Dragona Online (PH) Scout Practical Build Guide

Dragona Online (PH) Scout Practical Build Guide by edo091575

1st i will tell you what equips you need to prepare for your character.
as a beginner you can use:
+3 Strong magical Set (depends on your level)
+4 Magical wepon (depends on your level)

if you can afford higher than magical
+3 strong nimbles/gale trouser/chest (depends on your level) if you can make it +4 make it +4
+3 the spirit/robber gloves (depends on your level)
+3 rare boots (depends on your level)
+3 strong magical helm (depends on your level)
+4 the spirit/robber shuriken (depends on your level) if you can afford +7 make it +7. coz i helps you alot!

now lets start with the skills

1st is Passive skills:
you need to decide on what type of build you want on your character.
if it is Agility+TrainBody+Quickness or Agility+TrainBody+Pred (optional “you can max all your passive skills if you dont put skill on Trap of Despairr”)

in my side i’m belong to Agility+TrainBody+Pred “it melts all of my enemies on my traps”

i didnt get the quickness skill because i can gain that move speed on my “Rare Spica Full Trans Buffs + Rare Hamal Trouser”

Great damage is your Great Defense ^_^

Train Body: 13 (Max)
Predator Instinct: 13 (Max)
Agility: 13 (Max)

2nd is Active Skills
based on my experience. i was a scout on cbt and i build shuriken / trap and it is fail. now on obt i tried to gain 3 shuriken which is “apply poison, oil, shadow bind” but it is useless on lvl 35 – 36. so i’ve decided to reset, and give more focus on my traps. i only got the Shadow Bind for “immobilizing target/enemt”
note: (if you will maximize your skill points on shurikens/traps/and passive skills, you cannot max out all of your important skills.) in my side. im lvl 40 and i just focused my skill points on 6Traps “5 is Maxed Out and one is lack of 1 point”

the rest of my skill is applied on my survivility skills, see my skill tree below:

Ignite Trap: 13 (Max) next lvl is 41 trap lvl 14
Lightning Trap: 12 (Max) next lvl is 41 trap lvl 13
Bind Trap: 12 (need 1 point to make it 13 max out) next lvl is 40 trap lvl 13
Cold Trap: 6 (Max)
Zombie: 6 (Max)
Trap of Despair: 6 (Max)

Shadow Bind: 1

Riding Wind: 1
Hawk Image: 1
Monkey Image: 1
Rapid Movement: 1
Escape: 1
Concealment: 1
Complete Immersion: 1

thats all of my skill.

3rd for combo:
you just need to lure 5-7 mobs using normal attack and then trap it with ignite lightning and cold traps (you can do this even for range mobs “give a little strategy to make it success”)

if you are diving on group of non moving enemies you should do this:
Lightning trap+Bind Trap+Ignite Trap+Cold Trap+Zombie Trap+Trap of Depair

if your are aiming for single enemy only you should do this:
shadow Bind Shuriken + Rapid movement (blink) + Lightning trap+Bind Trap+Ignite Trap+Cold Trap+Zombie Trap+Trap of Depair

reminders: if you cannot kill you enemy/enemies on one combo, just use Escape and Run!
Before diving you should need to apply all your buffs including Spica buffs and use you partial transformation trouser and arm.
aim for 8K hp and bellow (shure kill except for those 8k HP with high resistance and defense) but mostly you can melt them down!

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3 Responses

  1. Danny says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    I personally dislike the traps build. useful for pvp + bossing… not for regular PVE for such a squishy char.

    I just went with Ghost and Shadow Shuriken.. with HP Recovery , Shape of Tiger and finally lv 1 Concealment.

    rest of the points I pumped into Mental Discipline, Agility + Predator Instinct. Scout is squishy, she isn't suppose to tank etc. why would u pick train body… but thats just my opinion.

    Anyways, I 2~4 shot mobs, so my build works wonders, I dont use HP potions at all, only MP potions =] hehe.

  3. Shai says:

    Not to be rude, but there are skills in that list that I don't even have / can learn. And in order to learn Shadow Shuriken, which you call Shadow Bind for some reason, you must have learned Ghost Shuriken. Yet you have the skill Shadow Shuriken without having Ghost Shuriken, that doesn't make any sense at all.

    Neither is there a trap called 'Trap of Despair', at least not in my list. :I

    So personally, I'm not really sure what to think nor to do with this guide…

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