Warriors Saga Uproar in Heaven Guide and Outcomes

Warriors Saga Uproar in Heaven Guide and Outcomes for Questions and Answers by w1289288ls

(For you to easy to use this guide, use Ctrl + F and type in some of the 1st words of the event that you encounter)

The surroundings change abruptly when you walk by. Soon, you realiz that you have been surrounded by an unknown army.
O1: Basic Char and Pet EXP x 5, Hp and MP become 1
O2: Revive Power (lvl 80)
O3: Basic Char Exp x 2

In Equerry Pavilion, I see the Gold-eye Sea Kylin wandering like a wild animal.
O1: Treasury Key.
O2: Virtual Monster Box.
O3: Nine Grass

You get back to Paradise mountain but realised much has changed.
O1: Basic Char EXP x 2.
O2: Butterfly Demon Hero Bag.
O3: Lose silver = Char Level x 5

The most beatiful girl of capitol city is looking for a husband.
O1: Rose bouquet.
O2: Lost silver = Character lvl x 10 .
O3: Energy + 20.

Finding a place full of spiritual energy, I find it’s the heavenly armoury. I’m stopped at the gates by the Noxious Giant.
O1: Armory Key.
O2: Upgrade Stone (Perfect Star Gem)
O3: Basic Char EXP and Silver x 6

Your brothers and sisters of your school are fighting monsters.
O1: MP become 1, Basic Char EXP x 4.
O2: Elite Pet Flower Spider
O3: EXP x 3

I hear someone weeping in the celestial palace who turns out to be a fairy! The weeping fairy is forced to engage with a bully
O1: Basic Char Exp x 6 , Energy – 30
O2: An equipment ( a level 33 female cloth )
O3: Title of “The Goof”

Marshal invites you to go visit Luna.
O1: Basic Char EXP x 2.
O2: World Deed + 40.
O3: Voucher + 1.

I feel hungry when I see the kitchen light on, so I sneak in and find a stew.
O1: Energy + 25.
O2: HP and MP full.
O3: Random Cooking Recipe

On your way to Mauna Peak, you meet Star Sage among some elves.
O1: Heal Tablet.
O2: Nothing
O3: Fox’s head ( lvl 43 hat – female)

I meet hopeless Sha Monk in the forest, saying “Master was captured by a monster.”
O1: Basic Pet EXP x 4.
O2: Basic Char and Pet EXP x 2.
O3: World deed -10.

As you are flying above clouds, you see a rabid Tengu rushing to you.
O1: Basic Pet EXP x 3
O2: Demon Pub Hero Bag
O3: Nothing

At South Heaven Gate, guards stop me, “Boy, go away right now or we will teach you a lesson!”
O1: Basic Char EXP x 2
O2: Nothing
O3: Basic Pet EXP x 2

You meet a stranger claiming that even after 500 yrs, you are still not a par with him.
O1: Treasure map x 1
O2: Nothing
O3: Basic Char EXP x 2

Although my plan to disrupt the celestial palace has failed, I come across Earkle with his hound on my way home.
O1: Basic Pet EXP x 3
O2: Basic Char EXP x 2, Basic Pet EXP x 1
O3: Virtual Mystery Novel 1st Edition

While strolling along Turtle Bay, you come across the dragon king and his followers.
O1: World bell, World Deeds -10
O2: Elite Pet Crab
O3: Basic Silver x 2

At Mt Neverest, I’m enjoying the scenery but I can’t find my way back.
O1: Navigation Flag x 1.
O2: +20k HP ( Auto Heal )
O3: Basic Char EXP x 2, Basic Pet EXP x 1

Fail to destroy the underworld , I left. On my way out, I meet linus who just returned from ghost hunting.
O1: Monster Mace x 1.
O2: World Deeds + 20.
O3: EXP x 3

While riding my mount and flying in the sky, You become bathed in a holy light and saw a god in the distance.
O1: Random Library Key
O2: Anti-Monster Manual (Random pet skill scroll after open it)
O3: World Deeds + 300.

Back at your house, an elf knocks at your house and wants to play with you.
O1: World Bell x 1.
O2: Goblin Talisman x 1, World Deeds – 40.
O3: Nothing

Coming across Luna, you are immediately enchated by their beautiful visage of her.
O1: Full HP and MP.
O2: Rose Bouquet. q
O3: Basic Silver x 2.

Seeing no guard in duty, I climbed on the roof for a breather and come across a Black and White Ghost there.
O1: Add 2 chances to Goblin Talisman.
O2: +500 Silver
O3: Beef Kebab (+7% counterattack chance for 1 hour food buff)

Under the moon you see Marshal is drunk and flirting with Luna.
O1: Refresh Potion (lvl 60 healing)
O2: Nothing.
O3: Nothing.

The Celestial Peach Appreciation Banquet is held, where all famous heroes gather together to greet each other except you.
O1: Full HP and MP.
O2: Basic Silver x 2.
O3: Nothing.

You find a small hut in the forest and recognize that the owner is a seclusive master blacksmith.
O1: Energy + 25.
O2: Black Smith Stone.
O3: A Weapon lvl 40 (Based on your class)

You are lost in a hill but fortunately see an old woodchopper. You immediately catch up with him despite of fatigue.
O1: Energy + 25
O2: Get A Saw, World Deeds – 5.
O3: Heal Tablet.

A silver ingot falls from sky. You look up and see an immortal flying by.
O1. Voucher + 1.
O2. Basic Silver x 4, world deed -15.
O3. World Deeds + 25

During exercise, I saw an auspicious light with pleasant scent. It must be my school master.
O1: World Deeds + 10.
O2: Basic Char Exp x 4
O3: Navigation Flag x 1

You find a magic gift box.
O1: Black Smith Stone x 1.
O2: Perfect Star Gem
O3: Nothing

While traveling, a large bizarre tiger jumped out of nowhere and blocked my way.
O1: Energy + 25
O2: World Deeds + 25
O3: Tipsy Tiger Hero Bag

You want to visit Ultra Supreme Elder for an Elixir. However, I just found that the gates were open but nobody is in the place.
O1: Heal Flask x 3, World Deeds – 30.
O2: Heal Flask x 1.
O3: + 10k MP ( Auto Heal )

As you are passing by a grove, you hear weak moans and ventured farther to find an injured siren.
O1: Faceless Spider Hero Bag.
O2: Perfect Star Gem x 1
O3: World deed +30, energy -5

Recently major schools are open for new students. Applicants are lining up in front of school buildings.
O1: Nothing
O2: Silver x 3, World Deeds – 30
O3: Reserve Fund x 4

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