MapleSEA Imps Guide

MapleSEA Imps Guide by starwind

Well, now that you’re starting to read my guide and wondering what imps are, I will explain them to you.

Imps are little creatures that you feed equipment and monster drops to help them grow. Once they are fully grown, they will give you a reward.

Types of Item Pots

Gemstone Imp

Orange Imp

Finding Imps

Imps are found as monster drops. They are semi-rare. They can also be found by harvesting herbs or mining.

Activating Imps

Once you pick up an imp, it is in the Use Tab. To activate the imp double click the imp.

Feeding your Imp

To feed it, open up the item pot tab (default key [Y]) and drag equipment or monster items to the imp. You can only feed your imps by feeding it equipment or monster drops around your level. The item cannot be given as food if you are a much higher level than the previously stated item. The imp has a fullness bar.

Once the fullness bar is full, the imp will go to sleep for 21 hours.

Leveling up your Imp

The only way to level up your imp is to feed it equipment. The level bar is the bar on top of the closeness bar

Note the fullness bar will go up even more if you feed it equipment with potential. Hint Hint

Closeness increases every time you feed your imp. There is a delay that makes you have to wait 10 minutes for your closeness to increase. The maximum level for closeness is 100.

Max Level

This would take around 7-8 days if you did not use any special items (Look near the bottom). Once your imp reached max level, double click it and you would receive an item in your use tab. Double click that and there is your reward for your item draining creature.
Your imp would become one of these when it is max level, depending on its closeness.


Orange Imp

Gemstone Imp

The figures above are an approximation as till today we still have no clue how much closeness will relate to what reward. will appreciate user feedback for this. We do know that there have been no cases of 100 closeness not rewarding the best reward.

Rewards Table

Orange Imp

Gemstone Imp

Special Items

Special items are found from harvesting herbs or mining.

Triangular Rice Ball

Triangular Rice Ball (Right)

Triangular Rice Ball (Left)

This is placed to the right of your imp and it will feed it 12 times if your imp is hungry.
(This is good if you are going out somewhere and cannot feed it.)
Triangular Rice Ball: To be completely honest, I JUST figured out what these do yesterday. Two days ago, I ran out of pounding hearts for my imp, and I randomly found a rice ball, so I just put it in the pot until I got another pounding heart for teh lulz. And it turns out, I am SO LUCKY I decided to do that. My imp was level 5, and yesterday, I didn’t sign on to Maple until 10:30 at night. That’s when I realized my now level 6 imp woke up at around 6 that afternoon. I was like “NUUUUU ALL THAT LEVELING FOR NOTHINGGGGG. D:” But when I signed on, to my surprise, the previously useless triangular rice ball turned out to be an imp saver. Apparently, the triangular rice ball does not feed your imp 12 times instead of you giving it items. This rice ball saves your imp when its fullness depletes. It said something along the lines of “Your imp has been fed by triangular rice ball. Emergency food left: 11.” So I guess when fullness depletes, it takes up one of the 12 meals a rice ball has. So if you have no items to place, just put one of these just in case you can’t sign on for some reason by the time your imp wakes up, and it’ll save it. Pretty nifty, I must say.

Pounding Heart

Pounding Heart (Right)

Pounding Heart (Left)

This is placed to the right of your imp and it will give it closeness when you feed it 10 times.
Pounding Hearts: THESE ARE SUPER IMPORTANT. GET THEM. This gives up to 10 closeness to your imp. You place it in the item pot next to your imp, and you feed your imp, and every time you feed it, for 10 items, your imp’s closeness will increase by ten. This is how you get your imp’s closeness to 100 already at an early level of 3 or 4. Just put a pounding heart, and feed it etc items until the heart goes away, so that the fullness does not max, but your closeness jumps up by 10. With enough pounding hearts, your closeness will be maxed in no time. Once again, super important item.


JukeBox (Right)

JukeBox (Left)

This is placed to the right of your imp and it will make your imp sleep for 3 more days.
(This is good if you are going out somewhere and cannot feed it.)
Note that it will only be able to work if your imp is already asleep
Jukebox: Meh. I never pick these up. I see only one use for them. These items will put your sleeping imp to sleep for 3 more days. The only use for this is if you’re going on a short, weekend vacation with your family, and won’t be on to feed your imp, so you need it to sleep. Other than that, you WANT your imp to wake up, so that it levels! Don’t use these unless you aren’t signing on for quite some time!

Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock (Right)

Alarm Clock (Left)

This is placed to the left of your imp and it will wake your imp up after 30 minutes.
Note that your imp would be the next level, so this is very useful.
You can only use one of these per day.
Alarm clocks: Probably the BEST, but RAREST items for your item pots. I always ask randomly if anyone has any of these. Some people will give them to you not knowing that they are freaking great for imp raising. These alarm clocks wake your imp up in half an hour, instead of nearly a full day. Waking up in half an hour= extremely fast imp growing. Some people think “Wow. Leveling in half an hour? No way! It has to sleep the full thing to level when it wakes up.” Wrong. EVERY TIME YOUR IMP WAKES UP, it gains a level. No matter the circumstances. If you have a few of these, it cuts down your imp growing by a day or two. Get these. These are an amazing help and are super important.

