Juggernaut Online Chasm Guide

Juggernaut Online Chasm Guide by Kouzi

Chasm is the second instance,and this one is much harder than Gloomy Cave.It can be found in Ravage Lands.You can enter it from level 6,but I recommend to make group between 7-8-9 levels.

You have 2 options to complete Chasm and you have 8hour to do so.
1option: Do the clearance,its is required if you want to get set gauntlets or cuiras as a drop from the boss.
2option:Go straight to the boss,but then the drop will be only encrusted ring or encrusted earring. (Admin N.B.: please read carefully Stone of Learning )

If your group decides to do the clearing,then to fully complete it you will have to kill all monster in first and second rooms,and 2 other monster groups from third room, that is how you clearing will reach 100%,you can leave the rest monster untouched and go to the forth room where you will face tuskar queen.

First room monster groups contains of 9 tuskar miners(dmg 10-15,hp 136)

Second room monster groups contains of 6 tuskar miners and 2 tuskar guards(dmg 14-17,hp 221)

Third room monster groups contains of 5 tuskar guard

In forth room you will meet Tuskar Queen, she has 1000hp and does 20+ dmg.
Also her group contains another 2 tuskar guards. Tuskar Queen has a skill which will make you do more damage on her,but from each melee blow landed you will suffer dmg,as example if you make 26dmg you will suffer 11-13 dmg yourself.

So in my experience the best way to deal with the queen is to put medallions in all 4 slots.Your group will make about 1360 dmg even without touching her.This is the easiest and fastest way to deal with her,also if you want insurance that you will succeed 100% you can summon idols.That would do the trick.

I hope this guide will help you guys to clear chasm with no problems.

Guide to the Chasm by Baeryon

first when you reach level 7 you can visit the chasm instance.

This can be done with a full group of level 7’s recommended for ease group of level 7+.

I will first note that while you can skip straight to the queen and kill her without killing all the mobs this is not the best decision.

Killing the mobs raises the chance(as far as i know) for the queen to drop an item. I say this because I went in went straight to the queen killed it and got nothing but great potions

in order to kill the mobs, I think you have to kill like atleast 12 group or so..

so bring enough Green life potions and green hero potions to ensure you stay alive through each fight. for those who have difficulty with math thats 36 green life potions and 12 green hero’s. If you can bring more just incase you need them.

that should get you through the fights of tucker miners, just remember if you are out of pots and getting low on health try to stall to keep from dying, dying means every waits for you to get back, people don’t like doing this in my experience,waiting that is.

So you defeated enough groups of mobs to ensure a drop and also maybe completed a quests certain quest you get from the miner in fields (wonderbread, or something to that name) requires you get 5 drops from the miners or guards inside the chasm.

Now on to the queen, with a full group I suggest everyone use 3 great lifes and 1 great hero. alternatively you can use 1 medallion, 2 great life’s and 1 great hero.

This fight isn’t too difficult if everyone is prepared and should go smoothly.

after the fight with the queen you may wish to complete another quest called “dangerous pet” (or something similar).

you will notice a large pile of greenish looking eggs, to get the pet egg for the quest you must click this stack.

(Note: The fights that occur from trying ti snatch an egg are restricted, noone can help you in this fight, not as far as i know anyway.)

Now you will be faces with a series of 3 fights …
the first time you click the eggs you have to fight 1 tusker guard.

the second time you click the egg’s you have to fight 2 tusker guards.

the third time you click you will be faced against 3 tusker guard’s.

the fourth time you click, assuming you defeated all rounds of fight’s you will be awarded finally with the egg.

be prepared with green or blue potions whatever you need to defeat 3 level 8 mobs on your own .

at level 8 it was not too difficult to defeat them alone with green pots.

As always, Hope this helped you.

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