Trickster Online Walkthrough Guide

Trickster Online Walkthrough Guide by TheCait

First off: I would like to thank everyone I’ve met in the past year + few months for helping me with tips, tricks, advice, support, friendship, and love. Without them, this would have just been another random MMO.

Captain Stan’s Boat + intro
Pretty much nothing to do here besides get theifmon’s bad check.. then complete the tutorial.

While you re in the tutorial, make sure you buy a lot of tangerines, not just one. They’re free, they heal 20HP and are very useful in the beginning!

Coral Beach

-Make sure you equip your equipment from your tutorial, including your pet. When you get life jacket, equip that too.
-Sell wing of returns to NPCs to relieve a lot of weight.
-Use galder coupons to relieve weight, or sell the 100g coupons VIA party board, sometimes people buy them for 1-5k for a quest later.
-Buy the smooth/sleek items as soon as you have enough money.
-Complete the Episode 0 quests…
-Don’t forget about the monster quest in the Clione area. Even though it says “kill 100 bustshells” it REALLY means “kill 10 bustshells” When i was newb, I thought it really was 100, and turned me off to monster quests, a huge mistake..
-Remember to grind here until you reach the monsters level, then move on.

Gate to Desert Beach + Dark Cave

-At level 15, you can do the quests here.
-Get a drill from driller marky and drill up your quests. DON T randomly drill on the map, drill in a line on the edges. Drilling is similar to battleship… you find 1 item, you re more than likely to find more near it. Don t drill in the same area, if theres nothing there, theres not gunna be anything there for awhile. Contrary to popular believe, fox’s have the same chance to dig something up as bunnies, they just detect if it’s there more often.
-Make sure to open your gift boxes from megalo (in myshop) when you get to level 15 and 20.. and equip your lotus leaf hat and peng when you get it.
-Get the strong ring from Master Louis and equip it.

-At 15, do the KEY quests here… you cant do the main quests yet, but the key quest you can.
-after that its best to grind wherever you can till 20… then do the paradise quests.
-There is a party quest for killing pineapples, remember to do those too.
-You don t need all of the stickers to finish the key quest, the hardest quest, IMO is Sun creams, letters, and bath items.
-Many of the pyramid quests are going to be too hard for you, so save those for later.
-Then grind to 30 or 35 on hula octopuses. If you are in a party MAKE SURE that people aren t leeching off of you!!
-If you need money, if you go to the pyramid and dig up book of deads..(BoDs) Sell them for 100-150k. (in fantasia) EASY money!
-If you d rather not dig there, dig for Tin Gemstones in the mines.
-Don t forget about the mines quest too!

Poppuri Dungeon

-This is where many people give up the game, I believe. It is hard, but you can do it!
-You may want to get some money from digging up BoDs and buy the long lasting batteries from someone who is selling them for 20-30k. They are REALLY hard to find.. even for me with 100% detection rate!
-Keep working on it, kill kokebis if they are easier.. avoid Sppos because they have that weird kickback spell.
-Digging here REALLY sucks. If you can get a myshop drill, it is a BIG help. you cant use basic drills here anymore, and they don t sell multi point drills anymore.
-It might help if at this point you join a guild, get well known, then KINDLY ask someone to help you a little. After these quests it should put you at level 40ish
-Also remember to do the card quests outside the dungeon. The koom one might take you awhile, so you might wanna save that one for later when you can kill em easier.
-DO NOT open your level 40 Giftbox. You can sell it for 2mil and pay for your first job. All thats in your level 40 GB is a sprint which makes you walk a little bit faster for 3 days.
-There’s also a new key-quest type thing for scared poppuri.. Do that too.
-The Fiesty Koom quest isn’t really worth doing, it’s too far away and too hard to get to for low leveled people.

Gate to Caballa Relics
-Kill the leafbirds as soon as you can to collect the hulled millet. As soon as you re level 45, turn them in for experience.
-If you have a lot of grinding to do before you re level 45, now is a good time to revisit the pyramids, as it will be a lot easier.

