Zodiac Online Cloud City Guide

Zodiac Online Cloud City Guide by Kiyani

Hey guys,

since there have been many questions about where to heal yourself/your pet or where to buy your equipment in the first Maincity Cloud City, i decided to make this little guide and take all of you who just started the game on a little Sightseeing Tour through Cloud City to show you all the important places. There is a build in auto function that leads you to most of those places(also in the map options), but it doesnt always help, so lets do it the old fashion way via map.

I’ve marked all places on the map (you open the map when you are in Cloud City with a little button in the top left corner or by pressing TAB) that might be interessting for you in the beginning so lets see…

Map to Cloud City.JPG

1) Here we have the Pub.    You need to enter the building and inside when you talk to the guy    behind the counter you can stay over night to heal your char    (its free below lvl 10, from lvl 11 on you pay 110 Coins,Lvl 12     120 Coins, Lvl 13 130 Coins and so on)    or buy some Mana and HP Potions which you cant use in battles!

2) The Pet Curer.    You need to enter the Building and here you can heal your pet,    (same as in Pub, free till Lvl 10 and then it charges some cash)    and you also head here to tame a just cought wild pet or evolve    your current Zodiac Pet (first evolution on Lvl 30).    Also you find alot of Information about the Pet System.    Also notice that this is the first Pet Healer, there is    none in your Starter Village!

3) The Armor Shop    Just enter the building to find some nice armors. ^_^

4) The Blacksmith    Here is the Blacksmith waiting outside,with some nice    sharp weapons.

5) The Storage    There is a guy standing in front of the Building    who stores all your stuff, the password in the beginning    is always 000000, you can change it if you like.

6) The Accessoir Store    Enter the Building to get some jewels!

7) Renown Point Quest    Talk to Thad to start your renown point quest.    You need to take 20 quests in a row without canceling    them.After you finished them you get a little message    popping up and for today you get now 10 Renown Points    each 5 Minutes untill you reach your Limit which is Lvl    based.You should see it written in the speaking bubble    above Thads Head.    The Quests will reset each day at 0:00 and you need to    do 20 quests again to increase your Renown Points some    more.Beware that Thad wont show you that you need to do    them again, it doesnt get updated automatically,so if you    did the quest yesterday she will still show you 20 Quests    done untill you take the next Renown Quest.Then it gets    upgraded.If your unsure what time it is currently,just    check the Homepage, there is a Server Time on Top of the    Page.    Also keep in mind that you have a limit of for example    140 Renown Points on a day BUT if you do the Quest    2 Days in a row without spending any points they will stack!    There is no Limit in collecting Renown Points, just    a Limit on getting them from the Quest.

8) Fred the Skill Trainer    Here you can buy some Skills but you can also (and more important)    spend some Renown Points to upgrade your skills.    It helps alot in upgrading your skills faster so dont forget    do do your 20 Renown Quests each day!

9) Double EXP Manager    Here at EXP Manager you can activate your free Double EXP.    You have like 7 hours Double EXP during Week and also    some on the Weekend.They will reset on Sunday so    you got some hours Double EXP each week!Those wont stack.    You can read all about it at EXP Manager.

10) The Casino    No…you cant gamble here….but you need it for some    quest and some people had trouble finding it.    So voila, here it is!

11) The Housewife    You learn your first free Collecting Skill here,    and you can spend 200 Renown Points on your first    Crafting Skill (like Alchemy, Cooking…).    Also you buy your tools to gather here and you    need to go here and talk to the Housewife if you    wanna craft something.

12) The Grocer    Here you can buy Potions that you can use in battle    and also lots of more important stuff like Mob Flasks    to catch Monsters etc…..

13) Frog Teleporter    You can activate your Frog Teleporter here, which will    teleport you to other Frog Teleporters where you have already    been at.It charges a small fee for each use, and if your the    teamleader you can also teleport your whole team(and pay for all :-p)

14) The Billboard Chart    Here you can check the Server Ranking (LVL and Money).

So….thats it for now.Feel free to correct me if there is any missleading information.

I hope this little guides help all of you who just started to find your way through Cloud City. As you can see on the Map there are way more interessting locations than we have been at, but now you know where to do and get the most basic stuff, so why dont you go and explore the city on your own abit?

I dont wanna spoil all here, that Cloud City has to offer!

Best wishes, ~Kiyani

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