Juggernaut Online How to Get Married

Juggernaut Online How to Get Married by Guin

Even during difficult times of a civil war feeelings do not go away!

Warriors of Haradan can get married from now! Of course, first you need to find your love.

Remember that you can only get married to a member of the same faction and opposite sex. Traitors will not be tolerated.

A male warrior proposes on forum by posting a thread. His beloved should confirm that with a post so we can proceed. No confirmation from a lady means no marriage

After that you need to find a Priest of Love, buy rings and invite your guests.

General requirements:

– couple must be in the same faction
– male warriors proposes on forum and female warrior confirms it with a post
– get in touch with a priest of love
– buy rings
– invite guests
– attend ceremony in a temple
– make sure a priest attends it also
– get married !

Some tips for a pre-marital conversation with priest:

– date & time of the wedding
– lenght of ceremony
– speech for the ceremony
– what text you wan to place on your rings
– how many guests you would like to invite

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