Lord of Ultima Lady Lyanna’s Tutorial

Lord of Ultima Lady Lyanna’s Tutorial by HexRaven

Now with the second Beta-world online, I took the chance and wrote down the tutorial of Lady Lyanna. I hope it will help those people who lost the server connection or something and now are stuck because the tutorial won’t show up again. Just read this and try to find the point where you got lost and hopefully the rest of the tutorial will work again. Wink

Welcome to Lord of Ultima! (Tutorial)

(Lady Lyanna)
You are chosen to rule over the land of Caledonia. Show your skill and unite our fractured land. I have been asked to aid you where I can.

First, let us view your mighty dominion. Click and hold your left mouse button while on the map to move around. You can also use the arrow keys to do this.

The Town Hall is located in the centre of your city. Your city is restricted by a wall. Your key resources, wood, stone and iron can be found in and around your city.

Buildings always need wood, this is gathered by woodcutters located at the building Woodcutter’s Hut. Left-click on a building site directly beside some woods, either horizontal, vertical or diagonal to it.

On the left you can see all the buildings currently available to you. Select the Woodcutter’s Hut.

This opens an overview of the selected building. Construct your Woodcutter’s Hut by pressing the Build button. Behold, as others do your bidding.

Level 1 buildings take little time to create. Notice the wood you produce per hour has now increased.
Building a level 1 woodcutter only takes a few seconds. Once it is finished you will notice the wood production per hour has increased.
You’ve constructed your first building! As reward for your efforts, I gift you 50 wood from my personal stores. (Reward: 50 wood)

You can normally construct multiple buildings of the same type. Build another two Woodcutter’s Huts.
Good! A ruler can never have enough wood. Please accept my gift of 100 wood. (Reward: 100 wood)

Build a Cottage beside a Woodcutter’s Hut. The manpower supplied by the Cottage increases the overall construction speed and productivity of nearby buildings such as Woodcutter’s Huts.

The city information panel now shows construction speed has incresed 4% due to your humble new Cottage.
Well done! Permit me to bestow upon you further reward of 150 wood. (Reward: 150 wood)

Warehouse increases storage capacity for all four resources. Order one constructed anywhere that takes your fancy.
Behold! Storage capacity for all resources has increased by 2000. The resource tooltips also display your current storage capacity.
Excellent! Having sufficient storage prevents overproduction and wasted resources. (Reward: 200 wood)

Your Town Hall level determines how many buildings can be build in a city. Select the Town Hall and press the Upgrade to Level 2 button.
On the left of the screen, your Resource Bar shows how many buildings can still be built.
Excellent! Your Town Hall is now Level 2 and can support up to 20 buildings. Also, new building plans have been unlocked. As reward for your labors I have arranged 250 wood to be delivered to your stores. (Reward: 250 wood)

Next, you should build a Quarry. Situate your Quarry beside stone formations, the more the better.
Good! Your city’s resource display now shows stone production has begun. Permit me to reward you 200 stone for your fine efforts. (Reward: 200 stone)

Next you should upgrade your city walls. This will need stone. You will encounter many cities, some of them being friendly but some of them are not. Click anywhere on your city wall and press the Build button to protect your city.
Fine work! The city wall grants a defence bonus to all your land units against any type of attack. As reward for your work, please accept 250 stone. (Reward: 250 stone)

Your next task is to build a Hideout. These let you protect some of your resources should you be looted. building them beside woods increases their capacity.

Your next task is to build a Hideout. These let you protect some of your resources should you be looted. building them beside woods increases their capacity.
A fine job! Up to four hundred units of every resource are now safe should you be looted. As reward, allow me to gift you 500 wood and 100 stone. (Reward: 500 wood / 100 stone)

Upgrade your Town Hall to Level 3. This will unlock more building plans.
As you can see this takes more time than before, as shown by the progress bar. The more level advanced buildings are, the more time it takes to upgrade them.

To view your City Information section close the left window.
Build ordes are stored in a queue displayed in the City Information section.
You can cancel an order or change construction priorities in the queue. If you cancel or postpone your current build order in progress, any time that has been already spent on it will be lost.

