MapleSEA Fishing Guide

MapleSEA Fishing Guide by starbinder

This is a first-of-it’s-kind guide for the new fishing system introduced in MSEA after the Big Bang patch on 18 May 2011

It’s an extensively updated guide based on the old (pre-BBP) fishing guide

Hopefully this comprehensive guide can help players who are not familiar with this new fishing system get quickly started on fishing.

Introduction – What is fishing?

Rewards from fishing is still like the old system, it’s a means for players to earn experience points, mesos, ores, equipment and fishes (NEW: Chairs) in the game.

How do I get to the Fishing Lagoon Map?

You can enter your choice of Fishing Lagoon map via the Rainbow Fish portal located at the far right of the Free Market (just below NPC Frederick and Scrooge).

What are your choices for the Fishing Lagoon maps?

There are 3 of them:-

(1) Universe Fishing Lagoon
(2) Fantasy Fishing Lagoon
(3) Fairy Fishing Lagoon

– All fishing lagoon maps shares the same rewards
– Location of the 3 NPCs (Madrick, Beryl & Claret) is slightly different in different fishing lagoons (I’m using the NPC’s position in the Universe Fishing Lagoon for reference my guide)
– Choice of map is really up to your personal preference
– You can fish in any of the 20 channels (cc1 to cc20)
– Note that characters of any level (including lvl 1) can enter the Fishing Lagoon but only lvl 10 and above can buy/exchange baits
Note that only lvl 15 and above characters can enter Fishing Lagoon after v 1.0.7 Lion King Von Leon patch due to new lvl limitations placed on characters entering/leaving FM

Requirements for fishing

1) Penguin or Kitty Fishing Assistant (from Cash Shop)

– 1500 ACash – 1 Day
– 4500 ACash – 7 Days

2) Fishing Baits (from NPC Beryl on far right of Fishing Lagoon Map)

(a) Traditional fishing bait (120)

– Untradeable
– Can be purchased for 3000 mesos
– Limited to one purchase a day; Timer resets at 12 midnight daily; Can have multiple sets in your USE inventory
** IMPORTANT** Cannot be purchased for that day if Supreme Fishing Bait already exchanged before that; So buy this first BEFORE exchanging Supreme Fishing Bait

(b) Supreme Fishing Bait (120)

– Untradeable
– Can be exchanged with Fishing Bait Can (1000 ACash from Cash Shop)
– 50% extra experience earned; Not sure about other rewards though
– NO limit on the number of exchanges per day ! (Asiasoft need to make $$$, right?)

Note that only characters lvl 11 and above (including beginners) can buy/exchange baits

How to fish ?

1) Go to Cash Shop. Buy Penguin or Kitty Fishing Assistant (Optional: Buy Fishing Bait Can)
2) Enter Fishing Lagoon via the Rainbow Fish portal located at the far right of the Free Market
3) Buy / exchange baits with NPC Beryl at far right of Fishing Lagoon
4) Open Cash Inventory and double click on Fishing Assistant Coupon
5) Fishing Assistant will be deployed and will immediately start fishing, leaving you free to go anywhere in the game
6) Fishing will continue as long as you’re logged into the game and there’s sufficient baits available in your USE Inventory
7) There’ll be a brief announcement on the bottom right screen every 30 seconds or so regarding your catch

< < NOTE > >
If you’re getting the message “Fishing Assistant activate at 1 channel” when you do step (4), please see the troubleshooting guide at the end of this article

Rewards from fishing

These are what you can get per bait:

1) Mesos: 10 to 750 (15000 mesos upper limit needs to be verified)
2) Experience points: Averaging around 0.9 to 0.95% per hour (for my Lvl 191 BS) using Supreme Fishing Bait
3) 1 unit of ore (Either a mineral or gem)
4) Fish: For exchanging with NPC Claret for the following:

Note that you need 10 units of each of the 5 sizes of the SAME type of fish before you can do the exchange:

Also note that the “Secret Dish of Great Chef” quest from NPC Chef in Lith Harbour has been removed after BBP

5) Big Fish Sack (Untradeable; Stackable in 10s) for summoning:-

6) Chairs (2 types ; Tradeable):-

On An Island Chair (Recovers 50 HP and 50MP every 10 sec)

Fish Tank Chair (Recovers 30 HP and 30 MP every 10 sec)

7) Small Fishy (Untradeable, stackable in 200s, unknown use in MSEA)

Originally Posted by Halt View Post
Basically that small fishy is for a quest for players between Level 91 to 120 (which is not in MSEA) and the reward is a Fish Bubble Ring (Based on the SS shown below, it has a time limit).

