Dungeon Defenders Minimal Effort Hard Ramparts Grinding Guide

Dungeon Defenders Minimal Effort Hard Ramparts Grinding Guide by Ceron

Here’s a brief guide to how I am powerleveling my new characters. My goals are minimal time spent to achieve full build, no upgrade or maintenance needed, and reasonable experience. You need an Apprentice. My Apprentice has about 250 tower attack and 150 tower attack rate. This can certainly be done with less.

Here are the schema:

First build phase and wave: http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=425
Skip the south-most chest initially. This adds quite a few seconds and isn’t needed. Start the round and fight in the south lane. Grab the chest whenever convenient.

Second build phase: http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=426
Grab money on the ground. You don’t need the north-most chest. The Deadly Strikers are optional. I’ll only build them if I have spare money.

This is the point where you switch to your Countess/Ranger/etc. and AFK until completion. If you have a gamepad, you can powerlevel two characters at once. I do this with two and get about 350k XP split between them every 12 minutes, or 1.75m per hour (900k with only one).

Squires Version by catstyle

First wave, bumpers and slicers.

Might have to grab that necro on top if you dont want to wait, easily done evne with stock weapons, spam him and he gets locked.
The slicer on the roof should be in one of the squares next to the chest..
Imagine this as the rooftiles and the chests placement, this is where you place the slicer.

[ **]**[** ] [SLICER]

* equals chest placement
This one will kill all the air units from this angle

Second wave, finish the build, dont upgrade or anything, you should be fine with decent stats.
change to your leveling char or the squire himself.
Happy hunting.

Did it as a level 45 squire, mostly tower hp/dmg/attackrating all even out.

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    your guides are awesome! but can you please make one for The Summit on hard for an apprentice and monk? thank you!

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