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Trickster Online Frequently Asked Questions by akisame

Whether you’re new to the game or have any questions, I hope you’ll find the answers here.

– I’ve tried to answer these questions to the best of my ability. Most of them are my own answers, but others I’ve quoted or scanned the forum for other users’ answer. If you feel that any of the information is inaccurate or needs to be reworded for clarity, post here with your amendments and I’ll edit this post accordingly.
– Any suggestions made as to how to build a character or distribute bonus stats are just that–suggestions. Most of them are what experienced players would recommend. They’re certainly not just my recommendations. They don’t claim to be perfect and the lists are not exhaustive; there are endless builds/combinations out there that you can try if you’re adventurous enough, but these are the ones I feel would work best for someone who’s new to the game. >.>
– I haven’t worked with HTML in a long time, so my HTML’s a bit rusty. ;_; I’ve tried to format this FAQ for easiest navigation possible. If anything is off, or any of the anchored links don’t work, let me know and I’ll fix them asap. ;-;
– This FAQ is not finalized and never will be. o.o I know it’s far from complete, but I’ll add new sections to it as time goes by, and new questions as they crop up on the forum.

Credits (people who’ve contributed questions/pointed out errors/edited answers)
– zephyr31888
– tyrantnight
– Jacobsen
– Atrophy

Q: How do I play? How does the game work?

  • Download the installer from the website and install the game.
  • Launch the game and patch your client (it does this for you automatically).
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Create your character–see below on questions concerning your build.

Q: How do I log out?

  • ESC button on your keyboard -> End Game.

Q: I’ve made my character. Now what do I do?

  • Speak to Captain Stan, the NPC on the ship. He will teleport you to Coral Beach for the beginner tutorial.
  • Complete the tutorial to receive your rookie set (consisting of a hat, sword, shield and Young Egg pet).
  • Speak to the four NPCs in order. Each of them will teach you about basic gameplay and help you navigate around the game interface. They’ll also reward you with your rookie items after you’ve fulfilled their request.
  • Note: When you’re asked to buy a Tangerine, be sure to buy 100~200 (or as many as you can hold). The reason is that Tangerines recover your HP, weigh very little, and are free. The more Tangerines you have, the more pink pots you’ll save on later. This is just a recommendation and is totally optional.
  • Upon completing the tutorial, you’ll be teleported to Blooming Cora, the town where all new players start off.
  • Speak to Guild Clerk Esther, the purple-haired NPC girl, to initiate the Episode 0 quest. This quest is made for beginners, and as you go through it, you’ll learn more about the game. Completing Episode 0 will also take you to around Level 26, so it’s highly recommended that you do it.
  • Check this guide for a complete walkthrough of Episode 0: Note that it helps to do the quests in order, and that some quests (as indicated on the guide) are specific to certain classes. Doing the quest for your class will reward you with a pet.

Q: What’s in my Level 40/80/100/etc. gift box?

Q: How do you take a screenshot?

  • Use the Prt Scr button.
  • All Trickster screenshots are automatically saved to the following directory: C:Trickster Onlinecapture.

Q: How do I play on full screen mode?

  • Before you start the game, go to Options on the Trickster launcher and check “Full Screen Mode”.

Q: What is the difference between Jewelia and Fantasia?

  • Jewelia is older than Fantasia–the latter was only established in July 2007.
  • As a result, Jewelia has more players than Fantasia, and also way more old-school/high level players.
  • Prices on Jewelia are higher due to inflation.
  • More event items can be found on Jewelia because of the events that took place before Fantasia came into being.
  • Apart from these differences, both worlds are the same in terms of game content.

Q: Can I transfer items/money from Jewelia to Fantasia, or vice versa?

  • Currently there’s no way to transfer items/money from one world to the other.

Q: Which class/animal should I choose?


Q: How do I make money?