Imp Disease Cure

Imp Disease Cure. O_O Yeah. Every once in a while, your imp will get sick. If you open your item pot tab, you’ll see a flashing yellow jar of pills next to your sick imp. This means it’s time to drop what you’re doing, run to the crafting town, talk to Nack the merchant, and buy sickness pills. You have to give your imp these pills by the time its fullness bar drops from being sick. You can’t postpone the fullness bar dropping by feeding it while it’s sick; it will not eat while sick.

Alternative Methods to gathering food for your imp

Quote:1. I. Use the Pounding Heart (Any) and feed it equipment or monster drops until you need to use another one.
II. Keep doing this until it falls asleep.
III. Use the Alarm Clock(Any) to wake it up.
IV. Keep feeding until it falls asleep.
V. Use the another Alarm Clock (The opposite side of step III.)
VI. Feed it until it falls asleep. It has just skipped 2 levels!
Note, this will only work if your imp is in the middle pot. To make your imp in the middle, drag the imp into the middle pot.

2. I. Using accessory crafting, make useless rings. One, it would help you level your accessory crafting. Two, it would give you some items to feed your imps.
II. Buy a fatigue drink. (300,000 mesos or 1,000,000 mesos. It doesn’t matter which.)
III. Mine emerald veins and heartstone veins because they give useful items.
P.S i have no idea how method 2 works, it dosen’t sound plausible but i will test it out when we get our ardentmil

Guide to how to raise your imps

Imp placement.
Always place your imps in either the left or right pot. Never in the middle, because that’s where you’ll be putting support items. You might want to check your inventory and see which items you have the most of; ones that affect the left pot, or ones that affect the right. So if you mostly have items that are for your right item pot, open up your item pot tab, and click and place an imp in the right pot. However, if you’re only raising one imp, then go right ahead and place it in the middle. This gives you max possibilities with the many items you find, no matter if it’s for the left pot, or the right pot.

Amount of imps.
I tend to only raise one imp at a time, seeing that if you have two imps, one in the right pot, one in the left, you can’t please both imps with items at the same time. Hence, being patient with my imps and only growing one at a time. This allows the imp grower to focus more on one imp, maximizing the effectiveness of raising that imp, keeping it easily fed, rather than spreading the equips and etc items between two imps, increasing the single imp’s fullness much faster. However, you can raise two imps if you want. Just remember, if you’re raising two imps, to not place an imp in the middle.

An item pot tab overview.
The bar next to your imp is their fullness bar. When you give an imp equips or etc drops, this bar will go up a certain amount, depending on the level of equip or etc drop. This is why etc drops were given levels in their descriptions (e.g. Lost Zombie’s Tooth: [Lvl. 132] A tooth blah blah blah…) The higher the level of equip or etc drop, the more the fullness will increase. The first bar below your imp is the level, and if you hover over it, it will say something along the lines of: Level 1/8. The bar below the level bar is the closeness bar, and if you hover over that, it will say something along the lines of: Closeness 42/100. And of course, there’s the actual imp itself in the middle of the display.

Fullness in-depth.
Fullness is how you level your imp. Feed the imp, fullness bar goes up. When the fullness bar reaches max, your imp will then fall asleep. However, when the fullness bar reaches zero, and you don’t feed the imp enough, the imp will eventually “wither away from hunger,” or something like that. The only item that affects fullness is the triangular rice ball. I’ll get into that in the items section later.

Level in-depth.
The level of your imp is how you know your progress on raising the imp. There are 8 levels, and after level 8, your imp is complete! Congratulations! As I said in the section above, your imp will fall asleep when fullness is maxed. Your imp falls asleep for anywhere between 20 and 22 hours. To know how long your imp will be asleep for, just hover over your snoozing imp in the item pot tab, and it will give you a time in hours and minutes (e.g. something like “Your imp will wake up in 20 hours and 21 minutes.). When your imp wakes up, it gains a level! Just like that! However! When your imp wakes up, its fullness will begin to drop if you do not feed it, which means you need to keep track of when your imp wakes up, so that it doesn’t die. Items that affect level due to affecting sleep are the alarm clock and the jukebox. I’ll get into that in the items section later.

Closeness in-depth.
The closeness of your imp is the second priority in raising the imp, after the fullness. You want to make sure your imp has 100/100 closeness when it is finished leveling, giving you a better item afterwards. Getting closeness to 100/100 by level 3 or 4 is extremely easy, which will be explained in a later section. When your imp is fed something, its closeness will increase by 1. However, just regularly feeding it only increases its closeness by 1 once every ten minutes. That’s a long time. I’ll get into that later. The only item that affects closeness is the pounding heart. I’ll get into that in the items section later.

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