Dragon Oath Swallow Docks Guide

Dragon Oath Swallow Docks Guide by darkknightX

Hey all this is my 1st guide so hope u like it and it helps

Well 1st off u would need a proper team – 2 LO 1 minst 1 tao 1 tank and last can be any class. LO must have BS pet and also others need a tank pet.
If u are doing this for the 1st time i recommend taking some thunder fire and ice resist buffs( can be made by different classes or LO can make all)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8ibfLLlQV4 (1st part killing cruel taun)

ok 1st u need to leap and reach to the big ship. Here on the ship make sure everyone stays on the left side of the ship and also see that the NPC(Leopard Hu) stays on left with everyone.
Avoid the mobs and dont kill em let the guards and NPC handle it. Just focus on killing all bosses( i have added a vid of 1st part so u can see how we do it)
Here the 1st boss Laosan will have a small AOE when its HP is at half bar but that AOE wont affect much.
when Laoson is almost dead, 1 person can talk to the NPC to make sure that he wont run to the right and lure all bosses.(If he runs then it will become difficult because both crazy mother and cruel taun will be atking him)
after u killed Laoson another 2 bosses will appear on right, one is Crazy mother and Brute. Avoid Crazy mother and DONT LURE HER.
Lure Brute but be careful while luring cause u dont want to lure both mother and brute at once.
after luring Brute to left and killing him then when Brute is almost dead again someone can talk to NPC to make sure he wont run to mother and lure her.

Now Cruel taun will appear. Here 1 LO can go to deb mode and hit Cruel to lower its HP by % and also make sure not to lure Mother. After lowering HP LO can go back to healing mode.
Do same with Cruel and stay on left and kill him. At half HP he will AOE(u can see his AOE charge and make sure to stun) then Tao or someone can lock or stun him and again at last bar he will AOE so make sure to stun again. In case u dont stun u need to have some thunder res buff to avoid death.
After he is dead Mother and all mobs will disappear and make sure to pick up purple portion to use it in the end during Fu.

Now for part 2 – Whiskers
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19x9tGO5D-Q (Part 2 mobs)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkoO9i3l8-8 (Whiskers)
Leap and reach to the stronghold. This part is easy and boring u need to kill a wave of mobs and every 10 wave 1 small boss will come but its not that hard and has no AOE. Make sure to kill the wooden mob 1st and collect wood to repair defense and healing tower. You can see it in the vid and i had cut short the vid of killing mobs and skip to boss
After u done killing all 25 waves of mobs then at last 0 wave LO again can change to deb mode and hit the boss to lower HP. after lowering change bak to healing.

Now for Whiskers, here u have to be little careful of his AOE. You can see him AOE when u see a small white cloud circle under his feet(its just a white smoke to show that he will AOE) When u see it stun or lock or just run away, if u fail to stun then have to have some fire res to help. Keep atking and stun or avoid AOE. ( You can see the white smoke cloud in the attached pic)
After he is dead go to 180 90 and talk to some NPC to enter in and kill Fu.
once u enter avoid all mobs and boss and go to Fu place( You can see it in the vid) and reach there and hide and rest pet.

Now Last part – Fu
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkoO9i3l8-8 (other half is Fu)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlRRKgd8Wlg (Fu last part AOE)

Before starting LO can change to deb mode and atk Fu. Here u have to be extra careful, Fu has a skill called rage breaker (its a orange circle glow which u can see it in the vid) When he does this DO NOT ATK HIM, it will just reflect 200% damage back and ul die fast. Hit Fu for 5 sec and run away when his rage is down hit again for 5 sec and stop.
Keep doing this till u reach to half HP, now here you need to kill Fiona Wong, When Fu is at half HP look at the chat, Fiona Wong will say something when she does run to her and kill her and keep 1 tank to hold Fu and tank him(when u run to her make sure NOT TO USE ANY AOE ATK SKILL ON HER and atk only Fiona and no one else and also if ur pet has possession SS use it on Albert to stop him from atking u or Tao can use sleep on him or minst can block him but make sure to do that on Albert because he hits hard and ul die fast if u dont stop em) After u killed Fiona run back and all hide and rest pet to avoid Albert.

Now after Fiona is done atk Fu the same way and avoid his rage breaker.
Here u need to be more careful and focus on Fu. When u see his hand shake and see a blue glow around him, it means he is gonna AOE. Run away if u dont have alot of ice res or minst can just block em. Also both LO have to stay away from Fu all time if Fu comes to any LO just go away from his range.
Keep avoiding his AOE and at last bar he will use silence skill( You cant use any class skills) now when he does that use the purple portion that u had picked up at Cruel taun. That will make u immune to his silence. And dont die after u use portion cuz if u die then ul lose that immune buff. Keep atking him and avoid AOE and u will be fine

I have edited and added Fu AOE u can see it in attached pic. Its the blue glow Before he will AOE so if u see this and his hand shake run

Dont worry if u fail, u can always try again till you get used to it. You can do SD 3 times a day and it resets 10.00am Server time. And minimum Lv req to do this Quest is Lv 60

Hope this helps you all

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