-These quests can be pretty tedious.. lots of digging..
-Do all the quests you can do without the gold equipment. You can try going to tut and get gold equipment now, but.. Its gunna be hard and he doesn’t drop it very often.
-Get the gold equips as soon as you can. Its a huge help at level 35, and you re nearly invincible for a long time. Then do the gold equips quests.. (Soul hunters, etc.)
-If you cant get the gold equips right now, you re just gunna have to grind to 45. Grind at gate to oops wharf if you can survive.
-You pretty much have to be level 50 to even have a shot at killing Tut by yourself. However, your biggest enemy here isn’t tut… It’s other people. With the new trials, you have to race the level 90 people with sprints. I suggest you dont even try it without a sprint unless you’re the only one there.

Caballa Relics

-Mimics and Aposis in a royal party give pretty good exp here. Also theres an Aposis and Mimic MQ/PQ, so you get a LOT of exp from this..
-ALSO pick up the items mimics and aposis’ drop for quest… and mimic cards. Like killing 4 birds with 1 stone! Extra mimic cards can be sold for ~200k
-Do the episode 1 quests as soon as you can, you get good exp.. You should get to about level 50. Theres a lot of digging here too, as well with Naranjo. But you should be used to it by now!
-If you get extra chibcha/chimu cards, some people will pay outrageous amounts for these.. like 500-600k. These are an easy way to make money too.
-Some quests.. like the ones with 25 cycles aren t necessary and are purely for exp. Don t do these if you don t want to. These are the copal/obsidian/gold ring/neclace quests.
-Again, don t forget about the mine gem quest or card quests.
-Once you get to level 50 TM level 40, have a higher level person / party help you kill kaboom to get your badge! They aren t tradable or dropable, so you have to pick it up.
-Attain Job level 2!
-Do the Caballa town Quests

Oops Wharf
-Pretty much you’re going to have to grind until 60 from here. This is usually pretty easy to do with a royal party at path to Oops Wharf.
-Do Path to oops wharf quests. A lot of the quest items frop at path to Oops Wharf!
-For extra EXP, you can go to Phantom School and try your luck at digging up red tissues.. If not, kill for the tree pens, thats fairly easy, you get some equips, and exp. You have to be at least level 35 to do that too.
-Crow party quests give a lot of exp, so that would be a good thing to do also. PLUS you can pick up his bell clusters, dark clothes, and crow claws for your quests!
-Now is pretty much grinding to 70, then Start Oops wharf quests. Where to grind? Where to grind? You usually grind at electic snails/path to black swamp… But since revo, it’s gone. You pretty much have to solo till someone finds a new main training places. Some places that may be good are.. Path to Mermaid palace.. Path to Ghost Blue maybe.. This is prolly one of the hardest spots to level cuz of the recent revo.. Try collecting quest items for the next place :)
-Oops Wharf quests are pretty much self explanatory. Dig up items and kill enemies.
-Master Foe cards can sell for like 500k+ because they re used to access Captain Skull, the boss. The max level on him is 120, and believe me, you re going to want a party and be close to 120 before you get his seal! Skull is harder for power types than others, like dragon. My bunny at lv100 used 6 cards + 2 revive flowers to get a seal. My dragon at lv 90-ish used 1 card and about 5 mins to get 2 seals.
-Also here you can finish up Episode 1 quests if you haven’t already.. with the harkon necklace, etc.
-Once you get to level 80, you can do episode 2 quests. Get Tanya s swords from a Tanya which STILL kills me almost OHKO at level 120, and worst of all, Kill Don.
-Tanya Sword: Get someone else to help you with this one >< its what i had to do.
-Don: this is a big one.. depending on your class this will suck big time. If you have skunk pouch or faint, hes super easy.. but hes 95% resistant to everything. For a bunny, what i did was borrow equips from guildies to boost my HP up to over 10,000, just click on him, then spam herb + elixer potions until he’s dead.
-If you cant kill Don, do mermaid dungeon quests then come back to him later. I killed him at level 90.
-REMEMBER: at level 90, you CAN NOT kill tut anymore. Ever again. EVER. So make sure you kill him all you want before then.
-Most people from like level 80-110-ish grind on bugbears… With the recent revo, noone’s at bugbears though. Try collecting Mermaid field/dungeon questies unless you can find a grinding partner.

Mermaid Field/Dungeon
-This place isnt really HARD, its just pretty tedious. You have to be level 80 for this.
-Just keep grinding on those Bells.. digging for those pearls.. you’ll get em eventually. You might be able to buy some equips to beef up your DA to over 90 so you can have an easier time digging.

