Warriors Saga Tips for New Players

Warriors Saga Tips for New Players by 0Trigger

Just thought I would take a minute to explain a few things. Such as certain items to use while running in groups, acronyms and terms, and things of that nature.

First some acroyms and terms you may see in game chat;

Wash – Refering to reseting character attributes
81 Crus or 81 – Refering to the 81 Crusader dungeon lines
DWE – Demon White Elephant the first boss in #1 81 Crusader
TBA – Turtle Beach Assualt the second boss in #1 81 Crusader
UW1/UW2 – Underworld Level 1 or Level 2 Leveling area
IP- Isleplato another level area
Mobs- Monsters, Creatures, Enemies (Take your pick)
(More while come as I get futher in game content)

Second the items to have on if you are grinding out levels. Because simply it will make it go faster and increase chance for drops.

Monster Bell – Doubles the amount of mobs during encounters (1 or 6 hours)
Double EXP – Double the amount of EXP recieved (1,2,4, or 6 hours)
Magic Puppet – Automates battle and attempts to capture Pets/BB (1 or 6 hours)

Lastly is just random FAQs I have been asked or asked myself;

Q. Where do you get Standard Tokens?
A. You get them from being in a clan from your clan hall. (For those wondering “What’s a Standard Token?” Think of it like a charm or a trinket. It is to boost your stats.)

Q. Where is “Insert Name Here” located?
A. Press the Tab key and at the top of the map is a search tab. Ta-Da!!!! It list all the NPC’s there.

Q. How do I reset my characters attributes(ie. Str, Int, Dex)
A. Well you get one quest in the begining stages of the game from the sage in Capitol City that “Washes” or resets your stats. So be wise with it. Otherwise you will have to wait until level 40. You get an item from your Blue Gift Box that resets them. Aside from the the only thing I know to do is buy them from the mall. Which you can pull up by pressing the I key.

These are some tips and tricks for beginners

shift + click items/pets only in inventory will show items stats in chat

Check out pet shop every 3hours to find good pet either to use or feed yr main pets for energy.

Make use of your magic cauldron every 3hr. It is able to produce items such as X2 EXP, restore char HP/MP pet HP/MP after every battle.

Do at least 20 school quest daily for good silver and exp.

Do general Yao’s quest for reserve funds, considerable EXP and some silvers.

Make use of the Stock Broker in Town. Buy low, sell high.

Make use of Destory quest, kill 100 mobs and get additional silver.

Free HP/MP heal for Pets, do not upgrade your stats immediately, wait till your hp/mp low, up 1 point, ta dah full bar.

Get 4* easily for your item, use a low lvl equipment, use newbie star the lousiest and keep upgrading till you sucess getting 4* cheaper way of getting item to 4*. Then use urn to transfer the stars to your main items.

— (*) stands for Star —

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