Stellar Impact Armor Explanation

Stellar Impact Armor Explanation by Manta

What does the 35% armored hull mean?

Each point of structure that is armored will be 3 times a tough as an unarmored structure point.

A Cruiser has an armor score of 35, this means, 35% of his hull is converted into armor. Effectively getting on 35% of its hp 3x more hit points.

So, this is a sneaky way to pull out that, if you upgrade your hull, it does upgrade directly the portion of hit points that are under the armor %.

Let’s take an example. A cruiser has 1750 hp.

On a basis, it has 35% armor. Meaning that 613 hps are ‘armored’, hence taking 3 times less damage. This bring us a total of 1840 effective hp for the armored hull. the other green part of the hull is of 1138 hp, meaning our cruiser has a total of 2978 effective hit point at the beginning of the game. Pretty decent heh ?

If you stack armor stuff on it, and get let’s say +15% armor (3 reds), you’re gonna hit 50% armor. Meaning that the effective hp will be 875*3 + 875 = 3500

Not a big deal, but better than nothing.

If I now go for hull upgrades that give out 10% more structure per upgrade, meaning 30% total, i’m getting 1750 + 1750*.30 = 2275 hull points,

Now with 35% armor we have 2275*.35*3+2275*.65 = 2388+1500 = 3888 effective hit points.

To make it clear, the ‘Effective Hit points’ of a ship, is the part of it’s hull that is armored 3 times, plus the part not armored. Simple, right?

We name it Effective hit point because it’s a representation about how much damage a ship can sustain.

I’m of course not taking the shield into account, just drop a flat +1250 hp for the real effective hp. But since this ship is tanked on armor… or speed for some (lol).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i have a PR list based on cruiser tanking…when spending my CP i go for health to max>armor to max>shields to max…at the start of the game is when i feel most squishy so i took all blue armor for the hull slots (i dont have better ones yet) after i get my shields to max i start investing in ship speed and scanner range alternately i have found that you'll be in the front alot of the time so about half way in i start investing in range and cooldown in the mid game i noticed people will start focusing on you once your shields are down ironicaly this is when they do the least damage to me so for my skills i took forcefield, emergency repairs, countermesures and quontum excelerator. I used to have quontum leap but it doesnt function like "flash" in lol…if ur still in scanner range the ordanence still tracks you so i found it as an alternative to leap. for the wepons i took plasma cannons for the AOE sence i leave the killing to the destroyers i have to farm creeps for CP…not saying i dont shoor the otherships while they are attacking i just find its the best way to gat money for the tank upgrades

  2. Anonymous says:

    So I did a bit of maths (and posted them on the forums too, might be worth reposting as it's own thread, but cba at this point in time) And found out that a combination of armour % and hull upgrades actually gives a slightly higher value in the case where armour is fully upgraded. Though such a combination still gives you slightly less health at the beginning of the game than the full health bonus.
    just my 2 cents
    ps: you are awesome.

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