Mirage Island
-You also have to be level 80 for these quests.. and have killed Don. ><
-The monsters here were super hard for me at level 90.. so you might wanna level up first.
-A lot of these items are rare drops, so you might wanna work on easier quests (like chickensaurous) if you get frustrated.
-DARK HALLOWS are EVIL. avoid them. If they paralyze you, you re almost always dead.
-Bloody Rune of fate.. Ohhh the mother of digging!! All you have to do is get about 5-10 Chaos Drills and start digging. The record as far as I know of getting one of these is 15 seconds.. My dragon got one on the 5th dig. (I love you!?!?!!?) but will you be as lucky? Probably not. Most people spend a few days digging for this item. You CAN buy it for 5-10mil sometimes.. but ehh.. thats a lot of money. EVERYONE I’ve talked to found their Bloody rune of fate in the lower / left areas of the map.. My dragon found it at the top near where you spawn in the weeds. Good Luck!
-Make sure NOT to drop Alto passport!!! you NEED it.

Ghost Blue
-You must be level 95 to start here. Ghost Blue is pretty easy, compared to what you’ve been recently been through.
-Whale Essence is not tradeable, and not pickupable.. So you pretty much have to dig it up yourself.
-Cash boxes drop from Bad Anemones.. which are uncommon monsters, just keep grinding on them, they give fairly good exp.
-To get to nora sewers, you need nora card key. sold for 150k in ghost blue or 1.5k in carbigal. take your pick!
-Nora Sewers really sucks for bunnies. The Nora mummies go super saiyan and kill you in one hit :'( Just… have someone help, or shockvibe them..
-The siremaid PQ gives pretty good exp also.

Rose Garden
-BEFORE you dive into rose garden, make sure you plan ahead and do level limited EXP quests.’s_Guide_to_Level_Limited_Monster_Quests
-PRE-Revo Grinding to 120 for rose garden was horrible. I quit Trickster for a month because.. it takes SOO long.
-Now it’s not so hard with all the different monster quests and junk you can do! Also you can grind at Tap1 if you can survive. Bunnys probably wont survive. Dragons survive there easy!
-I suppose at level 100 you can use your level 100 GB’s to boost your EXP to help grind.. But id rather sell em!
-When you do get to Rose Garden, arm yourself with Gao or Neo Drills! Chaos drills arent deep enough!
-There really isnt any strategy i can see to rose garden.. just keep at it… perhaps hope you find a nice party that will help you get items.
-Using a soil-appropriate Neo drill seems to dig up rose petals more than any other drill. Could be just random, but HMMmmmmmMMMmMM?
-Make sure NOT to drop D’s Letter or you will be bugged in finishing rose garden!

Episode 3

-At level 130 you can do episode 3! You have to have access to mirage island. It starts in the construction site noooorth of field 1!
-It’s pretty easy just dig up quest items, kill monsters for quest items.. Then you kill a mini boss… Then try to make your way through a shrine full of monsters… etc.
-The miniboss, Golem, is quite hard for your level. It’s not instanced, so you can get a friend to help, and then you can just pick up the Proof of Hero.
-Keep all quest items with you while you do this. If you use the hologram port and DONT have the earthen fate necklace with you, you are BUGGED from finishing it!
-If you haven’t gone 3rd job, nows the time!!!!

Getting TM to 120 for 3rd job

-Do level limited monster quests. Here’s a guide to them, sorted by MAX level you can do them at:’s_Guide_to_Level_Limited_Monster_Quests
-Do Desert beach mines PQ and vamp dun PQ. They give nice exp.
-Dont forget about Panacea! Thats 10% each time.
-If you havent done all your card quests, nows the time! Once you get level 140, the Orpeo card quest gives ~3 TM LEVELS!
-Last but not least, once level 130 you can talk to the Door of Tribulation in skill garden to get 10mil TM exp before you’re TM level 120.
-Dont forget about episode 3.
-If you can get ahold of a blood set, you can do the quest for the earring early! LOTS of exp!!
-Not sure what the min level is, but if you can get I love you! of a tenter set, you can do the earring quest too.

3rd job trials

-Because im a bunny, my 3rd job trials experience will be different from you, but i will share what i did experience….

