Facebook Warriors Saga Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook Warriors Saga Frequently Asked Questions by PGM Akodo

We know thats sometimes game can have content you dont know, and questions about it are almost all time the same. So here will be big FAQ about game. If you have question – ask here i will edit 1st post to put your question and answer in it. So dont be shy and ask, and thanks to that help us to know what you need.

Most common questions:

1. How to leave Party?
You press “T” or party icon and than “quit team”. “Leave Team” botton only make you BRB, and still in party (for info for others that you are AFK)

2. Whats is DWE?
Demon White Elephant – Boss in 81Crus. For this fight better get party.

3. How to upgrade your eq?
Press Blacksmith’s Furnace and you have access to all upgrade things. Later on i will work on Upgrade Guide. On Website we have many blank pages…

4. Where to find some quest starter (daily one)?
Most of them are linked in Daily. So simple go there and press starter you need.

5. How to make Fox more tail?
After hitting lvl 20 you can every 10lvls press “Hide Quest” and you can “upgrade” him.

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