Trickster Online Tempering Guide

Trickster Online Tempering Guide (Chaos Feathers, Tempering and You!) by Tuvis

Ahem, being my first guide to see the light(I think?) it’s probably flaws here and there. Shoot me for them, if you wan’t. Nevertheless!
So you’re interested in tempering and have no clue what it does? Its actually pretty simple. You take your item, any item with stats go, as long as they are Level 20, or above. That of course, means the equipments required level to be equipped, not their refine level(which isn’t even possible that high!). ;3

If you attempt with anything below Lv20, Alan flings this out at you:

Easy to understand, ne? So anything above that goes. However, unique items(Shining Crystal Set, Pharaoh Set, Sacrifice Set and the new (Pirate?) set) does not work, as well, being already strong enough items as they are!

~ Alan ~
So who exactly is “Alan”? He’s the cowboy like dude with a like for flames, and a tatooed bare upperbody. And you can find him here and there, such as Megalopolis Shop, Paradise Shop and Cargibal Shop. And this is what he looks like, so you know who to feast your eyes on:

~ Tempering? ~
Well then, ready to start tempering huh? Alright. Talk to him, and voila, you get to see a bigger display of him:

Along with two options. The games introduction to the tempering system, and to start right away, without small words between. If you decide to start tempering, you will get the following screen:

Upper slot, is where you put your item. The middle slot with the “I”, is where you put a Chaos Feather(we will cover those in a bit, don’t worry), and the bottom display is the range of stats for items. Range? Yep. When tempering you randomize the stats of your item. So you can get worse stats than you started with. Its all gamble, baby! So make sure you made up your mind, because once you temper, there is no turning back. However! The range remains fixed, which means you can’t wind up with 0 stats on an item(unless the range says so from the start!). Lets take up some items for display to show ranges, shall we?

As you can see, ranges can very quite a bit. If we take the Tied Buff, for example, its lowest range for Maximum MP is 23. And highest range is 40. If you’d decide to temper the Tied Buff, and it became 23 Maximum MP, it can’t go lower than that, even if you re-temper. If you re-temper it could only go higher. Same thing applies to the highest range. If you hit 40, you won’t be able to go higher than that. An easy thing is to temper with an item that has a few stats. The true ordeal is when you have to deal with many stats. Because surely you’d not want half the stats to become worse, ne? ;3

~ A worthy note ~
A note is, tempering does not affect your compounded stats. It only affects the base stat of the item. However! A trick to it is, if you temper an item before refining it, you get a better refine value. Because refining is based on the stat amount your item has. So if you gain more AP on your sword than it originally had, and refine it, the sword gets better damage from refines than it would before!

~ Chaos Feathers ~
So then we have those Chaos Feathers remaining. You surely wonder what those are, huh? This is a sample of such:

You can find them here and there, related to Party Quests. That means, unless you buy them from people, you can’t get them if you are alone. So rack up those buddies of yours and get the feathers you need. :3

Here is places where you can find Chaos Feathers(its a random reward, so you don’t always get one!):
Always available quests:
Desert Beach Party Quest(Dungeon): Chaos Feather 20.
– Located in Monster Guild, Paradise. Target Monster: Rotten Mummies.
Poppuri Dungeon Party Quest: Chaos Feather 35.
– Located in Gate of Poppuri Dungen. Target Monster: Moss Moths.
Caballa Relics Party Quest(Dungeon): Chaos Feather 50.
– Located in Monster Guild, Azteca. Target Monster: Naranjo.
Oops Warf Party Quest: Chaos Feather 65.
– Located in Gate of Oops Warf. Target Monster: Crow.
Mermaid Palace Party Quest(Dungeon): Chaos Feather 80.
– Located in Gate of Mermaid Palace. Target Monster: Officer Okto.
Ghost Blue Party Quest(Dungeon): Chaos Feather 110.
– Located in Monster Guild, Aquarius. Target Monster: Nora Mummy.
Vampire Castle Party Quest: Chaos Feather 125.
– Located in Gate of Vampire Castle. Target Monster: Maid Lydia.
Limited time only quests:
Desert Beach Mine Party Quest(Lv120 to 149): Chaos Feather 110 and Chaos Feather 140.
– Located in Beach Mine, Crystal Copper. Target Monster: Kira.
Caballa Relics Mine Party Quest(Lv150 to Lv179): Chaos Feather 140 and Chaos Feather 170.
– Located in Relics Mine, Jade Steel. Target Monster: Leprechaun.
Black Swamp Mine Party Quest(Lv180 to Lv199): Chaos Feather 170 and Chaos Feather 215.
– Located in Swamp Mine, Silver Jewel. Target Monster: Guard Mon.
Snow Hill Mine Party Quest(Lv200 to Lv259): Chaos Feather 215.
– Located in Snow Mine, Precious Jewel. Target Monster: Guard Ian.

~ Down to action ~
Well, well. Almost done then, ne? I assume you have gotten your feathers, and grasped the concept of this. So, then unto the final stage! One thing to notice is, feathers are never the exact same level your item is. If you looked above, my White Snake Sword is Lv150, but required 140 Feathers. Some items require the closest feather at a closer lower level. Not a feather of higher level thou! Some feathers are also not available ingame yet. I’ll update this guide when I know any more feathers being released.

So, I’m going to temper a hat to finalize the guide, and to show how the outcome looks like. First screen is the hat, and the asking for feathers. Second is, I hit auto, and feathers are confirmed into the slot. Third screen is the confirmation screen if you really want to proceed. Of course after getting this far! :3 And final screen…

Thats how it can go. In my case, the MD value didn’t change(= means it remained the same) while my DP went up by 1. I know, not a drastic increase. Tempering can be like that. Sometimes, slight changes happen, sometimes huge changes happen. Its all up to your luck to decide! I’ve tried tempering with AC, DA, LK and HV without noticing any change in outcome. Just make sure you are ready, and hope for the best. A stubborn mind(with rescources) can wind up with very great results! :3

~ Final Words ~
I think that concludes this guide, and finishes it. I hope you enjoyed reading this, as much as I wrote it. Time sure flies fast. If its anything, feel free to post in the topic.

~ Credits ~
Meer, for being my always supporting and loving partner.
Damsel, for requesting this guide, and PQing with me in Relics Mine.
iwillkill, for PQing with me in Beach Mine.
scopfragger, for motivating me to temper my sword.

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