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MapleSEA Dictionary by Pirated Forum Nick

What are they talking about?

+1: An addition of a post count
Definition: Usually used by PCW to add their Post Counts.
Example Of usuage: “+1!”

AFK Away From Keyboard
Definition: Often used in online gaming when someone is not moving they are assumed to be afk.
Example Of usage: “He’s afk, no point stalking him”

Ah Ma: Old Woman
Definition: Refers to the old woman boss in Showa Town.
Example Of usage: “Lets kill the ahma boss together!”

BB: bye-bye
Definition: Goodbye
Example Of usage: “I got to go, bb.”

Beo: Peek
Definition: Putting your mouse cursor on the thread without clicking it to peek
Example Of usage: “Don’t just beo, come in”

BHB: A dialect
Definition: Thick skin
Example Of usage: A: “I’m very handsome.” B: “You BHB!”

BRB: Be Right Back
Definition: The user goes off for a short time
Example Of usage: “BRB, going to toilet”

BTW: By The Way
Definition: –
Example Of usage: “BTW, what time are you going off?”

BUMP: Bring Up My Post
Definition: To bring the thread up so that others may see
Example Of usage: A thread have been dead for 2 months. “BUMP!”

Catch No Balls: I don’t understand!
Definition: I don’t get it!
Example Of usage: Someone blabber some nonsense. “I catch no balls!”

CC: Change Channel
Defination: Used in-game, to change channel
Example Of usage: “Don’t KS me, CC plz.”

CSB: Cool Story Bro
Definition: –
Example Of usage: A: “Tells a story” B: CSB!

CSS: Cool Story Sis
*See CSB

CMI: Can’t Make It
Definition: Cannot be performed
Example Of usage: A: “Please fix the lag!” B: “CMI la!”

CS: Cash Shop
Definition: A place for you to you real money to buy in game items for all games under AsiaSoft
Example Of usage: “Don’t spend all your hard earn money in the CS”

Desu: A cute word.
Definition: Japanese for ‘it is’
Example Of usage: I went to the store and bought some milk, desu.

Epic Phail: Total Failure
Definition: The most extreme failure there is. Commonly used on the internet if someone does something extremely idiotic.
Example Of usuage: “XX is epic phail for creating WOB threads everywhere!”

F2: MapleStory’s Facial Expression
Example Of usage: “This is good! F2”

F3: MapleStory’s Facial Expression
Example Of usage: “Maple lags again! F3”

F5: MapleStory’s Facial Expression
Example Of usage: “Stop flooding the forums with the same topics! F5”

Facepalm: Using your palm to hit your face due to a stupid statement.
Definition: A spontaneous reaction to an amazingly stupid statement, where the face of the listener meets with his palm in a smacking manner.
Example of usage: A: “I’m a superman!” B: “/facepalm”

FFA: Free For All
Definition: A phrase used in MMORPGs so anyone can kill or loot anything in the map.
Example Of usage: This Map is FFA!

FTW: For The Win
Definition: An enthusiastic emphasis to the end of a comment, message, or post.
Example Of usage: “Nexon FTW!”

FYI: For Your Information
Definition: To alert you for some information
Example Of usage: “FYI, there’s 2X exp at 4pm.”

GA: GetAmped
Definition: –
Example Of usage: GA is an AsiaSoft Game

GD: General Discussion
Definition: A sub-forum for maplers to post anything about maple
Example Of usage: “GD is filled with topics on Meso Glitch! Boring…”

GG: Good Game
Definition: Used by the defeated: A way of resignedly expressing one’s own defeat or disgust with a situation. Used by the winner: A remark uttered after the end of a round, game, or other measured interval to indicate that a match was fair and enjoyable.
Example Of usage: “Checkmate! GG!”

GTG / G2G; Got to go
Definition: The user will be offline soon
Example Of usage: “Its dinner time! I GTG/G2G!”

Hax: When someone has an unfair advantage over you.
Definition: Something deemed unfair or unexpectedly unfavorable. Could be used to accuse someone of using cheating/hacking/some sort of trickery to accomplish something, usually jokingly.
Example Of usage: “I am tempted to hax into this game!”

Headdesk: Try doing that, maybe you’ll know. =)
Definition: Action of knocking your head to the desk. Expresses frustration and disappointment.
Wxample Of usage: A: ” I finally got to level 10 in Maple! I did that within a year!!!” B: “*Headdesk*”

IBTL: In Before The Lock
Definition: A +1 In disguise. Usually used in WOB threads
Example Of usage: A WOB thread is spotted. “A WOB Thread! IBTL!”