Start the quest from Kedrick the Fisherman (NPC removed in MSEA) and he will give you a small fish bowl.
You will have to grow the fish inside the bowl by gaining EXP.

Originally Posted by Halt View Post
Once your fish has fully grown, you will receive the Fish Bubble Ring.

There will be bubbles around your character if you wear it.

Thanks to Halt for the info and pics on Small Fishy

I’ve done further research and found the following info (event is probably for TaiwanMS):

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024×450.


– Level limit for event – Lvl 25 and above
– Pre-requisite quest(s) – None
– NPC – Kendrick the Fisherman (*Removed in MSEA after BBP)
– Items Required – Small Fishy
– Quest Reward – Fish Ring (3 day expiry; Bubble effect)
– Quest is repeatable if you have a Small Fishy
– Quest Procedure

(1) Can start the quest by talking to NPC Kendrick as soon as you obtain Small Fishy
(2) NPC Kendrick will give you a small fish bowl for you to grow the fish (you need to double click on the fish bowl to open a small window to view the growth status of the fish; The fish will only grow when window is visible and as you gain experience from hunting mobs)
(3) Return to NPC Kendrick after your fish is fully grown through all the 7 stages

8) Scattering Fish-Shaped Buns (Tradeable, useable and stackable)

9) Medals (One-of-a-kind item, untradeable, permanent)

Finally got my Medal of Fishing Master after about 125 sets of Supreme Fishing Baits (ie 15,000 baits) but thanks to Tunay who got the Medal of Fishing King before me and provided the SS

10) Equipment (spears)

– Just the garden variety lvl 20 Fish Spear (WA 42) and lvl 45 Fishing Pole (WA 67), nothing really to shout about

11) Equipment (Hat) After v1.0.07 Lionheart Castle Patch

Collecting your fishing rewards

– Other than the mesos and experience points earned, all your other catches/rewards will be temporary stored with NPC Madrick on far left of the lagoon
– You view/sort/collect your catch by clicking on your Penguin/Kitty Fishing Assistant (when Fishing Assistant is deployed)
– You can collect you catch by clicking on NPC Madrick (when Fishing Assistant is inactive)

<< NEW >> You can also also view the uncollected catch of other players by simply clicking on their deployed fishing assistant (Bug?)

Note that you cannot view your catch by clicking on NPC Madrick if your Fishing Assistant is still deployed (Bug?)
Note that you must have sufficient space in your various inventory for you to collect your catch

Why fish?

Basically, players fish mostly to gain experience. This is especially relevant to high level players (4th jobbers). Each hour of fishing with Supreme Fishing Bait can yield approximately 0.9-0.95% experience. If a player fishes 24/7 with sufficient baits and without disconnection, he can theoretically gain around 21-23% per 24hour period (at a cost of 24k ACash for 24 cans of Fishing Bait Can). Technically, a player can level once every 4-5 days by fishing 24/7.
However, for a low level player, 0.9-0.95% experience gain can be attained in a matter of minutes. Hence, it is not worth the ACash to start fishing at low levels.

Some players may also try fishing to get the 2 special chairs: On An Island chair and Fish Tank chair (I got 4 chairs after using around 200 sets of Supreme Fishing Baits ie 24,000 baits)

In conclusion, the new fishing system may be suitable for ppl who:

(1) Received the free Kitty Fishing Assistant coupon from Cash Shop (eg During the Thank You Maplers Event 5 on 21 June 2011)
(2) Want to gain exp to lvl but with little time to train (must have tons of ACash to spare, approximately 100k ACash per lvl)
(3) Want to get the 2 special chairs (tradeable)
(4) Want to get the 2 fishing medals (untradeable)
(5) Want the Big Fish Sack (untradeable) to summon the lvl 50 Giant Fish?!?
(6) Want the Scattering Fish Bun (for WA +20 / MA +30 x 15min) ?!?

Details on Experience Gain from Fishing

I think I’ve finally managed to figure out how the system for gaining experience from fishing works:

Firstly, experience is gained occassionally from fishing.

Second, wherever experience is gained, there is a baseline experience gain of approximately 0.0083% of the “total experience required to level” for that level (henforth referred to as “1.0x” for ease of illustration).

For example, for lvl 192 the baseline experience gain is 61,001exp, which is 0.0083% of 734,956,961 exp.

Third, there is a multiplication factor of either 1x, 1.6x, 2.2x, 2.8x or 3.4x applied to the baseline 0.0083% for Traditional Fishing Baits.

