Juggernaut Online Gloomy Cave Guide

Juggernaut Online Gloomy Cave Guide by Baeryon

This cave can be daunting at first but It’s really isn’t as tough as it seems.

I acquired the quest for this at level 6, even though the sign said it would be a level 5 quest. However you can go in without the quest at any level as long as you are in a group.

Things to bring with you.. this depends really on how many people you can bring with you.

at low level (5-6) 4 people should be enough, carry either medallions 3 each or us great potions of life and hero.

I’m sure after the first battle you will have a good idea (if you are not lacking in common sense) what you need to bring or how many people you will need for a successful run.

for giggles, the ogre has 600 hp (give or take) and hits over 20 points of damage to you at level 5-6.

I have soloed this as level 8 to do this requires luck, 1 great hero elixer 3 great life elixer and a silver hisser idol.

luck comes into play as to how many times he dodges you or he crits you.

theres not much more to this so if it helped anyone i’m satisfied.

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