Juggernaut Online Instance Guide

Juggernaut Online Instance Guide by Baeryon

Some of you may be used to instances from that other game most of us have probably played by this same company.

For those who are not accustomed this guide is for you.

The main thing to remember for a successful instance run is

Be Prepared.. this means learning about the instance before going inside…

ask people who have done this successfully already and find out what supplies or how many people you might need. Read the forum’s I’m sure there will be a guide or two somewhere about the instance you want to raid eventually.

If this is your first time in the instance and you are going with an experienced player, listen to that player if he/she says you need this then it’s most likely a good idea to get whatever this is.

now, for instances with mob’s inside,

Stay with the Group.
make sure you let know that you are ready to begin another battle or to move to a different location by pressing “+” this ensures that everyone is ready for the battle when the leader starts the fight( or the person with the best def and hp).

Do not go ahead of the group and start fighting on your own, this is a group related thing and everyone should work as one.

Do not starts fights before everyone is ready, this could lead to deaths and waiting for players to get back and risk of getting attacked without your full group being there.

now I’ve pretty much gone over the main things , the last thing I want to say is this.

About loot, be fair… if you are the leader and you do not give fair chance for loot or you steal the drop for yourself, you will be marked as a thief and eventually you will find it harder and harder to find people to raid with because of this.

suggested ways to handle loot distribution. If you are the leader of a party put the group setting on “leader distributes” and save the setting before going inside.

also get a list of who wants what set, marauder(bonecrusher type), Killer(dodger), or guard(heavyweight).

after getting the loot the whoever needed a peice of the whatever set that dropped should get that drop. If more than one person wanted a peice of the same set then those people should roll for the loot.

for those unaccustomed to rolling for loot it is very simple, all you must do is type “/rand” in the chat box. without the quotes, naturally. Whoever rolls the highest number should win the loot.

Alternatively you can just roll for any loot that drops and give it to whoever wins without worrying about who need which set.

Make sure the party agrees with the terms of loot distribution before going in the instance.

This should help you be successful and get along well in a group.

enjoy :-)

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