Good job! Your Town Hall is now Level 3. You can now support up to 30 buildings. Also, further building plans have been unlocked. As reward for your efforts, I gift you 250 wood and 250 stone. (Reward: 250 wood / 250 stone)

Next we will build a Farm. It should be surrounded with grassland and, preferably, a lake.
Soon you will need the Farm to supply your troops with food.
Each empty bordering field increases its productivity. This can be further increased by placing it beside a lake.
Excellent! You are now producing food. A reward of 100 grain has been deposited into your stores. (Reward: 100 food)

Next we need to build a City Guard House. This building enables you to recruit the most basic military unit, the City Guard. city Guards defend your cities from siege attacks.
Well done! You can now recruit your first City Guards. As reward I gift you 400 wood. (Reward: 400 wood)

City Guards can only be used to defend a city and are not counted as part of your army. Their recruitment is only limited by their food consumption.
To view the Recruitment Window press the Recruitment button on the left. Gray units are not yet recruitable. Use the clickable up arrow next to the input field or type 3 into the input field to begin recruiting 3 City Guards.
Each unit consumes food. Your production figures will always reflect the demand placed on food by units you have recruited.
This helps you ensure your people are producing enough now and in the future. If you don’t produce enough food and your reserves become exhausted, troops will start to die.
Well done! To celebrate the birth of your army, accept this reward of 300 stone. (Reward: 300 stone)

To aid the City Guards, now build a Defensive Tower. These can only be built on fortified sections of your city wall.
(Here bug appears, because next line only shows up after tower was finished)
Select a fortified section and begin construction of a Defensive Tower. This will help your infantry and cavalry units defend against siege attacks.
Well done! As reward for your ongoing efforts. please accept 1000 wood and 300 stone. (Reward: 1000 wood / 300 stone)

Upgrade your Town Hall to Level 4.
Excellent! Your Town Hall has been upgraded to Level 4. You can now build up to 40 buildings and new building plans have been unlocked. As a reward I give you 300 wood and 300 stone. (Reward: 300 wood / 300 stone)

Iron Mines produce the iron needed to recruit new units. Select land beside iron and build an Iron Mine.
Good! You are now producing iron. Please accept my gift of 100 iron. (Reward: 100 iron)

Next you need to build a Barracks. Barracks are military buildings that house all unit types except City Guards. Upgrade your Barracks or build more to increase your maximum army size.
Build a Barracks. If the bordering lots of land are empty you can use them to build further military buildings that will benefit from its presence.
Excellent! You have increased your maximum army size by 10. Have 200 iron as reward for your work. (Reward: 200 iron)

Training Grounds are used to recruit infantry units. Build a Training Ground, if possible, beside your Barracks.

Training Grounds are used to recruit infantry units. Build a Training Ground, if possible, beside your Barracks.
Extra Training Grounds will increase your recruitment speed, as will upgrading them.
Well done! You can now recruit additional units. As reward, please accept 500 iron. (Reward: 500 iron)

Open the Recruitment Screen by clicking on Recruitment.
Use the up arrow to begin recruiting 5 Berserkers. The lower part of the screen now shows the required time and resources necessary to recruit them.
Berserkers are fearsome offensive units. Unlike City Guards they can engage enemies outside your walls.
Fine work! Your army will force your enemies to tremble before your newfound might! A 500 wood reward is in order. (Reward: 500 wood)

Upgrading your Farm will ensure we have enough food. Select the Farm you just built and click on Upgrade to construct a Level 2 building.
If you run out of food your army will begin to starve. It will not eat anything for 6 hours but 10% of your men will perish. Be careful in watching them!
Upgrading your Farm increases food production. It is a good idea to have a food surplus in case of siege.
Excellent! Food production has increased. Please accept 300 grain. (Reward: 300 food)

Now switch to Region View by clicking the Region button. Notice your city marked by a flag. Also, note the other cities nearby.
In the shattered world of Ultima many strive for power as you do. ome will prove to be friend, others will prove to be foe.
You can choose the path of peace and focus on your economy, or you can embrace the conqueror’s role and build a Castle. While this would allow you to plunder and conquer enemy cities, your holdings will also be open to attack.
To conquer a city, you must successfully lay siege to it. At least one Baron must be part of the siege. He will take command of the city once his claim to power reaches 100%.
Dark forces roam our lands. Dungeons filled with evil creatures, treasure and valuable resources can be found, should you seek them. Such places could prove of value.

As in the City View you can move around by holding down your left mouse button and moving the mouse. You can also use the arrow keys. Clicking on the eye icon beside your city name will center the screen on your city.
Look around. To view further information click on the landscape or on foreign cities. To get back to the City View click on city.
Wonderful! You have learned to handle the basic functionalities in your city and this land. Now try to find new friends, forge strong alliances and finally become the new Lord of Ultima. May fortune smile upon your efforts, for our young land cries out for healing! (Reward: 1000 wood / 500 stone / 200 food)

Tutorial ends here

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