Zodiac Online How to Pick a Build Guide

Zodiac Online How to Pick a Build Guide by Kiyani

Hey guys,

your new here and hear about Aptitude and the “No Class” system and now you dont have any idea how to create the type of Character you want to play?

Dont worry i’ll try to help you pick the right Aptitude and how you could add the 4 Status Points you get each Lvl. Or at least i try to give you some ideas. ;-)

I’m gonna give you an example now,what you need to think about when you pick a build.

1) Which Zodiac Character should i choose?

First of all, it doesnt matter which Zodiac Character you pick, they all start out with the same Status Points. So pick which ever you like.

Lets go for a female bunny in our example.

And now it gets interessting.

2) Do i wanna be more a supporter or more an attacker?

Lets pick the attacker. ^_^ 3) Melee attack or do i like magic more?

We go for melee. 4) What is important for you when you are an attacker?

It gets interessting here.You decide whats most important for your personal attacker.For example:

Do you want high HP? Do you wanna attack fast/first in each round? Do you wanna hit hard?

Lets say…we wanna attack hard. Now we check all available Aptitudes in Nightflier’s awesome guide http://zodiac.enjoymmo.com/forum/thread-507-1-1.html here that give you a bonus on attack.

To make it easier for you now, i’ve copied some matching Aptitudes out of it.

Here we have

AP & A Bonuses: 3% atk and 4% ap Penalties: 5% m.def

As you can see you get a 3% attack bonus and 4% AP (which is your attacking speed) but you loose some magic defense.

Also we have:

A & H

Bonuses: 5% atk and 3% hit Penalties: 5% mp and 4% m.def

Which means that you have a 5% attack bonus, you hit 3% better but you loose some MP and Magic Defense.

Now its time for you to decide…. What do you want more and what are you willing to loose?

I decide to go for AP & A which gives you more attack and attacking speed but i dont mind the 5% magic defense so much.

Now lets see what we have decided so far.

We wanted to be a female Bunny Char, who is an attacker and we picked the AP&A; aptitude since we liked it the most.

Now we only need to decide what we do with the 4 Status points we get each lvl.

Since we are an attacker and we decided that we liked to have some strong attack i would recommend that we skill on STR to make our attack even stronger BUT i would NOT make a full STR build.


You get your skills according to the attributes you skill on. If you only skill on STR you only get 4 STR skills. If you only skill on INT you only get 4 INT skills and so on.

So i would always skill on 2 attributes so that you get a few more skills. BUT if you already know that you only need the STR skills since you know the game good enough, feel free to also only go full STR.

Lets go for STR and DEX in our example since our Aptitude is A (for attack) and & AP (for attacking speed) and DEX also raises your attacking speed abit.

You can go now 3 STR/1 DEX or if you wanna be abit faster but dont mind the loss of abit attacking power you go 2Str/2DEX

Lets pick the 3 STR/1DEX build since we wanna be abit stronger instead of faster.

NOW…we are finally done.

Lets sum up again. We picked the Bunny Zodiac as an attacker and decided to pick the A & AP Aptitude since it gives us a nice attack bonus which was what we wanted to go for. Also we decide to pick 3STR/1DEX each lvl since we wanna go most for attack here aswell. And…we are done…time to play. ;-)

I hope you could follow me abit, most important steps are that you make sure what you wanna play and how you wanna play the Char.

Those are the Mainquestions you need to ask yourself.

1) Which Zodiac looks best to me or is my own Zodiac Sign since it    doesnt matter, they all have the same stats 2) Do i wanna attack or support? 3) What are the most important bonuses i want on my and    what am i willing to loose for them? 4) When i decide on which 2 Attributes i put my 4 points on,    which would fit to my build and do i wanna be more hybrid (2/2)    or stronger in one? (3/1)

I have also collected some usefull Aptitudes and Status Points for each class:


AP & A

Bonuses: 3% atk and 4% ap Penalties: 5% m.def

D & H

Bonuses: 5% hp and 5% def Penalties: 6% hit, 5% dodge and 6% m.atk

A & H

Bonuses: 5% atk and 3% hit Penalties: 5% mp and 4% m.def

A & D

Bonuses: 4% atk and 3% def Penalties: 4% hp, 5% ap, 5% hit, 4% dodge and 4% m.atk

H & AP

Bonuses: 3% hp, 3% ap and 4% def Penalties: 5% m.atk

STR/DEX Strong and faster/avoid hits STR/VIT  Strong and more HP

Magic Caster:


Bonuses: 3% m.atk and 5% m.def Penalties: 5% def

M & M

Bonuses: 4% mp, 4% dodge, 5% m.atk and 3% m.def Penalties: 5% hp and 6% def

INT/VIT  strong and survive longer INT/DEX  Strong and avoid some hits/attack faster

Fast Character for example Assasin like Characters:

AP & A

Bonuses: 3% atk and 4% ap Penalties: 5% m.def

H & AP

Bonuses: 3% hp, 3% ap and 4% def Penalties: 5% m.atk

D & AP

Bonuses: 4% ap and 5% dodge Penalties: 4% mp and 6% m.def

Possible Status Points:

DEX/VIT Fast/avoid hits and more HP DEX/STR Fast/avoid hits and stronger

Please keep in mind that there are some more Aptitudes which you can all find in Nightfliers guide with more detailed infos which you will understand after you have played and tested a while. ^_^

Also the smart ones will have already figured out that each Aptitude also gives you a Bonus on certain Skills.

But im sure some of you who play this game for the first time might find all those things you need to think about when creating your first Character abit confusing.

So just get started with a Character, make your own experience and then you can come back to the forum and figure out more about skills according to Aptitudes and how high your bonus will be. ;-)

So what are you waiting for?

Think about Bonuses that are matching for the Character you wanna play, check the Aptitudes that have that bonus, just add some matching Attribute Points and start your own adventure!

If you have more questions about Builds, feel free to write me a PM, ill try to help you as good as i can.

Best wishes, ~Kiyani

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