(a) Traditional Fishing Baits:

1.0x = 0.0083%
1.6x = 0.0133%
2.2x = 0.0183%
2.8x = 0.0232%
3.4x = 0.0283%

Traditional Fishing Bait – 0.60% to 0.63% exp gained per hour of fishing (ie per 120 Traditional Fishing Baits used)

Fourth, There is an additional 50% experience gained when using Supreme Fishing Baits (Pre LHC):

(b) Supreme Fishing Baits (Pre LHC)

1.5x = 0.0124%
2.4x = 0.0199%
3.3x = 0.0274%
4.2x = 0.0348%
5.1x = 0.0423%

Supreme Fishing Bait – 0.90% to 0.94% exp gained per hour of fishing (ie per 120 Supreme Fishing Baits used) – Pre-LHC

Post LHC v1.0.7 Patch 17 Aug 2011

Experience gained from fishing with Supreme Fishing Baits has been increased by another 50% from the traditional fishing bait baseline exp gain (i.e. 2x more exp with Supreme Fishing Baits instead of the previously 1.5x more exp)

(b) Supreme Fishing Baits (Current)

2.0x = 0.0166%
3.2x = 0.0266%
4.4x = 0.0366%
5.6x = 0.0466%
6.8x = 0.0566%

ie Supreme Fishing Bait currently gives 1.16% exp (range 0.90% to 1.41%) per hour of fishing (ie per 120 Supreme Fishing Baits used) (Latest collected data 25 Aug 2011)


Low Cost Fishing Tips

For those who got the free 1 Day Kitty Fishing Assistant coupon, do the following to maximise the use of the coupon:-

1) Buy baits from NPC Beryl immediately after you receive your fishing assistant coupon and use it to fish. Try to buy bait well before 12 midnight to allow you sufficient time to use them up. You’ll need abt 1 hour to use up 120 baits. Daily limit for ordinary bait purchase will reset at 12 midnight. Purchase a second lot of baits anytime after 12 midnight to use it.

2) If you’re thinking of purchasing the premium baits, make sure you buy the ordinary baits BEFORE exchanging for premium baits. If you’ve done any exchange for premium baits on that day, you will not be able to buy the ordinary baits for the same day.

3) Swap out the fishing assistant coupon via cash shop wardrobe to another character to continue step (1) and (2) if you want to maximise use of the coupon on multiple characters. Note that only Explorer class characters from the same account can share the wardrobe – Other classes (KoC, DB, Aran, Evan, Resistance) have unique Cash Shop wardrobes and thus cannot share. Therefore, your mileage for the free coupon may vary depending on your account.

4) Before you buy any Fishing Assistant from Cash Shop, you can also try stocking up on Traditional Fishing Baits by buying a batch everyday from NPC Beryl – As long as you have the space in your USE inventory. When you’ve stock piles enough to make full use of the 1 day Fishing Assistant (ie 24 batches of 120 Traditional Fishing Baits cos each batch of 120 baits lasts exactly an hour), then go buy and use the Fishing Assistant

Troubleshooting Guide

HELP! I keep on getting the “Fishing Assistant activate at (1-20) channel” message when I double click on my Kitty/Penguin Fishing Assistant coupon in the CASH inventory. What’s up?

You can get this message in any of the following 3 scenarios:

Scenario 1:-
If you get this message when you double click on your Fishing Assistant coupon in your CASH inventory, it’s because your fishing assistant is currently actively deployed in one of the 3 fishing lagoons in cc 1. You’ll have to go to your fishing assistant in cc1 and manually deactivate it before you can deploy it again somewhere else.

Scenario 2:-
You can also get this message when you click on NPC Madrick when your fishing assistant is active. To view/sort/take out your fishing rewards, you’ll have to go to your acitvely deployed fishing assistant and double click on it.

Note that you can only use the NPC Madrick to view/sort/take out your fishing rewards when you don’t have any actively deployed fishing assistant.

Scenario 3:-
You have yet to deploy your fishing assistant and you double clicked on the Fishing Assistant coupon in your CASH inventory to deploy it. The NPC Madrick fishing dialogue appeared but your fishing assistant did appear. Trying to double click on the Fishing Assistant a second time will result in the “Fishing Assistant activate at 1 channel” message. This is probably due to lag. Either wait for 2-3min and then retry, or log out and in again. Both method seems to work but not consistently so you just have to be patient and try again.

Happy fishing!

Do feel free to give your comments/suggestions to help improve this guide

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