IDK: I Don’t Know
Definition: Devoid of knowledge of certain stuff
Example Of usage: A: “What’s This?” B: “IDK!”

IGN: In-Game Nick
Definition: Nickname in Your game
Example Of usage: “What’s your Maple IGN?”

IMBA: Word used in most online games
Definition: Something that is too good and it makes the game unfair.
Example Of usage: “Look at that imba attack! hitting a mob 99,999!”

IMO: In My Opinion
Definition: In your Point Of View…
Example Of usage: “IMO, this game is good!”

*IMAO and IMHO are “In My Arrogant Opinion” and “In my humble opinion” respectively.

IMPT: Important
Definition: –
Example Of usage: IMPT! Please take note!

JK: Just Kidding
Definition: Saying in a jokingly manner
Example Of usage: “Maple is lousy! Haha!… jkjk…”

KS: Kill Steal
Defination: Used in-game when some-one kills the mob that you want to kill
Example Of usage: “Please don’t KS, CC plz.”

LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off
Definition: Used to show you find something really funny and are laughing at it alot.
Example Of usage: *Funny Picture* “LMAO!”

LOL(X): Laugh Out Loud
Definition: Used to show you find something really funny and are laughing at it loud.
Example Of usage: *Funny Picture* “LOL!”

lolwut: WHAT?!
Definition: “What?”, usually said to mean comedic indifference to whatever was said. Also, if you don’t care what was being said. Useful if you are in a place you shouldn’t be.
Example Of usage: A: “Maple is nice to play!” B: “lolwut!”

Mapletard: Maple Addict
Definition: Someone who cannot live without MapleStory
Example Of usage: “Look! There’s a level 200 in a world launched yesterday! Mapletard spotted!”
*Thread about the meaning of Mapletard

Mod: Moderator
Definition: Someone who police this forum
Example Of usage: Vitamin C The mod gave me 1 WP yesterday for spamming =(

MoneySoft: Used to Defame AsiaSoft for being money-faced
Definition: AsiaSoft caring about money instead of the players.
Example Of usage: “MoneySoft noob lar! Always so money-faced and never fix the lag!”

MTS : Maple Trading System
Definition: –
Example Of usage: –

Noob: Word used as a sign of disrespect.
Definition: People who know little and have no will to learn any more/ act smart.
Example Of usage: “Don’t be a level 10 noob and KS a Level 70 Hermit.”

NPNT: No Picture No Talk
Definition: No picture, don’t anyhow say something you claim
Example Of usage: “NPNT Thread spotted”
* There are other similar terms like GPGT (Got Picture Got Talk), GVGT (Got Video Got Talk), GLGT (Got Link Got Talk)

OMG: Oh My God!
Definition: Used in exclaimation when something unbelievable happens
Example Of usage: “OMG! Someone had gain 2bill from the meso glitch!”

ORLY?: Oh Really?
Definition: An internet phrase, used a quick substitue as ” Oh Really”
Example Of usuage: Someone tells a blatant lie. “ORLY?”

PCW: Post Count Warrior
Definition: A person who post alot of meaningless or irrevelant thread/post with the aim of increasing his/her post count.
Example Of usage: XX have 100 post count per day! “PCW spotted!”

PS: Pai Seh
Definition: Feeling bad/guilty at something
Example Of usage: PS, PS, I didn’t mean to hit you.

PWN: An act of dominating an opponent.
Definition: Perfect ownage. Flawless victory.
Example Of usage: “XX pwns other online games!”
*Same as Owned and Pawn

QFT: Quoted For Truth
Definition: Used on internet forums when quoting someone with similar views as yours.
Example Of usage: “QFT!”

ROFL: Rolling On Floor Laughing
Definition: Something funny was posted that made reader laugh
Example Of usage: *Funny Picture* “ROFL!”

Spoonfeed: Giving Answers to every single question asked
Definition: –
Example Of usage: Stop spoonfeeding them, it won’t help and they will still continue to ask.

SS: ScreenShot
Definition: A picture taken in-game
Example Of usage: ” Plz provide more information by an SS.”

