Dragona Online Foreshadowing Guide

Dragona Online Foreshadowing Guide by Abaddon

So, as a new player to Dragona, the Foreshadowing system can be pretty confusing, especially since it’s never actually explained in any detail. Basically, dungeons have 3 levels of foreshadowing, and bosses of dungeons have separate loot tables based on the “foreshadow level” of the dungeon at the time of their death. You must actively increase this, since it always starts at level 1 (very low chance of getting any good drops).

The way that you do this is by walking past “foreshadow spots”, which have a chance of increasing the foreshadow level of the dungeon (keep in mind that it is just a chance, though, specifically it’s fairly uncommon to get level 3). This will ideally be done prior to killing any bosses, even though the spots are scattered throughout the dungeons, by sending a “runner” on a bike to activate the spots while the rest of the group proceeds with clearing the dungeon. You don’t have to be precise, they’re large spots designed to be activated just by going through the dungeon normally, but here’s a list of the spots for a general idea of whether you’ve passed them yet:

Disguised Ship
Level 1 = Just after the NPC when you enter
Level 2 = Behind Shadow Scylla (between her and the portal)
Level 3 = Beginning of the Bagdal stage of the dungeon

Seona Spawning Ground
Level 1 = Just after the NPC
Level 2 = Entrance to the path filled with totems (before the fork going to Gishu or the Polluted Mystics)
Level 3 = Entrance to the Seona area (after the long path)

Ezulan Temple
Level 1 = Entrance to the 1st Mystic Spy (behind the last Raptor)
Level 2 = Exit from the 3rd Mystic Spy (before the Raptor Rider)
Level 3 = Entrance to the Kakamkas room

And uhh, I’m not quite sure about Gorgodia’s Lair, since people don’t really run it in Dragona PH (it has utterly horrible drop rates for anything good compared to Ezulan, which is assumed to be a bug since it’s harder).

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