Trickster Online Chaos Spire Guide

Trickster Online Chaos Spire Guide by TheCait

o there’s a lot of questions and a lot of people ingame asking stuff so I decided to make a mini guide/faq thing.

-Chaos Spire-
——————-Basic Info

Location: Path to desert beach. (The map after Cannon Shells)
Required Level: 25-60
What can I do? – Hunter Girl Yuri gives you a monster quest to do. There are 10 cycles. Bunny Maid wants a collection of 10 shards in exchange for crappy exp. Officer Tera has a Party Quest. (Haven’t done it yet, so I dunno what its about) Eclipse does a few things. She transfers you to the next floor… She transfers you to the battleroom… and she transfers you to gate.

——————-Futher FAQ

What order do I do it in? Whatever order you want. But the main beef (for the contest anyway) is Hunter Girl Yuri monster quests. Talk to Yuri, transfer to battle room, kill monsters + get crystals, go back to the portal (upper left of the screen) talk to Yuri, Get prize, Talk to Eclipse, select transfer to next floor, accept her monster quest, go to battleroom, do her quest. Come back, Transfer to next floor. Rinse, Repeat.

Is it possible to completely Solo? Yes. Some levels are actually easier by yourself.

Can I open mycamp/myshop there? Yes, in the safe levels. This is a good oppurtunity to use your marble drills X3. They dig fast! Having the MyCamp storage is good too. You can switch equips/pet if you need to.

Digging is too hard to get crystals!  You can also kill the mini boss in the area. They drop crystals as well. Although at later levels, its much rarer and a lot easier to dig.

HOWWWW Many times do I have to do Yuri’s Quest in order to be able to get the prizes!??! A few people have asked, and the GM’s will only say the following… Which could technically be interpreted in several different ways. My definate answer is “one or ten”

 I FINISHED X quest X times and I DIDNT GET ANY BOXES!!!   I duno why you think you should get them instantly. (Or in some cases in a few maintenences. Or not at all)

I got to level 11, but when I kill the addaxes they dont count!! Notice how on the other floors there is “confused” as well as “Chaos” ones. Ntreev mistakenly named the Confused ones as “Chaos” Too.

About the Chaos Addaxes on floor 11. Here’s how you tell them apart.

Power type Addax= Chaos Addax (Your target, kill em!)

Magic type Addax= Confused Addax (Not your target, leave em be!)

Are the Chaos Shards Consumed? Unfortunately, yes.

Help! I went into an area and there are no bosses!   after the bosses are killed, it takes awhile for them to respawn. Make sure you dont kill all the bosses and try to do the boss quest RIGHT after eachother, lol

What are the best places to dig? Look at this link. I have provided with you the best hotspots for digging.

What’s inside of the Chaos Boxes?!?!!? Well, we don’t know for sure.. but here’s a list of the stuff from the /CHAOS TOWER/ event. (this is NOT the same as Chaos Spire event, please note!);=0&listpgn;=6  This MAY be similar to the items given out in the Chaos Spire event. But it might not. So don’t get your hopes up. or else.

If i were to get to floor 7, a safe floor, and get an EE or log out, will I return to floor 7?    Yes you will return to the last safe floor you were previously at.

But Cait! Your guide earlier said we had to beat Yuri’s quest on floor 11 to get the capt + pet! You lied to us!    No, Ntreev lied to us all. It would have been a HUGE HELP if they would have not lied to us in the beginning So I could have like, you know.. Done that quest while I was up there >_> Because I have no desire whatsoever to make it ALL THE WAY BACK UP THERE. I won’t be. Purple cape, whyyyyy?!?! T_T

——————-Beat the Spire Contest

What about the contest? Well, I cant be for sure. Here’s exactly what the website says.
Prize one:Complete Hunter Girl Yuri’s Monster Quest on FLOOR 2 and recieve 5 Chaos Spire Box A’s!

Prize two:Complete Hunter Girl Yuri’s Monster Quest on FLOOR 6 and recieve 5 Chaos Spire Box B’s!

Prize three:Complete Hunter Girl Yuri’s Monster Quest on FLOOR 10 and recieve 5 Chaos Spire Box C’s!

Prize four:Complete Hunter MASTER Monster Quest on FLOOR 11 and recieve Big Blue 60 and Chaos Spire Cape!

——————-The Guide

Basic Guide to fulfill requirements for the event prizes. (This means it doesnt count Tera, Bunny Maid, Hunter Master)

Gate – At gate there’s nothing to do but buy Pink Pot Bs to transfer to floor 2. Step in the portal.

