Dragon Oath Chat Color Guide

Dragon Oath Chat Color Guide by LadyEnfinity

Hello everyone!

After many in-game private messages and requests, I have decided to create a font color guide for players. Now, please keep in mind that I’m also very new to this and I’ve simply played around with the hex colors to create my own. I will keep this open and allow other players to add information to the guide. This way, we can all work together and make sure that everyone is well-educated on this subject. Plus.. I’d love to know more about it, as well!

First, let me explain how this works. The chat colors work off of what is known as “hex” color codes. These codes are used in HTML and are most commonly used for websites, forums, etc.
To give you an idea of what I mean, here’s an example color swatch and code.
This is a pretty color that I used from a hex code list. The code number for this color is #B62084.
One of the common basic colors, white. The code for white is #FFFFFF.
This is another of the more common colors, black. The code for black is #000000
A wonderful resource for hex colors is provided here.

As you can see, the #sign is always used before the color code.
Now, in game, the chat contains extra codes that can be used to customize the color codes.

Here’s a list of the customizable code letters:
c = Color – This is the center color of your chat font.
e = Edge – This is the outer color of your chat font, if you want to use more than one color.
g = Fade – I would like to thank Bludrazion for this additional information on the “#g” code.
Code “#g” stands for Gradient.
– If you only use “g” code then what you get is a gradient of that color
Ex: you can try that code #gDC4C18 it is the gradient color of red and white
_If you combine “g” code and “e” code it will make a gradient color, and a outer color
Ex: try that code #e0000cc#g0066ff you will see it different with #e0000cc#c0066ff
I would like to thank loanpham for these additional codes:
b = Flash (add #b at the beginning)
u = Underline

Unfortunately, I cannot show you a true font color example of the code I use in game, because HTML doesn’t function the same way as the chat functions. I’m going to try to get an image to show you as an example.

The image is a little darker than intended, but you can still see the point.
Now, the code that I use for that is #e990099#G – it was kinda a fluke, because I was just playing around with the fade (g) code and it wound up combining the colors I used.

Here we can see a more basic option:

The code for this is #eFF00CC. As you can see, it combines the white with a bright pink.

Now – here is one issue that I would like to address. I’ve seen a couple players that have been confused in this area. This is in regards to keeping the font color so you don’t have to enter it each and every time you want to say something in chat. I will provide an image example for this, as well.
When you first select a chat font color, you need to have the actual chat pane open. Most players know this, but for those who don’t – this needs to be clear. To put a single color from the game interface into the chat, click into the chat pane (where you would type) or hit enter to open chat if you have auto chat disabled. You should see the cursor in the chat, now. Once that is active, click on the “A” button to the left of the chat pane – this will give you a window that provides the default chat colors. Now, if you click on one of these colors, you’ll see the hex code appear in your chat.

As you can see – the cursor is now at the end of the code. Here, you need to add an extra space *before* you type your message. If you don’t it will look a little funky. Now, once you’ve spoken in that chat color it should stay in the chat pane. The trick to keeping the code in the pane, for future use, is to hit ESC. If you just hit enter, it will remove the code.

Now, here’s an example of what chat should look like with the code given above in a private message.
Here you can easily see where the spaces should be, so the message sends successfully:

It’s up to you at this point to play around with the hex colors and to find a combination that suits your need. Don’t get frustrated! Take the time to create something that is unique – but keep in mind that some colors are difficult to read. Some players may really enjoy an extremely dark color, but keep in mind that the whole point of the chat is to communicate with other players. If they can’t read it – there’s no point to it!

I am very open to comments, suggestions and additional information with my posts. If you would like to see something provided here, please let me know!

I certainly hope this information is helpful to everyone. Don’t hesitate to contact me should you need any help. I am no expert, I am learning, but if there’s something I can assist with, I will try my best.

Thanks everyone and have a wonderful morning/day/evening in Dragon Oath and beyond!

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