Dragon Oath Cooking Guide

Dragon Oath Cooking Guide by Vroom

I’ve seen a mention needing a guide for cooking, and were having issues with it… so this is a cooking guide (in progress) with explanation to attempt to help others. The forums have provided me with alot of great information, so this is my contribution to help others as I have been.

Without further adieu:

When you start the game, you will have been taught the basics of cooking to start with. It should appear in the quickbar like this:

Hit the F9 key, or right click on the plate with what appears to be meat on a bone on it.. and you will see the cooking menu, which
appears like this:

At this point… it doesnt look too magical whatsoever.. that’s because it’s not. You have 1 ‘base’ recipe with which to work. You can see
things such as vigor and spirit in the top left, skill level, and skill proficiency in the top right. Click on the ‘Steamed Bread Recipe’ under
staple food, and then click on ‘produce’ at the bottom. Ta-dah, like magic.. you’ve created your first food item. You will notice that there
was vigor used to make the item. You will also notice that the Skill Proficiency as shown in the upper right is now 1/15. (Keep in mind
that I created a new alt for this to get prices on starting skill level ups, etc and that the vigor and spirit you see in the screen shot is on a
level 1 character as a result.) As you level, the vigor and spirit will increase accordingly, allowing you to make more before you have to
stop. This is modified by a skill I will mention later in the guide, as well. Simple deduction would say that 15 breads will get you to a skill
proficiency of 15/15. If you make any more after this point.. it does not pool the proficiency into the next one… so it’s usually best to
get skill level 2 as soon as you meet the proficiency for it.

To do so, you need to find an NPC that teaches cooking. For the sake of argument, I will assume that you have not seen other cities for the first part of this guide.. and as such, we will be working out of Da Li (the starting city). Head over to Swift Du, who is the Da Li cooking master (115, 156) and talk to `em. Click on ‘To Upgrade to Cooking Skill.’ and you will have a box appear that looks like this:

In this box, you will see your skill level, proficiency, and the level required to learn it. This is important so you dont do as I did when I started, and try to hammer out life skills quickly.. only to notice I had to gain 10 levels before I could get the next one. The upgrade from cooking 1 to 2 is level 1, as per the picture.. so if you have the proficiency and required level.. check your experience. Leveling life skills costs experience, as well as a little bit of cash, proficiency, and required level. To see how much experience you have available, you can move the mouse over the experience bar near the bottom which is just above the quickbar. You will see the bar in both a visual, and numeric format both. On mouseover, you will see the experience displayed in an X/Y format… X is your current exp, Y is exp required to level. If you wish to upgrade the cooking, and meet all of the requirements to do so.. click on the ‘Study’ button and it will increase your life skill level accordingly. The experience required will be taken from you, as will the 50 silver. It will raise your skill level to 2/10, and you’ll be ready to forge on into bigger and better things.

At level 10, it is highly recommended you visit Soaring Du in Da Li (110, 156) and pick up the Lv 1 Fish recipe

as a bare minimum. You could also get the Lv 1 Staple Recipe

I chose to get the Lv 1 Fish and Staple both on my time through because I had the cash and I also plan to max out on all life skills to make things easier for me in the mid/end-game aspect of it. Each of those two skills will cost you 2 silver, which is quite cheap in the grand scheme.. given what you will be making at food levels 3 and 4 which will save you good amounts of gold in the 40+ range while doing class quests.

After you pick up the Lv 1 Fish recipe (at lv 10), you have two choices.. you can either go get the fishing skills and fish for things to make food with, or you can buy the fish from others. As a starting character, I do not believe it is truly feasible to buy all of the products you need.. and if you did, you wouldnt have the vigor required to mass produce food anyway so there would be downtime. The upside to this.. is that fishing does not require vigor or spirit to do, so it will regen as you are fishing.

The Lv 1 Fish recipe is not just for level 1 fish, it will cover level 1, 2, and 3 fish. This is helpful in that you wont have to buy recipes for fish at every level, just a total of 3. If you use the same level fish as the food, you will get 1 proficiency for every item made. If you use 1 level less.. using level 2 fish for level 3 food… you will get 1 proficiency every 2 you make. At level 20, you can get planting – which I highly recommend you get as well. If you choose to do so, make sure you get the level 1 staple recipe as well. The level 1 staple recipe covers the first three levels of planting materials-wise. When you get to level 3 planting.. you can get recipes like this…

Vegetable Noodle Recipe: (sold by Soaring Du in Da Li)

Gluttonous Fan, in Luo Yang (138, 139) – sells a few other things… – lv 2 staple, lv 2 fish, vegetable noodle recipe, salty pumpkin rice recipe

Gourmet Bao in Su Zhou (189, 167) sells a few recipes as well.. Boiled seafood rice recipe, lv 3 staple recipe, lv 3 fish recipe

At level 30.. you can visit Rose Wei in Luo Yang (131, 154) and learn Regimen. Regimen is a skill that reduces the vigor usage for cooking, and if you’re at all about serious leveling the skill without taking a month to do so.. it’s recommended you put a bit of exp into it as soon as it becomes available. Regimen also increases the % chance that you will get extra/bonus food, which is always a good thing.

You will notice that some of the recipes are grain, which means the materials must be planted. This is why I recommend that you level both fishing and planting as much as you can.. so you can make a few of the recipes that give bonus to stats to help you kill faster, and keep you alive in the grand scheme of things.

I think that is a small, yet good start to how to get moving with cooking and have minimal issues. If you have any questions/thoughts/issues, or I missed something critical.. be sure to let me know and I’ll adjust the guide accordingly.

Hope this helps a bit,

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