Floor 1 – Talk to Yuri + Eclipse. Enemy: Torrobie. Miniboss: Bad Fury M – Need to collect: (2 or 11) – Chaos Shard M 1 (can also be easily collected at floor 2) [[This level is really easy. As with all levels, watch out for exploding werepots]]

Floor 2 – Talk to Yuri + Eclipse. Enemy: Tottochi. Miniboss: Little Cora M Need to collect: 2 – Chaos Shard M 2  [[Again, easy level. Yes it’s normal for Coras to drop Shard 1s.]]

Floor 3 – Rest area. If you die after this point, you will respawn here. [[There is an item girl here and a station for redeeming requium equips. You need a chaos equip + 2 requium crystals to do it. A bad chaos can turn into a good requium + vice versa.]]

Floor 4 – Talk to Yuri + Eclipse. Enemy: Clione Miniboss: Bustshell M Need to collect: 2 – Chaos Shard M 4 [[This is where it starts getting a little tricky. When there are other people here, digging is nearly impossible. But keep at it! ]]

Floor 5 – Talk to Yuri + Eclipse. Enemy: Fanta Slime. Miniboss: Fanta Fish M Need to collect: (2 or 11) – Chaos Shard M 5 [[Another pretty easy level! But the Fanta Fish use magic here, which could be a stopper for you.]]

Floor 6 – Talk to Yuri + Eclipse. Enemy: Shell Trap. Miniboss: Pineapple M Need to collect: 2 – Chaos Shard M 6 + finish 10 cycles of Hunter Yuri quest. [[Cannon Shells hurt a bit more than usual… They shoot twice. But pretty easy level. I think Shell Traps have berserk also. Also Shell Traps have a decent amount of HP. My mana storm couldnt kill them in 1 hit.]]

Floor 7 – Rest area. If you die after this point, you will respawn here.

Floor 8 – Talk to Yuri + Eclipse. Enemy: Sea Scorpion Miniboss: Cannon Shell M Need to collect: 2 – Chaos Shard M 8 [[I found this one to be pretty easy too.]]

Floor 9 – Talk to Yuri + Eclipse. Enemy:  Fan Lizard Miniboss: Sand Demon M Need to collect: (2 or 11) – Chaos Shard M 9 [[This one was easy also XP. The Fan Lizards have berserk though, I believe.]]

Floor 10 – Talk to Yuri + Eclipse. Enemy: Theifmon Miniboss:Master Mong M Need to collect: 2 – Chaos Shard M 10  [[And here’s the sharp curve! Theifmons can faint you, Master Mong can faint you, Master Mong can go berserk, and Pots can explode. This was the hardest level for me to finish Yuri’s Quest. ]]

Floor 11 – Talk to Yuri + Eclipse. Enemy: Addax Miniboss: Halbringer M Need to collect: Nothing…? [[Congrats if you made it here! As of the writing of this, only 2 people have made it here and done Yuri’s quest at least once on Fantasia Server! The Addaxes aren’t really a problem.. They do go berserk. But the main killer here are the Halbringers. They summon like CRAZY, make sure to ONLY and i mean ONLY work on one at a time… Even if you run by them, they will still summon. The screen will be filled with exploding pots, and there will be no safe place to stand… Good Luck!]]

Floor “12” SECRET ROOM –  Not sure, check this post for details.

——————-How I did it

Help! I cant get past level 2! Tell me how you solo’d all the way to 11!!!
Well, Here’s how I did it. I went in at level 59, 70%. I’m a dragon, by the way.
I would have probably leveled up 3-4 times in here, but I kept killing myself to keep my exp down below level 61.

Pharoh Hat – 109DP
Golden Sword – Level 5, 133% soil
Golden Lion Shield – Level 4, 131% Darkness
Ankh Pendent (Clean) /switched 1/2 way/ Cherry Blossom Pouch – 220 AP
Poppuri Sprint (Clean)
Spirit of the Phoenix T1 /switched 1/2 way/ Bruce Li 50
Duo Doctor (Clean)
Ice Penguin Cape – +1567 HP
Rose Colored Glasses – +1AC, +3 DA

I could kill all regular monsters in 1 hit melee. (Even Addaxes) [While mana storm lvl10 did NOT kill them in 1 hit] The bosses, I used a combination of Mana Storm and Melee and running away to beat them. If you find yourself in a situation where the boss summons pots, Kill the pots off 1 by 1 before you go back to the boss. It’ll ensure it doesnt explode on you. I also used 3 res. scrolls trying to beat the halbringers. (but no success :( )

I know all my MyHax stuff is the only reason I made it up there, but have faith! Try and get as far as you can ^^

Whew! Any questions/comments/suggestions/corrections, feel free to post them here! Hope it helps!

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