  • As a beginner, you’ll receive galder coupons from doing the Episode 0 quests. You’ll also get some Wings of Return–sell these to the NPC as they’re worth a lot.
  • When you reach a milestone (Lv5, 10, etc.), check your MyShop inventory for the level up gift boxes as they contain galder coupons and free pots.
  • When you hit Lv40, sell your Lv40 gift box (containing a Snappy or Stallion Sprint) for 1~2 mil.
  • Collect all the monster drops as you train, and sell them to the NPC.
  • If you have high Sense, you can drill for quest items and sell them in your private shop–vending will become your main way of making money.
  • If you’re desperate and don’t mind dying often, you can go loot at Techi4.
  • Do events and sell the reward.

Q: How do I chat? I can’t see my chat box, etc.

  • To chat, click on the white box at the bottom left-hand corner and begin typing.
  • If you can’t see your chat box, press enter to bring it up.
  • Or, change your resolution at option when you launch Trickster.

Q: How do I bring up the quick slots (F1, F2, etc.)?

  • Press T.

Q: How do I make a private shop?

  • Right-click on your character and click on “private shop” (the “sale” icon).

Q: How do I report someone?

  • If you feel you’ve witnessed something in game that needs to be reported, right-click on the offending player and go to “GM Report”. A window will pop up. Fill in the relevant information and click ‘send’.
  • GM reports are classified as either Fraud or Abuse. File reports for MyShop buying/selling under Fraud, and flaming or any other type of offensive behavior under Abuse.

Q: I’ve been scammed! How should I report a scammer?

Q: How do I transfer an item from one character to another on the same account?

  • Use Banker Lisa, the red-haired girl found in Megalopolis Bank, Azteca, Paradise Shop and Carbigal Shop.
  • Unlike Lovely Angelina, Banker Lisa is shared by all the characters on your account, charges you 100 galders per access, and has unlimited weight capacity.

Q: How do I get to Mermaid Palace?

  • Head to Oops Wharf and buy a Diving Gear from the Item Girl for 5000 galders.
  • Speak to NPC Marinel, located at the bottom of the map, who will consume your Diving Gear and teleport you to Mermaid Palace.

Q: How do I level up my TM more quickly?

  • Train on monsters that are a higher level than you. Monsters that are 35 levels above you give you the most TM exp, although this should only apply to advanced players.
  • Do all the card quests. This page has a list of all available card quests, and the corresponding base/TM exp you’ll gain with each one: All the info is correct except for the Southeast Forest and Caballa Relics quests. Ghost Blue has been temporarily removed, so all the card quests that pertain to that map are also not available.
  • Do the Love Hunter Robin TM quests. Details on the quests pertaining to your level bracket can be found here:
  • Drilling will also raise your TM exp, albeit much more slowly.

Q: Where can I get a Ruby/Emerald/Diamond Ring?

  • Ruby Ring – This used to be obtained from Sophia’s “A Meal for a Son” quest at Ghost Blue. Now that Ghost Blue’s been removed, the only way to get one would be to buy it from other players.
  • Emerald/Diamond Ring – Formerly available at Gate of Caballa Relics + Azteca, both have now been removed from the game. Again, you’ll have to buy it from other players.

Q: Is there a limit to how many items I can carry in my inventory?

  • You can carry as many items in your inventory as you want, as long as their total weight doesn’t exceed your character’s weight capacity.
  • However, you can’t carry more than 305 different items.

Q: How do I get a Shining Crystal set?

  • Shining Crystal equips can be dropped by any monster, although the chances of a monster dropping one is extremely slim.

Q: I tried to learn a skill and it wouldn’t let me. Why?

  • If the skill card is still greyed out in your inventory, it means you haven’t met its prerequisites in one way or another.
  • You may not be the right type/class. A Power type can’t learn Mana Arrow (Magic skill), a second job Bunny can’t learn Tidal Slash (Buffalo skill), etc.
  • You might not have the required TM level. e.g. Mist of Mana requires TM 40. If you’re TM 38 or something, then you can’t learn it yet.
  • You might be short of TM points. e.g. A skill that requires 3 TM points to learn can’t be learned while you only have 2 TM points leftover.
  • You might not have another prerequisite skill. e.g. Mana Ring Lv10 is a prerequisite for Incinerate–you can’t learn it if you don’t have Mana Ring at least to Lv10.