-Get a WT pouch. I used mine that i got from an event. Esp. if you are a 4114 bunny! Without it (and nothing else with me) I can hold like 40 elixers.. or 60 herb potions.. (youre gunna want elixers ><) with WT accessory I can hold you know.. hundreds of pots and have room left over.
-I died once on the hell knights, because they go berserk
-I died a lot on the chiffrons.. they berserk and run fast. (I ended up needing to use shockvibe on them. see it IS usefull!)
-I died once on Freyja(?), because he shocks you
-Leviathans I didn’t die, but i had to do the quest SEVERAL times because i kept running out of time. I ended up having to get tetra punch to beat them… because quadpunch wasnt quite fast enough. From my dragon friend, he said Leviathons were HORRIBLE for him.


-I recently got 3rd job on my light dragon… here’s my light dragon trials experiences…
-I didn’t really even have to prepare for this, it was so ridiculously easy. I just put mana shield, light shield, oath of light on.. Went in with 25 pots that healed for 1000MP each..
-I died 2 times on the chiffrons and 2 times on the freyja.. Just use revive flowers once they run away.. Because there is a revive lag. *OUCH*
-The leviathons were not as bad for me as they were for my dragon friend and my bunny. I had a whole minute left to spare… and I could pretty much tank them, just used arrow rush. I didnt even need SOH!

Post 3rd job
-You made it to 3rd! Congrats! but now what?
-Go to Tap1.. and fight.. IMO, it gives horrible exp! With a royal 2.5x party and 2x bracer i only get .1% each red sala. :( but i guess thats the way it goes at higher levels..
-Dont forget about the MINES party quests. They give INSANE exp. If you solo Desert mine PQ for all 30 rounds, it gives about 5 levels.
-I’ve heard from some people training at the Karan Trials is really nice in a royal party. lots of mobs, lots of respawn rate, lots of exp.

Black Swamp

-Level 140 is required to start black swamp… Level 150 to finish it.
-Pretty much dig and kill for the black swamp items, not much too it.. It’s quite tedious and expensive cuz of deep drilling. ….. Just keep buying Neo drills or cheap mirage drills, free myshop drills, keep at it ^^
-Do the mud bigfoot party quest while hunting mud packs.. It makes it much easier to bear.

Snow Hill

-At level 150 you can start Snow hill, finish it at 160.
-If you’re level 150, you can also do Relics Mines PQ
-At level 150, this is the last level you can kill Tombeth at. MAKE SURE you do this!!
-Snow hill is pretty easy for some people, there’s a LOT of rare “killing” items, so if that’s your thing, you will LOVE snow hill. Theres only 1 digging item you’ll have a hard time finding. (Ok maybe 2) Portable AC, and Eidelweiss. Ill post an image of where I found them the most at.
-As far as the killing equips, make a party, have fun trying to collect items, make a game out of it, etc. Otherwise it’s painfully slow, esp. for the ice dungeon questies.

Techichi Volcano
-Techichi Volcano is accessable at lv200 from Snow hill gate. (right? it could be 210, i dont remember, haha)
-There are 2 areas to techi. The fields and Dungeon
-Both places are pretty easy, theres a bit of drilling in both areas that is a bit troublesome, but is cake compared to snow hill.
-If you collected some things pre-revo, there’s a lot thats used, such as sulfer.
-The party quest in gate to dungeon gives -awesome- experience, make sure to get with someone and do that!
-The dungeon quests you can start at 210.
-You get this epic skill called called “Match lightning” in a quest. Make sure to pick it up! XD!

Misc + Beyond

-At level 160, you can try Chaos Tower
-At level 170, you have a quest you can do at Phantom Dungeon
-At level 180, you can equip Count Blood equips!!!
-At level 200, you can kill mad ray (hooo-ray~)
-At level 290 i believe, you can start Abyss key quests. Im nowheres near this level so I dont have any info on it yet, hahaha ^_^”
-BOSSES  – As a bunny, I can easily conquer Count at lvl 198. You may have better luck before or after this level, but he barely even hurts me and the vamp bats cant touch me either.
-There’s also Karan + Tenter bosses you can try your luck at.. for unique equips…
-Captain Skull and Tombeth now have uniques as well. Skull is available till 210. Tombeth till 150.

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