Dungeon Defenders Trap Stacking and Item/Mana Farming Guide

Dungeon Defenders Trap Stacking and Item/Mana Farming Guide by ykwak

I net between 85k and 110k mana per 2-3 round run.

–< The Throne Room, Hard, Survival, Starting Wave 8 >–

Strongly Recommend a Huntress with modestly leveled traps (especially attack rate and trap reload number)

This will drop level 40 to 70 items in the Legendary to Epic, and sometimes Godly rating.
I have gotten a LOT of great gear doing this Solo with huntress.

First Round (of Wave 8)
– Use “Trap Stacking” for the bottom spawns so you do not have to worry about the bottom crystal. (Look at the image to see what I mean)
– Jump Up and Down on the Top crystal while continuously firing with a ranged hero (preferably Huntress).
– Make occasional runs down the long wings to clean them out and pick up mana

END of Wave 8
– collect tons of items : )
– repair/upgrade traps at the bottom
– reproduce the same Trap Stacks for the Top Spawns along the Left and Right Wings
– place mine / ethereal traps near the stairs and in places in order to kill monsters AFTER your First layer of traps runs out (there will be over 250 mobs spawning, so you will have traps running out, and no way of safely repairing them w.out risking crystal damage)

– this is setting traps in a combination and/or succession in order to squeeze out maximum effectiveness.
– Inferno Traps should be staked on top of Gas traps.
– This should be followed by a Mine Trap (overlapping half-way on the Gas/Inferno stack), and then by an Ethereal Spike (half-way overlapping the Mine Trap)
– The Explosive Mine and Ethereal Spike traps will grab the poison and fire immune monsters, and will stop kobolds dead in their tracks (no pun intended).
– Stacking traps Increases Utility and Function, and Diminishes Unintentional Cross Detonations due to insufficient proximity.

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