Q: Is it possible to trade animal parts?

  • Animal parts can’t be traded, vended, dropped or NPC’d. You can only unequip them (after Lv20).

Q: Are Booster Bracers rechargeable?

  • Yes, all bracers are rechargeable.
  • A Booster Bracer EX (obtained from the Lv100/180B gift boxes or SP Town Tapasco in Gacha) requires 48 Recharge Coupons, and will be recharged for 25 hours.
  • A Booster Bracer Jr. (obtained from Beginner Town Gacha) is also rechargeable for up to 25 hours for 48 Coupons.
  • An Enigma or Ultima Bracer (obtained from MyShop) requires 120 Coupons to be recharged for 30 days + 30 hours free.

Q: Once I’ve recharged an item, is the timer activated even if I leave it in my inventory and don’t use it?

  • The timer of a timed item is activated the minute you finished recharging it. After recharge, Pia will tell you how long it’s been charged for, and the game will pop up notices periodically telling you how much time is left on it.
  • The time will still be ticking whether you equip it or not, so be sure only to recharge something when you have time to use it.

Q: I just recharged my bracer but it still says “expired”. If I give it to Pia again, she says it’s already recharged. What gives?

  • This is just a glitch. Put the bracer in your bank and close it. Take it back out, and it should work now.

Q: How do I drill better? I’ve drilled so many times and found nothing.

  • Wear as much DA equip as you can.
  • Try to drill on unusual spots on a map that nobody drills at, such as along the edge or at the corners.
  • Once you’ve dug up something, continue to drill in a straight horizontal line, because items are usually buried together.
  • To conserve drill life: left-click once, wait for light bulb/junk symbol. If you get a light bulb, carry on drilling. If you get a junk symbol, right-click and repeat this sequence. This is a handy tip for saving drill life, especially with expensive/rare drills such as MyShop drills or the Swamp drill.

Q: What is a Crystal Coupon? Where do I get one?

  • A Crystal Coupon was an item required for entry to Seabed Field5 from the Nora Sewage.
  • It used to be obtained from Compounder Paul, requiring 1x Crystal, 1x Paper and 1x 5 Galder Coupon.
  • Crystal Coupons are no longer used or needed since the removal of Ghost Blue, and you probably won’t be needing one until Ghost Blue is restored.

Q: I’ve lost/sold/dropped my Refine/Mature Compounding guide for Episode 0. What do I do?

  • Buy or borrow one from another player (Officer Robert doesn’t consume either of the guides).
  • Start a new character, level him up to get the guide, then bank it for your other character.

Q: Where is Card Hunter Eugene?

  • Bottom right hand side of Mermaid Dungeon2.

Q: How do I get a Card Hunter Crest?

  • Talk to Card Hunter Eugene and look at his exchange list.
  • You’ll need to exchange one Arcana card (any type) + one corresponding character card for a Crest.
  • One Arcana card + one Mermaid Babe or Princess Rosetta card will get you a Card Hunter box. Each box contains two Crests.

Q: Where is Julio?

  • In Caballa Relics 1, near the western portal of the Relics dungeon.

Q: How do I get to Master Mong? What happened to him?

  • Master Mong has been removed from eTO since the Revolution patch.
  • The first boss is now Tutankhamen.

Q: Captain Skull’s taking a lot less damage than he used to. What’s the deal?

  • Skull has been buffed up along with many Oops Wharf monsters since the 2.7.2. patch.


Q: How do I get to second job? What’s the required level/TM for second job?

