Trickster Online Hints, Tips and Tricks

Trickster Online Hints, Tips and Tricks by TheCait

Just a mini guide i wrote to some of the more uncommonly known things.. usefull for beginners I suppose x3
Suggestions, Comments, Revisions, Other things to add.. just post em here..

-Press Spacebar to hide shops. Can help reduce some lag in mego. Also if someone has a shop in front of Andrew in the bank, it will let you click on him.

-Press ALT to show the names of items on the ground / some monsters(level)

-You gain Base EXP if you detect that the ground youre digging in does not have an item (squiggle appears).
-You gain TM EXP and Base EXP from drilling if you get an item.
-You get Base EXP if you get no signs of detection and item from the drill.
-You can close the chat window by pressing the upsidedown blue triangle at the end of the white box you type in.

-You can move the chat window around the screen if you click to the bottom left of that upsidedown blue triangle.
-If you close your chat window, you can get it back by pressing enter!

-You can block someone from whispering you by right clicking their name in the Whisper box and hitting Block Whisper

-In Paradise, if you forget to take your lifejacket off and need to comp it, cancel the quest by clicking Quest, then the red [X]. Talk to nate again, and you can comp it.

-You can have a longer mycamp name if you set the mycamp name from inside the camp.

-You can see where a guildmember or someone on your friends list is by right clicking their name and hitting View Info.

-If you view info someone while on the same map, a face icon flashes on the mini map where their location is exactly. If they are in a mycamp, that location is generally wrong.

-You can see exactly how much EXP / TM EXP you have by mousing over your Level or TM level in the myview pane.

-You can see the stats of an item you exchange for (and eggshop) by right clicking the title in the exchange window.

-You can see the date you got your first boss seal by mousing over the boss seal in the boss seal window.

-You can change how your skill window is arranged by clicking the arrow in the top right of the skill window.

-You can change your CTRL+1, CTRL+2, etc. text by typing /Register 1 TEXT (R must be capitalized)

-You can see what you have registered by typing /Macro

-You can tell what time it is (ingame time) by typing /Time

-You can tell what depth the soil is by typing /Depth

-There is a limit to how many friends you can have on your friends list.

-There is a 300 item limit which includes cards.

-There is a limit to how many myshop items you can have in your myshop inventory.

-There is a limit to how much galder you can carry. (2.1bil)

-You can teleport to Spicy Island to buy Gao drills by going to Caballa dungeon Weird Box and selecting “Disaster”. Make sure you have a wing/ppd because you cant port back! Other choices will port you to other places.

-There is a myshop item that allows you to access your bank from your mycamp. It’s cheap, lasts a year, and is definately worth it.

-You can see your times for your monster quests by opening your quest log and hitting View.

-You can also see what run you are on on party quests the same way.

-If you’ve never played a sense character, it might be worth it just to see how items are placed in the ground using basic detection. After 15 months of playing trickster I finally tried basic detection, and it has totally changed my drilling habits. The following picture is an example.

-Items are buried mainly in rows throughout the middle of the map.. and randomly around the edges of the map and objects.

-Depending on what drill you use, it uses your drill up faster.. and MIGHT even change what item you drill up. (not 100% prooven)

-DA equips increases your rate of success when compounding things. (through Compounder Paul, Blacksmith Marx in the mines, etc)

-LK equips SUPPOSIDLY increase the range of compounds you can get when compounding things to your equips. (For ex: if you have 0 LK and you wanna comp something AP with a range of 20-50, you will most likely get min or 1 off of min. The more LK you have, the better change you will get something other than min.) (Note: this tactic isnt 100% prooven, use at your own risk)

-If you press “O” (while not having the cursor in the text box) you can access a variety of options, including blocking whispers, memos, sound effects, pet voices, etc.

-If you are playing Trickster windowed mode and the bottom of your screen is messed up, change your Trickster resolution or your computers resolution to fix it… Or just use fullscreen.

-To take a screenshot, just press “Prt Scr”. Trickster Automatically saves it to Trickstercapture.. Usually C:Program FilesTrickstercapture

-If someone sends you a memo and you wanna read it later or accidently close it, they are temporarily saved.. Click the envelope next to the smily face near your chat box.

-You can play O/X with random people in the game in Paradise by typing /answer O or /answer X (the a in answer must be lowercase)

-If you need to PM someone but their name is hard to type, right click them and hit Enroll Whisper… it automatically puts their name in the whisper box.

-You can join someones guild by right clicking them, guild info, apply.

-You can change the opacity of the minimap (how see-through it is) by clicking the Little “A” near the sun/moon picture.

-If the screen is too dark to see at nighttime, turn up the brightness on your monitor.. POOF you can see a bit better!

-You can start a Card Battle invitation by typing /Card [TEXT]

-Theres a pretty much completel list of all the /Commands by typing /?

-If you type /is [PLAYERNAME] you can see if they are online or not.

-If you type /Map you can see what map you’re on.

-You can type in guild chat from the All windows by typing /guild [WHATEVER]

-If you have a microphone you can use it by typing /Microphone [MESSAGE]

-You get experience based upon how much damage you do to the monster. (Monster must be over your level)(Overkill exp doesnt count)[So this means the optimum training would be to kill a monster close to your level thats easy to kill with a LOT of HP]
-While standing, you can turn the direction you are facing without walking by holding the Left shift button. For some reason this does not work with the right one.

-Just for fun you can slide in places such as meg shop by pushing page down while running down if you time it right.

-If you have a emotion such as /angry as a macro you can do that emotion while sliding by running and pushing crtl + (#) at same time
-There is no way to switch between windowed and fullscreen while ingame.
-You can close the whisper box by pressing ctrl+tab
-If you’re on 800×600 resolution, you’ll have  a smaller maximum character limit than if you were on the 1024 resolution.
-If you’re having a hard time seeing at nighttime, turn the brightness up on your monitor, you can instantly see again!

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