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Dragona Online Frequently Asked Questions by Gusllybouy and lolerz

Q1: What is the Battle of Celebration and how do I do it?
The Battle of Celebration and Battle of Might are both usually held every 2 hours. The Battle of Celebration is held for 30 minutes in 100 on 100 matches, and the Battle of Might is carried out for 10 minutes in 3 on 3, 6 on 6, and 36 on 36 matches. Each match is held in 30 minute intervals.

The Battle of Celebration

Once the Battle of Celebration begins, users logged into the game are notified through the Notice icon. Players wishing to participaterough the Notice can  thapply for participation. Requests for participation will be available for only 60 seconds (1 minute). -Dragona wiki: http://dragona.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_Arena_/_Player_Kill

Q2: What are the differences between the elements? Are there monsters that are vulnerable/resistant to certain elements?
This is something so far I can’t intelligently be answer, and about that if it is vulnerable/resistant to certain elements, that’s something that we will figure out.

Q3: What do we do if we happen to get 2 of the same dragon body part armor and are unable to complete the whole set?
There is alternative solution, first is you can create another character,in creating character,it allows you to choose the first partial trans part and get the part that you don’t have ofcourse. Second solution is, partial trans can be loot in mobs so it can be sell by other players, you can shout to buy it or by auction in Suer. Upon failing to complete all the four parts of Partial Transformation, Full Trans is not affected, in short “makukuha mo pa rin ang Full Trans”.

Q4: Due to mob KS’ing, how do we know to who the Quest mob monster goes to if more than 1 player is attacking at the same time? Is it the person who hits the target first? Or is it the player/party who does the most damage to it?
Most of the time, the one who hit the mob first will get it, but in rare time, when mob chasing the one who didn’t hit first will get it. So it’s a big factor when you first hit the mob.

Q5: What’s the difference between a party and Expedition besides number of players?
Well think of the expedition as a number of party`s but with 1 leader but do take note when running into dungeons the more the player the more competition you have over the drops.

Q6: How do I go about joining a guild?
basically you can ask someone who is an inviter or a guild leader to let you join theyre guild.

Q7: How does Extracting work?
Unnecessary items can be turned into a potion during a hunt. If you press potion extractor button on the upper right corner of the screen, a slot opens where you can place an item.   Once you place an unnecessary item and press Extract button, the potion changes to a certain percentage according to the grade of the item.
Q8: How does reinforcement work and what level is it ideal to use it?
Well, for me it is ideal to use when you are in 30+, but if you can afford to use it in lower levels then go.

The NPCStella in Suer reinforces your items.

Reinforce by +1 ~ +3: npc serapy at Nazallan
Reinforce by +4 ~ +7: npc stella at Suer
Reinforce by +8 ~ +10: npc drakal at Suer
You need both the item to reinforce and a Reinforcement Stone.
Once everything is ready,a drawing board will be shown. Once you select a piece, the reinforced result will be displayed on the screen.

Successfully reinforcing a weapon will increase its Attack Power while reinforcing an armor will increase its Defense and Protection.

Q9: How do dungeons work? Why do i see so many people outside of the Forbidden Ship in Suer? What do I do/get in the dungeon?
That’s what you called Instance Dungeon, people were gathered there because of quest usually upon reaching Lv 20, or actually Lv20, you can get rare items, golds, exps, basically dungeons are made so you can finish some of your quest there and if you lucky you can get some reinforcement items and Rare equips.

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