  • In eTO, you need 50/40 for second job. This means base level 50 or above, and TM level 40 or above.
  • The required items for job change are a million galder check and a badge specific to your class.
  • After you have your badge and check, speak to your corresponding NPC in the Garden of Skill Master or Azteca.

Q: Where do I get a million galder check?

  • You can get this from the NPC Andrew in Megalopolis Bank.
  • He charges an additional fee of 50,000 galders, so in total, you’ll actually need 1,050,000 galders.

Q: Which badge do I need and where do I get it from?

  • You’ll need a badge that corresponds to your class: Brave Bunny Badge, Strong Buffalo Badge, Pure Sheep Badge, Wise Dragon Badge, Smart Fox Badge, Clever Lion Badge, Pretty Cat Badge, Cool Raccoon Badge.
  • To obtain a badge, go to Caballa Relics Dungeon 4, and fight a boss monster called Kaboom. Note that he has a tendency to self-destruct when his HP bar reaches red, so it’s recommended that you bring a party with you to take him down, preferably with some ranged characters such as a Magic type.
  • More info on second job advancement can be found here:

Q: After I change to second job, can I go back to my first job looks?

  • Speak to Louis Bitton, the NPC located in Megalopolis or Azteca.
  • He will change you to your first job looks for 50,000 galders.
  • To change back to your second job looks, speak to him again and pay the same fee.
  • Disguising yourself does not affect your second job skills or abilities whatsoever.

Q: How do I get to third job? What’s the required level/TM for third job?

Q: What is the difference between Pure and Hybrid when I change to third job?

  • Each class will have the option to become Pure or Hybrid when they want to change to third job.
  • Keep in mind that the Pure and Hybrid term do not relate to how you split your bonus points. You could be a Pure AC Lion and choose to become a Hybrid class, and vice versa.
  • As a Pure class, you will get further access to your skills exclusive to the Pure class.
  • As a Hybrid, you will get access to your counterpart type second job skill. So a Lion will get an access to Fox’s second job skills, vice versa. However, there is an exception–a hybrid Cat cannot get Metamorphosis and a hybrid Raccoon cannot get Evolution.

Q: What is the name of each third job class?

Q: After I change to third job, can I go back to my first/second job looks?

  • Currently you can’t, so it’s best to remember this before you change to third job.


Q: What is a ‘build’? What do numbers like 4123 or 1432 mean?

  • The series of four numbers indicate your ‘build’. They represent your growth in the following order: Power, Magic, Sense, Charm. When someone asks you to state your build, the numbers always go in that order.
  • For example, a build of 1432 would mean: 10% Power, 40% Magic, 30% Sense, 20% Charm. Some people talk in terms of percentage, others just state the four numbers, but they both mean the same thing. Note that your type’s predominant stat will always be 4. e.g. A Power type must have a 4 in Power, a Magic type must have a 4 in Magic, and so on. The game will not allow you to distribute anything less than a 4 in your predominant stat.

Q: What about the other stats below each of the big four stats (AP, AC, DX, etc.)?

