Stellar Impact Corvette Guide

Stellar Impact Corvette Guide by 0positivo

So far, I’ve been using the corvette quite a bit. I’ve seen other, better players than me using it, I’ve tested my own, I’ve fought against. I think it’s time to make a small guide

Bear in mind, my aim with this topic is to create an open-form Corvette compendium. Anyone can participate and write their own strategy suggestions/finding. Actually, please do

The Corvette is not a simple ship to start with. It’s fast and manouvrable, but literally melts on torpedoes, can’t take much of a beating and has one of the lowest base gun dps. In fact, it’s sometimes not even worth to turn for a broadside, as most of the gun damage comes from the prow-mounted.

In term of general strategy for fighting a 1v1, use your superior speed to always stay on the back of your opponent. This will ensure that they can only shoot with the rear gun, or be forced to take a full stop to turn faster on you. For bigger fights, the corvette is heavily reliant on its abilities, wheter be stealth or quantum leap, torpedoes or missiles…. etcetera. Try and stay behind your bigger allies to absorb the initial beating. Then, when things start getting messy, move in and get to work

The corvette relies on shield for survivability. This means, as said, that torpedoes will do a quick work of it. Try to stay away from torpedoe boats, and wait till they use them, or be ready to somehow dodge them. You DON’T want to get hit. When fighting, know your shield status. When your shield is about to drop, it might be a good idea to consider getting the hell out. It is more important to survive than to make a kill, as when dead you won’t cap any objective

Speaking of objectives, the corvette shines in everything that has to do with ninja-capping. Taking a personel medal skill of Advanced Colonization (from the scientist crewmember) will make its capping very fast. Especially on bigger maps, you might want to shy away from smaller fights to go get that vortex or research, or at least neutralize it from the enemy

It is true, in that regard, that corvette is less viable on smaller maps (like breakthrough)


The Corvette can, in my opinion, do 3 Roles very well: the Bomber, the Chaser, and the ScoutThe Bomber

Also known as “the Donjas style” (from the guy I first saw using this), the bomber is specialized in stealthly taking out individual ships, and causing chaos inside enemy lines. Stealth and Torpedoes are the two main skills here, with a few points invested in stealth, and torpedoes maxed out. The trick is to hit stealth BEFORE in radar range of the enemy, pick a weak target (a destroyer is usually a good bet, but if you see a frigate or a corvette standing still, let them fear the butter cutter), approach as much as you can, then shoot torpedoes from close range, and back off.

Now, one thing about torpedoes. They ignore shields, and do a lot of hull damage. Armor can absorb them pretty well, which is why bigger ships don’t fear this tactic *too* much. However, torpedoes do require a minimum range, otherwise they will not activate at all, resulting in a *poof*, and a lot of embarrasment. With the skill selected, you will see a small circe around your ship: that is the minimum range for activation. Bear it in mind when shooting moving targets, as they might get closer to you after you did all your range calculation, resulting in another *poof*

About stealth, it is paramount to invest at least one point in it. Doing so, you will not exit stealth after one ability launch, allowing you to safely get the hell out of what probably was the entire enemy formation

Now, for other skills. A very good pair is command field. Even if another ally is taking it, the fact is that you will often not be close to your allies. Comman field allow you to refresh your abilities faster, and earn more CP from your kills. When maxed out, you will be able to keep command field always on, and refresh your torpedoes quite fast as a direct result. With this 3 skills, hit command field first if you are sure you will kill your target, then stealth, and then bomb your enemies. Just don’t wait too much, or you’ll waste much of the command field duration by not refreshing your main damage ability

Another good skill could be shockwave. The damage isn’t great, but it allows you (with at least 1 point invested) to temporarily silence your enemies, proving extremely useful in teamfights. Also, it is a great farming tool. Just approach an escort wave, hit command field, get in the middle of them and shockwave out. Profit ensured

A similar result of area chaos can be achieved using the backup generator, which will steal your opponent’s shield. It won’t (surprisingly) help against hull

Now, fighting against a bomber. As it relies heavily on stealth and torpedoes, countermeasures and scanner (and, to a lesser degree, even force field) will help a lot. Be mindful, tho, that the close range the torpedoes will be shot will make countermeasuring them a challenge of reflexes, mostly because you won’t see them coming. If you think a bomber is around, hit that scanner, and unleash all hell on the lone corvette in the middle of your formation. Forcefield will help in that you don’t have to know he’s around, by making a bomber’s job more difficult: once inside your shield, he will have much shorter time to launch the torpedoes, before he’s too close for them

A very good Personnel medal skill against bomber is the close range scanner. This will most likely spot the bomber after he’s done his job, allowing you to at least retaliate somehow

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