Trickster Online Second Job Guide

Trickster Online Second Job Guide by TheNimbleFox

Hi, and thanks for reading. I just randomly felt like giving a few tips to get you to your second job.

Chapter I ~ Introduction to Second Jobs.

For those of you who already know about them, and just want to go on ahead, feel free to skip to Chapter II.

A second job gives your character a new appearance. (Unfortunately, your hair resets to the default color.)

But (arguably) more importantly, a Second Job gives you new skills, but these skills are different from the Second Job skills of the other gender character of your type. That’s right, there’s actually a difference now.
(For example, a second job Bunny can’t learn second job Buffalo skills, and vice versa, even though they’re both power types.)

Here’s the list of Jobs~

Bunny ~ Schoolgirl~>Boxer!
Buffalo ~ Fighter~>Warrior!

Sheep ~ Librarian~>Bard!
Dragon ~ Shaman~>Magician!

Fox ~ Archaeologist~>Explorer!
Lion ~ Engineer~>Inventor!

Cat ~ Model~>Entertainer!
Raccoon ~ Teacher~>Cardmaster!

You must be wondering just how you get these jobs! (Unless you already know, and you’re just reading this guide out of boredom.)

Now, before you go, make sure you’re at least level 50 and TM level 40. If you’re not, go read a guide on leveling up.

First of all, go to to either the Megalopolis Skill Shrine, or Azteca.
If you’re at the Skill Shrine, I believe Power and Sense go through the door on the left, and Magic and Charm go to the door on the right. (I might be wrong.)

Ignore the “Door of Tribulations” in the middle, it doesn’t concern you. (Yet!)
If you’re at Azteca, they’re near Louis Bitton, whose purpose I shall explain later.

Don’t go talk to them anywhere I haven’t mentioned. It won’t work.

Anyway, the NPC’s are~

Bunny ~ Boxer Jeanne
Buffalo ~ Warrior Kei
Sheep ~ Bard La Fimmel
Dragon ~ Magician Louie
Fox ~ Explorer Reina
Lion ~ Inventor Gale
Cat ~ Entertainer Elicia
Raccoon ~ Cardmaster Taniel

By the way, you can still learn 1st Job skills if you’re 2nd job.
Get their quest and let’s get started!

Chapter II ~ Actually becoming Second Job.
(Note: The check and badge can be gotten in any order.)

Now, get 1,050,000 Galder.
You heard me.
I’m serious.
Reiinakano reminded me you could just sell your level 40 gift box for about… Well, prices change. Poke around the marketplace a bit.
Well, unless you opened it. In which case, try selling things.
…After that, buy a “1 Million Galder Check” from Andrew at the megalopolis bank.

Actually I hear it’s been updated to 300,000 galder. I don’t have much info as I haven’t gotten another character to 2nd job since then…

There. You’re half done. Was that so hard? :D (Yes!)

Now, march on over to Relics Field 4 (Southwest of Azteca) and find that secret entrance.

But first, I recommend that you get as many of these things as possible.

~A large amount of potions.
~A friend to help you.
~Anything else you think you might need. I’m not very creative right now.

Ready? Now go inside the dungeon.

Use all your buffs, and look for a monster called “Kaboom.” If you find a badge just laying there, don’t pick it up unless it’s a badge for your character. (ie: If you’re a Cat, please only pick up the “Pretty Cat Badge.”)
(Unless you want to put it in the bank for your other characters on the same account and world, reminds Hitotsubashi. …Or trade them. >_>)

If you find a Kaboom, try to kill all the other monsters if you can. Only if you can. Also, stay away from the little monsters that look like two boxes stacked on top. FAR away. They ouchie. (The cardboard kind of box is much freindlier…)

Now, all clear? Kill the Kaboom. But…
When its HP is a yellow bar, I recommend to hit and run. If you don’t… Well…

It might randomly asplode for 50,000+ Damage.
I’m serious.
It can really do that.
All that hard work for nothing, as you watch a badge roll on the floor, just out of your reach…
Oh, and if you brought a friend, don’t let them pick up your badge.
There’s no possible way for them to give it to you.


So I hear badges are tradeable now. >_> I miss the good old days where we needed eagle feather pens.

(Ten hours later)

So you finally killed one and survived, eh?
But what’s this?
It’s the wrong kind of badge?
…That’s right. They won’t necessarily drop the kind of badge that you need.
Sometimes, they don’t drop any at all.
Just be patient. Remember, if there’s a badge you don’t need on the floor just leave it there. Whether you killed the Kaboom that left it there or not.

After you finally either find your badge on the floor, or kill a Kaboom and get your badge, it’s time to go back. Get that 1 Million Galder Check if you haven’t already.

Talk to the NPC you talked to in Ch. 1. From here, it’s self-explanatory.

And congratulations, you’re now second job. If you decide you want to look like your 1st job form, go ahead and talk to Louis Bitton, who is both in Azteca, and Megalopolis Square. Simply pay a small(?) fee of 50,000 Galder. Poof. You now look exactly like you did before you changed jobs. (Hair color included!) …And if you get bored of your 1st job look again, pay another 50K and switch back. Just so you know, hair color stays with the job you’re at. …And you can switch appearances as many times as you want, as long as you can afford it.

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