  • Each of the four major stats are regulated by three further individual stats–it’s not as confusing as it sounds. You can check out the stats in-game by pressing V or clicking on MyView, but here’s a lowdown on all the stats.
  • AP (Attack Power) – determines the power of basic melee attacks; affects the damage of skills used by certain classes, namely Bunnies, Buffalos, Cats and Raccoons.
  • AC (Accuracy) – determines the accuracy of Power- and Charm-type attacks as well as Stone Strike, a skill for Sense types; determines gun damage.
  • DX (Dexterity/Delay) – determines how fast you attack; included in the formula for Buffalo skills such as Blazing Strike. Unlike all other stats, DX is measured in negative numbers, so the lower the number, the higher your dexterity.
  • MP (Magic Points?) – determines how much mana (MP) you have to use skills/cast magic spells. This is also your blue bar.
  • MA (Magic Attack) – determines the power of magic attacks; this is the most important stat for Magic types and only they have any use for MA.
  • MD (Magic Defense) – determines your defense to magic attacks.
  • WT (Weight Capacity) – determines how much stuff you can carry.
  • DA (Detect Ability) – helps with drilling and determines how often you get a light bulb or junk symbol when you drill; also determines the power of Sense type skills such as Stone Strike and Shuriken Mastery; helps with ore refinement; helps with Compounding–that is, with Compounder Paul or Nadia, NOT Alchemist Nate (up to 40% increase).
  • LK (Luck) – determines how often you’ll do criticals and your block rate; helps with Mature Compounding–the higher your LK, the higher chance you’ll have of achieving a better value.
  • HP (Health Points) – determines how much health you have; included in the formula for certain Charm skills such as Final Blow, Impelling Rage and Siren Song. This is also your red/pink bar.
  • DP (Defense Points) – determines your defence to physical and gun attacks–the more DP you have, the less damage you’ll take from enemy attacks; included in the formula for Siren Song.
  • HV (Hit Evasion) – determines how often you’ll avoid enemy attacks; included in the formula for certain Charm skills such as Mana Reflector, Card Strike, Volley Kick and Wild Nail.

Q: When people say stuff like “pure AP” or “pure MA”, what does “pure” mean?

  • Pure anything means you put ALL your bonus points into that stat. So, pure MA = all bonus points into MA.

Q: What does “hybrid” mean?

  • “Hybrid” simply means dividing your bonus points between two stats.
  • A common hybrid build is hybrid AP/HV for Charm types–mostly Raccoons.

Q: I’m a . Where should I put my bonus points?

  • How you distribute your points may depend on your build. The underlined options are the most common and are usually recommended for beginners, whereas the ones that follow are (less common) alternatives.
  • Bunny – Pure AP.
  • Buffalo – Pure AP; pure DX (not recommended unless you intend to do the most damage with Blazing Strike).
  • Dragon – Pure MA.
  • Sheep – Pure MA.
  • Lion – Pure AC (for gunner Lions); Pure LK.
  • Fox – Pure DA; Pure LK.
  • Cat – Pure AP; pure HV; Hybrid AP/HV; Pure DP.
  • Raccoon – Pure HV; Hybrid AP/HV; Pure AP.

Q: Which stat determines the accuracy of my attacks?

  • For Power and Charm types, it’s AC. AC also affects the accuracy of Stone Strike.
  • For Magic types and Lions, LK affects the accuracy of gun and magic attacks. LK is especially important for naturally inaccurate Magic skills, such as Arrow Rush and Whirlwind Blaze.

Q: What skills should I get?

Q: I want to delete a skill. How do I do that?

  • The only way to delete an unwanted skill is to buy a Master’s Authority from MyShop. It’ll cost you 4500 MyShop points.
  • Using a Master’s Authority will return to you all the TM points you’ve used to learn and master that skill.
  • Keep in mind that, in order to delete a skill that is a prerequisite to another skill, you’ll need to first delete all skills which derive from that prerequisite. e.g. To delete Hellfire, you must first delete Wicked Flame.

Q: My build is screwed up. How can I fix that?

  • You can only fix a bad build by buying a Build Graph Reset from MyShop (21900 points).
  • Using a BGR will return all bonus stats you’ve distributed to you, so you can redistribute them anew as you wish.

Q: I’m the same level as another player in the game. How come he’s doing more damage than me?

  • Many factors can come into play. The other player may have a different build than you or distribute his bonus stats differently.
  • He may also be wearing different equips, have achieved different compound values than you in his equips, or have a different pet.
  • The bottom line is not to worry: you won’t be doing an identical amount of damage as other players your level, and you shouldn’t expect to. As long as your damage isn’t too far off from the average for your level, then you’re fine.

Q: I’m a Sheep–which elements should I pick?

Q: Is the Dragon a girl or a boy?

  • The Dragon is male, despite his long hair and colorful robes.

