Juggernaut Online Basics of Gear Repair Guide

Juggernaut Online Basics of Gear Repair Guide by Karnage

Repairing Gear

Repairing your gear in juggernaut is important. before making repairs it is important to know a few things

1. Your equipment (anything you can wear) has a overal, and current durability.

2. Upon death some of your gear will be damaged, which gear is damaged is determined randomly.

3. Anytime you repair, the overall durability of an item drops by one point. You might think “well thats not a big deal” but keep in mind, when you are repairing your most valuable gear, you want to get the most use out of it. On lower end items that are inexpensive and easy to replace this isnt nearly as important. For example if an item starts out with a base overall durability of 30, and you die 30 times, each time that item is randomly affected, and you repair immediatly you will have wasted over 400 overall durability points. So you can see the importance of not repairing too often.obviously if you let an items durability get too low you wont be able to use it.

So with the previous points being made, to repair your gear you have to unequip it this can be done by clicking the icon when it is highlighted and the word”discard” appears over the cursor, or you can simply drag it bag into the inventory area. once you have removed the item(s) to be repaired , click on the workshop tab above the inventory area.the inventory screen will switch to the workshop screen and show all items that are repairable (only if they are not equipped). simply mouse over the item to be be repaired and when the repair icon pops up click it. Thats is you have repaired your gear. Remember to click on the items tab and put it back on by either clicking equip or dragging it back to the desired spot on the inventory screen

I hope this helps, and good luck scorpion the world of juggernaut awaits

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