Blackshot Screen Resolution Optimization Guide

Blackshot Screen Resolution Optimization Guide by yuansheng4b

Players with monitors supporting full HD resolution, you may notice that Blackshot does not have a display option that matches your screen’s native resolution. Fret not! There is an option to force Blackshot to any resolution you want.

1. In your game installation folder (default : C:VertigoGamesGameBlackShotBlackshotsystem), find and edit the file “GameOption_SG.ini” with notepad or any word editor.

2. Change the values for WIDTH and HEIGHT to match your max/native screen resolution. e.g. 24″ LCDs typically have a resolution of 1920(Width) x 1200(Height)

3. Save your changes and exit the word editor. Start the game !

1. It only affects gameplay , not Lobby

Why you should do this
1. Running the game at your monitor’s native resolution gives you maximum clarity. Everything is just sharper.
2. At native resolution, your monitor/graphic card does not need to perform the extra work of resizing the display to your monitor’s native resolution. In minor cases, there’s no measurable lag. In extreme cases, you can feel the screen “dragging” as you move the mouse.

Why you should NOT do this
1. Users with low end graphic cards may not be able to support the higher requirements of a high resolution display. In this case, you can still make use of this setting to lower the resolution.

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    tx.worked for me

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    It did not work T-T

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    Why after I edit and try to save the changes a message pops up which says "Access is denied"?

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