Warriors Saga Basic Pet Guide

Warriors Saga Basic Pet Guide by 0Trigger

-I recommend the points to be distributed to only one stat on the pets, as it will make it much easier for them to become stronger.

-Demons souls can be acquired by absorbing other pets.
-They can be used to increase the talents(Stars) as well as to increase the Insight.
-They can also be used to increase the Grade of the Pet. When you increase the grade of a pet, every stat increases by 5 distribution points. You can then use a Nine Grass in order to redistribute those points.

–â–º About those Stars

Pet Potential:

White Stars or Ordinary Stars : This colour is the loweststar’s rank. You can use Rebirth Wheel to make it better.

Green Stars/ Average * : This colour is the 2ndlowest.

Blue Stars/ Good * : The 3rd colour.

Purple Stars/ Excellent * : The 4th, this one is better for all of those colours above.

Yellow Stars/ Perfect * : The last 5th. This colouris so-called the perfect state for your pet’s potential.

Pet Potential represents your pet’s powerto get more damages, speed, or to endure every attacks and everything tobalance your char’s power. The more you make the stars better, the more yourpet improved.

Ways to get Demon Souls
-Adsorb a Wild Pet = 1 Soul
-Absorb an Elite Pet = 10 Souls
-Absorb a BB Pet = 60 Souls
-Absorb a Variated BB Pet = 300 Souls

-Pets are classified by the following classes. Wild, Elite, BB, Variation.
-Wild Pets can be caught anywhere, at anytime.
-Elite Pets can only be found at Pet Shop and Uproar to Heaven.
-BB Pets can be caught, bought at the Pet Shop, or upgraded from Wild.
-Variation Pets can be caught, bought at the Pet Shop, or upgraded from BB.

To turn a pet from Wild into BB, a Rebirth Dew must be used. (100% Chance)
To turn a pet from BB into Variation, a Rebirth Wheel must be used. ( Random Chances )
This following items can be used if you dislike the Pet’s Insight and talents.
Rebirth Wheel- BB Pets ( Chance of turning Variation, 15x using of this will come to 100% variated )
Nirvana Elixir- Variation Pet ( Can be used to skip a fox’s tail )



-Insight of a pet is really important.
-Before starting to level your pet, make sure it has 100 Insight.
-In order to increase the Insight, you can add (Press +) Next to it, to add 10 Of insight each time.
The reason for this is the following:
-2 Insight= 9 IP Gain Per Level
-54 Insight= 35 IP Gain Per Level
-100 Insight= 66 IP Gain Per Level
As you saw, it is clearly noticeable the great changes the IP goes through as the Insight increases.
-Every 1000 I.P. , makes you be able to learn 1 skill.
-A Pet with 100 insight will be able to have about 3800 I.P. by Level 50.

Pet Skill Scrolls

-Pet skill scrolls can be acquired on Uproar In Heaven, as well treasure maps.
-Pet skills scrolls are either Passive, or Initiative.
-Passive skills become part of the pet.
-Initiative skills are skills which need to be used, for example, the Fox Special.
-When a Pet has 0 or 1 skill, there is 100% chance of learning a new skill with a scroll.
-When a pet has 3 or 4 skills, there is a 30% chance of learning a new skill with a scroll, and a 70% chance of replacing an old skill.
-When a pet has 5+ skills, there is 100% chance that it will replace an old skill.


-Pet metaplasia is the ability to makes the skills from one BB, go into another.
-When you open the Urn, the number I block shows two boxes. The first box is where the pet that will receive the skill should be put. The second box is where the pet who will LOSE a skill will go. Once the metaplasia occurs, the pet that loses a skill, will disappear.
-The amount of skills that can be transferred is undetermined, or rather, random.
-You can make a pet that has 5 skills, transfer them all to another. But it can also fail and only transfer 1.
-The pet that will receive the skill will lose any skills that it has unless you use a monster engrave in order to bound the skill.

The best way to make a pet gain skills is the following, this is a method I used and got six skills for my fox, and, just wanted to share it. ( I will use the fox in the example.)

1. DO NOT LET your fox gain any tails.
2. Use a rebirth wheel on the fox, resetting it to Lv1, until the fox becomes variated.
3. Once the pet is variated, use Nirvana Elixir on it until you get at least 80 of Insight.
4. Absorb demon Souls to fully increase all the talents(Stars) and get the Insight to 100.
5. Once it has 100 insight, level it, and in every evolution, use a Nirvana Pill to skip an evolution. ( From 1 Tail, it goes to 3 Tails, from 3 Tails, it goes to 5 Tails, from 5 tails, it goes to 7 tails (And so on.))
6. DO NOT USE your I.P. , do not use it. You will see why.

Lets say your Fox is Level 50 right now, it should have at least 3k I.P. and the Fox Special. (1 Skill)

1. Use a Pet scroll on it, any skill you want your pet to have. ( I will use Chain Attack I as example)
2. It should now have 2 skills, Fox Special, and Chain Attack I. Use a Monster engrave to bound the Chain Attack I, the Fox special cannot be erased from fox.( It is Forever Bound )
3. Find another BB pet which can learn good skills, for example, a Lil’ Monkey. Make it have 100 Insight and then make it learn a skill you want. ( I’ll chose Reanimate II as example)
4. Train your Lil’ Monkey until it has 2k I.P., and then use them.
5. Let’s say you got lucky and your pet learned Extra Attack I and Fire Attack with the I.P
6. Your Lil’ Monkey should now have, Reanimate II, Extra Attack I, Fire Attack.
7. Now, go to Metaplasia and put the fox on the first box. The Lil’ Monkey on the second box.

First Box Second Box
Tailed-Fox Lil’ Monkey
Skills Skills
-Fox Special -Reanimate II
-Chain Attack I -Extra Attack I
-Fire Attack

If Successful, you can get from 1~3 of the Lil’ Monkey’s skills into the fox. Since the Chain Attack I was temporally bound, and the Fox Special is Forever Bound, the fox should not lose them. Let’s say you got bad luck and where able to get only 1 of Little Monkey’s skills into the fox. The fox should now have 3 skills.Tailed-Fox
-Fox Special
-Chain Attack I
-Extra Attack I

After you have done the metaplasia, you can use your I.P , which should be 3k on the example.
That will be equal to 3 skills which will NOT replace any existing skills. This will make your fox have 6 skills.
-Fox Special
-Chain Attack I
-Extra Attack I
-Immune I ( Possible from I.P )
-Poison I ( Possible from I.P. )
-Counterattack I ( Possible from I.P )

With that you will have a fox that has at least 6 skills.

Pet Promotion (Grade)

The grade of a pet can be upgraded. This will make the pet’s points go up by 5, on everything. Using a Nine Grass, you can redistribute those points.
From grade 1 to grade 2, cost, 1500 Demon Souls
From grade 2 to grade 3, cost, 2400 Demon Souls
From grade 3 to grade 4, cost, 3840 Demon Souls

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