock: Corporal

2nd Slot Unlock: Master Sergeant [Red]

3rd Slot Unlock: 1st Lieutenant [White]

4th Slot Unlock: Major [White]

5th Slot Unlock: Not yet released .

The unlocking of the gears would be by ranks.
For more infomation on which rank for which tactic gear would be unlocked or u want to know more abt the tactic gear , Please visit this link > Blackshot Unlocking Tactic Gears Guide
Credits go to Userlish07 .

Mastery ;
In blackshot , there is a mastery for various types of weapon class.
AR – Assualt rifles
SMG- Sub Machine Guns
SR – Snipers
SG – Shotguns
Melee – Knives
Pistols – Pistols
Nades – Grenades.
Mastery starts with Rookie 4th all the way til Master .
For every mastery rank up , u may get some items which would land in yr inventory .
For more info abt mastery rank up rewards and which rank you can get them , Click on this Link > Blackshot Weapon Mastery Guide and Reward List

Credits goes to HunterBoy920 .

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