Zodiac Online Pet Choosing Guide

Zodiac Online Pet Choosing Guide by noahexe


1: Zodiac pet can be capture  in battle.

2: Able to evolve to Gene2 and Gene3 stage.

Gene 1 look.

Gene 2 or Gene3 normal look.

Gene3 advanced or Gene3 rare look.

Zodiac pet lvl 30 gene2 evolving guilde.

Zodiac pet lvl 60 gene3 evolving guilde.

3: Gene3 Stage ve 2 diff evolving look.
Note: Gene 3 normal look is same as Gene 2 look.

Note: Either Gene 3 normal, advanced or rare have “NO” differences in talent status when evolving, jus appearance is different.

4: More variety type of skill.
(Skill can be bought from mall or get it from treasure map hunt)
(Gene3 Pet can use skill book bought from mall, which could attack 3 in a row)


Invisible (pet invisible for 3 round)

God blush : magic type attack.

and other more type of skill.



1: Only certain wild pet can be tamed.
Note: Check with pet curer in cloud city for list of tamed wild pet.

2: Can be capture only in mob flask

Wild pet taming guide.

2: Cant evolve, but can be enhanced in guild pet house only.
NOTE: Enhanced pet only changes in color, no changes in look.
NOTE: To evolve a pet, need specific rare item dropped by rare mob that respawn every hour.
(Respawn of rare mob location will be announce thru chat system)
NOTE: Pet item require same LV. guild pet shop in order to start evolving process.
NOTE: A enhanced wild pet can be better than a gene2 zodiac pet in status.
(Rare event wild pet frm chinese version can evolve to gene3)

(LV 2 to LV 7 skipped)

3: The higher the LV of guild pet shop, pet taming % increase.

4: Limited to 4 type of skill.
(Additional skill can be bought from mall or get it from treasure map hunt)
(Skill are depend on which item type used in tame)




5: Using higher lvl item have better chance to a better talent status pet.

6: Pet talent type are fixed.
Giant Bear good in melle atk.
Lady bug good in defense.
Dragonfly good in speed and dodge.
withered beast good in hp.

(Used a lvl 40 armor on it, too bad not enhanced)

5: Maybe more wild pet be added in future to tame.


Pet talent is important

1: Can see what the pet strong and weak in.
2: Affect the pet talent status grow from lvling and evolving/enhance in future.

Tanker pet should focus on Hp then Def.
Melle pet should focus on Atk then Hit.
Caster pet should focus on Matk then Mp.

NOTE: Zodiac pet awarded frm grandpa quest doesnt come w very good talent status.
NOTE: Could hunt zodiac pet in Bling alley till u get a pet u happy with.

TIP: Special item which add talent to pet can be found during treasure map hunt.

[Pet talent starts from 500 – 1300+, the higher the better]

NOTE: Above 1200+ talent are most recommended.

1: 0500 – 0900 white color : oridinary
2: 0900 – 1100 green color : excellent
3: 1100 – 1300 light green color : advanced
4: 1300 – 1X00 orange color : unknown

P/S: Thank you for viewing, any error and comment are welcome to point out.

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