Zodiac Online Collecting Skills Basic Guide

Zodiac Online Collecting Skills Basic Guide by Kiyani

Hey Guys,

today ill teach you some Basics about Collecting Skills and give you some General Tips about them.

First of all, if you have no idea where to learn your first Collecting Skill or where to buy the tools, you should check out my Guide through Cloud City, it will help you find your way to the Housewife. ;-) General Tip: Always buy more than 1 Gathering tool,i recommend around 5+ tools.

You need to Lvl your Gathering Skills by using them, each Lvl it starts to count from 0 again. Here is the Lvl Up Chart untill Lvl 5.

Lvl 1: 0-500 Lvl 2: 0-800 Lvl 3: 0-1200 Lvl 4: 0-1800 Lvl 5: 0-3200

General Tip: If you click the material you wanna collect it will start gathering on its own until the gathering tools durability is down to 0. Thats around 15-20 Minutes which you can go AFK and do something else untill you need to change the gathering tool.

Here a List of Materials till Lvl 5 (i will add some more later) General Tip: If your looking around on a map, why dont you use an Amulet (bought from the grocer) to keep away annoying monsters? You might need to walk around alot since materials spawn randomly on the map.


Lvl 1 Teak Timber Locations: Bling Spring,Dusk Forest, Fall Alley

Lvl 2 Fir Timber Locations: Dusk Forest, Devil Dock,Bling Spring

Lvl 3 Cedar Timber: Locations: Soul-Wander Valley,Orchid Temple,Maple Valley

Lvl 4 Pine Timber Locations: Cobweb Woods, Darkness Mountain

Lvl 5 Gingko Timber Locations: Zig Alley 2, Dew Peak,Darkness Mountain Lvl  6 Oak timber Location: Chill Suburb, Dew Peak

Lvl 7 Birch timber Location: Mirror Lake, Spring Forest

Lvl 8 Ebony timber, Location: Windbell Valley, Moonset Path

(thx to katharina for providing their locations)


Lvl 1 Iron Ore Locations: Bling Alley,Limon District,Fall Alley

Lvl 2 Silver Ore Locations: Dusk Forest,Limon District,Bling Spring

Lvl 3 Gold Ore Locations: Soul-Wander Valley,Maple Valley,Golden Path

Lvl 4 Jet Ore Locations: Zig Alley,Darkness Mountain,Butterfly Peak

Lvl 5 Jasper Ore Locations: Darkness Hall, Trident Mountain, Butterfly Peak

Lvl 6 Opal Ore Location Trident Mountain, Wind Canyon

Lvl 7 Garret Ore Location: Blurred Lake, Golden Beach

Lvl 8 Ruby Ore Location: Regret Cliff, Longicorn Hole

(thx to katharina again)


Lvl 1 Parsley Locations: Limon District,Fall Alley

Lvl 2 Sage Locations: Fally Alley,Devil Dock,Bling Alley

Lvl 3 Thyme Locations: Golden Path,Orchid Temple

Lvl 4 Thymbra Locations: Zig Alley 1,Orchid Temple,Butterfly Peak

Lvl 5 Ginseng Locations: Darkness Mountain,Precious Garden, Darkness Hall

General Tip: Renown Point Quests sometimes require some materials, around Lvl 10-20 its Lvl 2 material, from Lvl 30 it sometimes asks for Lvl 3 materials so lvl at least one of those collecting skills, it will save alot of time asking around for material to finish your Renown Point Quest.

As soon as i collect more information, i will add some more material locations but this basic guide should especially help you find your materials the first time and help you getting started with your collecting skills.

If i made a mistake somewhere feel free to correct me. ^-^

Have fun Collecting!

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