Trickster Online Earning Money Guide

Trickster Online Earning Money Guide by Imogen

This is just a short and simple guide on how to earn Galder (and buying/trading)

I. Picking up after yourself
The easiest way to earn money is to pick up the items (and galder!) that monsters drop. Do NOT be modest and leave the items there to rot! You can earn a serious amount of galder from these items.

For example- if you are hunting in Tech 4 and you pick up all the Willow Daggers that the monsters drop, and you end up with a grand total of 40 daggers when you NPC them, you will have made a profit of almost 16,000 galdar (willow daggers are NPCed for 360? galdar at Gate of Techichi Volcano), which should be enough to cover your repotting costs. And if you’re a low-level character that doesn’t need to buy potions, you just earned yourself a little extra cash!

In addition, monsters everywhere drop a decent amount of galder. If you keep on picking up the galder they drop, it will soon add up (especially if you’re training at a high-level area where the monsters drop up to 20k galder)

There is always the option of looting, of course, but shame on you for doing so! =__=

II. Giftboxes
Giftboxes… the gifts from god- I mean, those boxes you get from leveling up! 8’D
Selling certain giftboxes, for me, is an essential way of earning money. Level 40, 100, 140, and 180 giftboxes are always in high demand, and will sell for high prices (boxes that contain sprints can sell for 2-3mil, boosters sell for 5-7mil). You can also sell level 40 giftboxes for 2nd job money as well. Level up giftboxes, which contain a number of items, can sell for 5-7mil.

III. Hoarding
Whoever said that hoarding items was bad? In fact, it is quite the opposite! If you start hoarding items that are on demand (such as certain cards, panacea, refining stones, etc.), you earn a big profit from selling them!

For example- if you enjoy killing lobsters and walking pots, you can hunt for Panacea! If you collect 30 panacea, you can earn…
3mil if you sell them for 100k each
2.7mil if you sell them for 90k each
2.4mil if you sell them for 80k each
So, as you can tell, you earn a pretty nice amount of money from selling Panacea- and that’s just one item.

Hoard-able items-
-Panacea (this one is personally my favorite, not too hard to get, and if sold in bunches, can be made into quick profit)
-Koom Cards (somewhat difficult to get, since Kooms drop them so rarely, but can be sold for up to 1mil)
-Stones (especially the higher level ones, they can sell for about 100k-200k each)
-Key Quest items (the Desert Beach ones may sell for a smashing 10k each, but all the other key quest items can sell for a fair amount of galder)
-Pharaoh Set Equipment (fairly easy to get if you have a character under lvl 90 and can kill bosses fairly well, can be sold for a LOT of money, especially when you comp them with Soil/Dark stones)

IV. Buying/trading tips
Here are some tips for buying and trading…

-Never just mindlessly buy something (such as a fuse), always ask yourself if you really need or want the item
-Don’t be scared to ‘nab’ cheap items on sale! If the price of the item is dramatically undercut the average price, buy the item! You can always sell it later for the average price when you are done ‘playing’ with it (or just keep it forever and ever as a memory of your sweet victory)
-If you’re a crazy fuse-collector like me, always ask the seller if they accept a mix of galder and unwanted fuses for the item they’re selling. That can save you a bunch of galder!

I hope you enjoyed my little lecture! If I have forgotten anything, make sure to mention it!

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