Juggernaut Online Angering Monsters Guide

Juggernaut Online Angering Monsters Guide by BreaKBeatZ

I think this will help out newer players, and also provide some fun screenshots of my adventures. Angering a monster can be done by clicking on the “!!!” next to the monster’s name. This will usually cause an identical monster to join the fight against you. However, as most players will find out at level 5, from the Gnawing Concern quest, angering monsters can sometime spawn an “elite” monster.

An elite monster can spawn when you anger any monster on the map that is level 5 or higher. Some of these monsters drop special items that are used for quests, but all of these monsters (with the exception of the Russet Ravager Cannibal) will also always drop a special item. The special items that are dropped fall into one of three categories: gem components, sphere components, or tablet components. Keep in mind that these monsters are much harder than their levels suggest.

Gem Components:

In order to assemble a gem, you need three components, specifically two of the same fragment, and one corresponding stone. When you combine these three pieces, you will assemble a gem that can be used one time. Depending on the type of gem you made, you will either be granted gold, experience, or heroism.

Sphere Components:

In order to assemble a sphere, you need three components, specifically one sphere stand, and one corresponding globule and sphere. When you assemble these three pieces you will be granted a sphere that increases either your rage, protection, or agility for three hours. These spheres are identical to the spheres dropped my monsters, except that they last 3 hours instead of one, and cannot be transferred.

Tablet Components:

Tablet components are the most sought-after pieces that elite monsters can drop, and in order to assemble a tablet, you will need three tablet fragments. The fragments for each type of tablet are conveniently labeled I, II, or III. You will need one of each of these fragments from the same tablet type in order to assemble. After assembling a tablet, click on the information about the tablet, and you will be told a specific amount of specific reagents that you will need to create a powerful artifact. Once you have collected the reagents, you can create the artifact, and the tablet will disappear.

Here are examples of items that can be created from tablets

In addition to creating these artifacts, elite monsters can drop the following items, which are used for quests or other benefits:

Russet Ravager Cannibals drop Ravager Skins for the Gnawing Concern [5] quest.

Dismal Hissers drop Dismal Hisser Heads for the Robbers’ Pique [8] quest. After completing this quest, subsequent Dismal Hisser Heads can be repeatedly given to Rachila the Witch to receive swamp liberator reputation and swamp potion reagents.

Demisors drop Demisor’s Armors. These can be repeatedly given to Dark Master Arinoche to receive swamp liberator reputation and grief potion reagents.

Harpinadas drop Harpinada Wings for the Living Among the Dead [12] and Second Attempt [13] quests. Killing a Harpinada is also a requirement for the Sheep Rustler [13] quest. After completing these quests, you can repeatedly give four Harpinada Wings to Aviator Vetron to receive a Golden Harpin Idol.

Flesheaters drop a Flesheater Head for the Fight with Flesheater Quest [19].

More items and quests may be available, but I’ve provided all the information that I’ve gathered.

In the following, I’ve included pictures of all the elite monsters I have encountered through my adventures.

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