Stellar Impact Ship Roles Guide

Stellar Impact Ship Roles Guide by Manta
For a detailed look at each ship’s statistics click here: Stellar Impact Ships and Weapons Statistics and Analysis

The role of a specific ship is yours to decide as you can swap skills between ships.

The Corvette is the lightest ship, and has the greatest shield. It’s primary skills are manoeuver line but alone it won’t pack a significant damage.
It is the quickest ship in the game, and hence you can ‘build’ it to suit many roles. From harassement to pure caping, for long range combat or short range bomber.
It’s hull points are so low that I woudln’t recommend spending your life around enemies. As well, an opponent with a Stasis field will just reduce your survival chances to 0.

The Frigate is one of the easiest ship to play. It’s packing a nice DPS an his primary engaged in combat for reconnaissance.
The surviability of this ship is one of the largest in the game (with a Cruiser). Here again, you can fill a lot of roles as a frigate depending the way you want to build it.
This is the ship that have the greatest scanner range, hence you are the eyes of your heavyer ships. Remember that.

The Destroyer
is the most lethal ship in the game, but very squishy. With a set of medium shield and medium armor, you have to be experienced to know when to ‘pull out’.
It’s primary an attack ship but here again, you’ll see a lot of people getting a cloak field or a repair on a Destroyer (and imo, it’s a fail!).
It’s your to pick if you wanna go for pure damage, tanking armor or shield, or even speed ?

The Cruiser is but the tank of the game. Combining a serious firepower with an 35% armored hull, it’s a ship designed to sustain a lot of punishment instead of its allies.
It’s primary is defense meaning it will be the first ship to deploy heavy shield bublles or emergency repairs.
The ship is beeing slow, and won’t be able to avoid most of the attacks coming at it.

The Dreadnought is the support ship of the game, though it’s also the ship dealing the most ‘burst’ damage of the game.
With 2 every turrets, you’ll eat any light ship, but if they stand still. Beeing very slow makes you almost impossible to miss.
As a pillar of the group, the Dreads should always be where the fight is, a fleeing dread is but a dead dread.

For the last 2 ships, micromanaging turrets (via Shift and W or Z; X and C) is crutial to deliver the wrath of your heavier turrets when you’re sure it will land.

I would rate, Frigate and Cruiser as ‘Easy’, Dreadnought as ‘Fair’, Destroyers and Corvettes as ‘Hard’ in term of experience needed to get to a fair level.
Any of those ships are hard to master regardless of what you may think. And, I’m not talking about playing a 3-attack skill destroyer where you can just spam skillless)

and as a rought idea, these are the DPS value calculated by Voidedge

Corvette : 65
Frigate : 70
Destroyer : 90
Cruiser: 95
Dreadnought: 115

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