Trickster Online Level Up Grinding Guide

Trickster Online Level Up Grinding Guide by carlosextrem

This guide is for people who don’t like to do quests or don’t know how to level after you finish all the quests, etc.

Training is called “Grinding”, you can grind in almost everywhere but not all the monsters give the same exp and tm, this guide allow you to level fast. To get good TM you should do the fiesta zone unlimited TM quest for enough TM.
All kind of characters can train using this guide. Be sure you hunt the correct monster, for example, for gunners should kill the gun weak monsters, for magic magic weak monsters, etc.

Is better if you use a party while training, it increase your exp and tm exp gained to all members, but be sure you put exp share NO to get your own exp.

Level 1~15 —> Coral Beach Fields and Dungeon. Hunting any monster. After level 10 is good to kill Cliones and Thiefmons. At cave is good to kill the ducks.

Level 15~20 —> Beach Fields. Hunting Hula Octopus, Pinneaples, Shells, Fanta Slimes, etc.

Level 20~25 —> Southeast Forest. Hunting Popos and Yamus.

Level 25~30 —> Southwest Forest. Hunting Mantis and monsters around.

Level 30~40 —> Popurri Dungeon. Hunting Moss, Kooms and Larvas.

Level 40~60 —> Path to Oops Wharf. Hunting any monster around.

Level 60~80 —> Phantom School. Hunting maid ghosts, inky mucks, tritchs.

Level 80~90 —> Phantom School 3-4. Hunting Red Goblins and monsters around that room.

Level 90~110 —> Nora Sewer, Path to Snow Hill, Phantom School Machinery Room, Phantom School 3-4. At Nora Sewer hunt with the nora mummies and nora bigs, they are good exp for a party at that level. If you hunt at Path to Snow Hill, you can hunt the Bug Bears, Jokers.

Level 110~130 —> Nora Sewer (BEST PLACE), Phantom School Art Room (for mages), Phantom School Music Room, Path to Snow Hill. Hunting any monster around.

Level 130~150 —> Swamp Field 6, Desert Beach Mine 1st Closed (HARD), Tapasco Field 1, Fiesta Zone (for your level). Hunting Mug Bigfoots, Arachnes, Salamanders and the monsters from fiesta zone, at Desert Mine hunt the duck moles at the entrance to portal to 2nd, like ice bears.

Level 150~190 —> Tapasco Field 1, Rose Garden Fiesta Zone, 1st Closed lot of Jade Steel (HARD). Hunting Salamanders, at the mine hunt the myconids near the entrance to 2nd portal, like ice bears.

Level 190~230 —> Tapasco Field 1, Vampire Castle Boss Room 1 Lower Gate and 2 Sacrifice. Hunting Salamanders, Guardian Kerberos, Bats.

Level 230~320 —> Tapasco Field 1 or 4, 1st Closed Lot of Precious Jewel. Hunting Salamanders, Ice Bears.

Level 320~345 —> Ash Dungeon 4, 2nd Closed Lot of Silent Lava, Abyss Field 1 and 3. Hunting any monster around.

Level 345~400 —> Abyss Fields, 2nd Closed Lot of Silent Lava. Hunting any monster around.

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