Q: Which character does the most damage?

Early-game, it highly depends on your equips.

Per TM point:  Lv1/4 Mana Arrow Sheeps and Dragons.
Per level up:  LvM Burning Rave Buffalos/Bunnies.
Per equipment upgrade:  LvM Stone Strike Foxes.

In late-game though, where equipment starts to flatten out, however depending on the type of monster you will be fighting.

Single monster, Phys-weak:  LvM Wild Nail w/ Pure HV Raccoon, LvM Uppercut + Counter Bunny.
Multiple monster, Phys-weak:  LvM Shadow Attack and/or LvM Sonic Slash Buffalos.
Single monster, Magic-weak:  LvM Arrow Rush Sheeps or Dragons.
Multiple monster, Magic-weak:  LvM Wind Blade for shortest cast/fastest cooldown/medium damage, LvM Staff of Thunder for medium-cast/short cooldown/high damage, LvM Whirlwind for slow-cast/damage over time/heavy damage, LvM Gravity Crush for short-cast/long cooldown/extremely heavy damage.

Of course, certain combinations work better than others, this is only in regards to single attacks.


Q: Does LK affect monster drops or drill finds?

  • If you mean whether LK affects your chances of finding items when drilling or finding better items, the answer is no. If there’s no item underground, you’ll simply get nothing no matter how much LK you have. DA, on the other hand, helps you detect whether there is something buried underground or not. So the higher your DA, the more often you’ll get the junk or light bulb symbol as an indication.
  • Monster drops are also pre-programmed and not affected by individual player’s stats.
  • Thus, the only things affected by LK are the ones already mentioned above.

Q: How do I get MyShop points?

  • You can (re)charge points either from the game or the website.
  • In game, press Y or click on the MyShop tab. Click on recharge and you’ll be prompted with your preferred method of payment. Select your preferred option and follow the onscreen instructions to make your payment. The points will normally be available in your account for spending in a few seconds, but sometimes, it might take longer.
  • On the website, log into your account, go to “Recharge Points” under the Account menu on the left and follow the same procedures as above.
  • Remember that you’ll have to use one of the methods of payment NTreev USA accepts to be able to purchase MyShop.

Q: What does ‘mileage’ next to my account name mean?

  • Your mileage is how many free bonus MyShop points you’ve accumulated as a result of past transactions.
  • For each purchase you make, you’ll be rewarded with some free points that are credited to your account as soon as you’ve been redirected.
  • How many free points you receive will depend on how much you spend–usually you get about 1% free. For example, buy 10000 points and you’ll get 100 bonus points.
  • Free points are automatically credited to your account, so you’ll be able to spend them as soon as you’ve made your purchase. For a 10000 points purchase, you’ll notice that you have 10100 points after recharge.

Q: Are MyShop items tradeable?

  • No. MyShop items cannot be traded, vended or dropped. You can, however, sell them to an NPC for 1 galder.

Q: I no longer want/need a certain Gacha item. Can I gift it to someone else?

  • No. Just like regular MyShop items, Gacha items are not tradeable whatsoever. The only way to get rid of them is to NPC them.
  • Only 4G Cards are tradeable, but note that 4G items themselves are not tradeable. That is, if you’ve already exchanged your Card with Rosemary for the item, you won’t be able to trade that item.

Q: I’ve heard that it’s illegal to buy/sell MyShop. Is this true?

  • It’s not ‘illegal’ per se, but buying/selling MyShop in exchange in-game galders or currency is discouraged by the GMs. If you buy/sell MyShop, you risk being reported and having your account banned.

Q: How do I get a 4G Card 5?

  • Collect all the rare items in Gacha Town 5.
  • The Special Town 5 has always been a limited time only town, so you can only collect Town 5 rares while that town is still available. So far, two Special Towns have been released: one for Summer 2007 and another for Christmas 2007.
  • Once Town 5 is removed, you’ll have to buy the 4G5 from other players.

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