TCW: Thread Count Warrior
Definition: Someone who created a lot of threads to have higher thread count
Example Of usage: “TCW spotted, he made 100 threads in just 1 day!”

Troll: A stupid person
Definition: One who purposely and deliberately starts an argument in a manner which attacks others on a forum without in any way listening to the arguments proposed by his or her peers.
Example Of usage: “Don’t be a troll by posting these in the forums.”

*A ‘Forum Troll’ is a person who enters an established online community and intentionally attempts to cause disruption, often by posting messages that are inflammatory, insulting, incorrect, inaccurate, or off-topic, with the intent of provoking a reaction from others.

TS: Thread-Starter
Definition: A person that starts a topic
Example Of usage: “I’m the TS of this Dictionary!”

TSK: A sound made by your tongue when you’re looking down on somebody
Defination: –
Example Of usage: “TSK, those maplers snatching maps again.”

TTYL: Talk To You Later
Defination: –
Example Of usage: “TTYL, I’m Busy”

Uplorry: banned
Definition: Permanently Suspended
Example Of usuage: XX uplorry already! He posted porn in every single post!

WOB: Waste Of Bandwidth
Definition: Useless thread
Example of usage: “This is a WOB thread. Mods please close.“

WOLS: Same as Slow
Definition: Slow.
Example Of usage: “TS is WOLS! he posted a news that is 2 months old!”

WOT: Wall Of Text
Definition: A piece of writing that does not use proper grammar and generally looks like a giant essay with 20 to 400 sentences (without) using paragraphs or (without) any bit of spacing (at all).

WP: Warning Point
Definition: Used in the forums, a form of warning for forumites who violated forum rules
Example Of usage: “He got WP for posting porn! HaHa!”

WTH: What the hell
Definition: –
Example Of usage: “WTH is that?”

For Trade Sections

A>: Auction
Definition: To bid and get the item you want
Example Of usage: “A> Maple Crossbow”

A/W: Auto Win
Example Of usage:

B>: Buying
Definition: Purchase of (an) item(s)
Example Of usage: “B> Scrolls”

Cass: Cassiopeia
Definition: The 3rd world in MapleSEA
Example Of usage: “Selling Cass mesos!”

C/O: Current Offer
Definition: –
Example Of usage: –

Delp: Delphinus
Definition: The 4th world in MapleSEA
Example Of usage: “Selling Delp mesos!”

L/O: Leave Offer
Definition: –
Example Of usage: –

Nego: Negotiate
Definition: To request for lower of price, To allow both parties to agree with something
Example Of usage: “The weapon you sell is to expensive, can nego?”

P/C: Price Check
Definition: To check the item’s price
Example Of usage:

S>: Selling
Definition: To Sell (an) item(s)
Example Of usage: “S>Scrolls”

S/B: Starting Bid
Example Of usage:

T>: Trading
Definition: To trade (an) item(s)
Example Of usage: “T>Cass mesos for Delp mesos”

Weird Forum Languages

Chiu: You
Example Of usage: “Chiu don’t like that.”

Crone: Crone
Example of usage: “Crone spotted! leepork to mods!”

Huan: Want or One
Example Of usage: “I huan to eat this!” or “Plus Huan!”

Leepork: Report
Example Of usage: “I leepork the spammer already!”

Liek: Like
Example Of usage: “I heard you liek Mudkip!”

Moi: Me/I/My
Example Of usage: “This is moi things, don’t steal”

NMCC: No Maple Chatting Corner
Example Of usage: “NMCC is filled with PCWs… sigh…”

Prawn: Porn
Example Of usage: “I dare you post prawn.”

Pruss: Plus
Example Of usage: “Pruss One!”

Sarpork: Support
Example Of usage: ” I sarpork you!”

If any word start with “ex”, some may add a “S” or “Sm” in front, remove it to reveal the word.
If you can’t tell the word, read it aloud, you will be able to tell what the writer is saying.

In-Game Language, Jobs

BM: Bow Master
BS: Bishop
ChDit: Chief Bandit
Crus: Crusader
Dit: Bandit
DK: Dragon Knight
DrK: Dark Knight
F/P: Fire Poison (Mage)
GM: Game Masters
GS: GunSlinger
IF: Infighter
I/L: Ice Lighting (Mage)
Mage: Magician
Mit: hermit
NL: Night Lord
Priz: Priest
Sin: Assassin
XB: Cross-Bow Man
XBM: Cross-Bow Master

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